Types of Action:

Private and AG/Government Official Litigation
Regulatory and Enforcement Actions
Legislation and Appropriations
Executive Orders and Action

Executive Branch Action

Agency Decisions
Medical Boards and Health Officers

The Push for Financial Freedom

State Bullion Depositories

State Sovereign Banks

Actions to Protect Cash

Lowering Taxes

Protecting against UCC sabotage

Legislation to stop CBDCs

Legislation to stop ESGs

State Treasurers Firing /Blackball of Asset Managers

Cancel approval to do business in the state

Cancel contracts with the state

Sheriffs Actions

Judges Action

Reject Federal money

Push for food and Health Freedom

Prime Act

Go through Pete’s interview

Push for Constitutional Freedoms

Protect the 1st Amendment

Protect the 2nd Amendment

Stop the Invasion on the US Southern Border

Nullification of WHO and International Treaties

State Treasury Pension RainyDay

Push for Information Sovereignty

Local privacy and encryption

Allow municipalities to reject towers and private cell companies


  1. Surveillance and AI/SMART GRID/Control Files/SPACE
  2. Media Shriek O Meter/Smear/ Divide and Conquer
  3. Weather Warfare – Lahina,
  4. Great Poisoning/ Add Biowarfare – Depopulation and sterilization Rise in all cause mortality and drop in birthrate.
  5. Mind Control/divide and Conquer
  6. Monetary and Fiscal Policy
    • – Free Money to Insiders
    • Incentives to buy people with employment and legal kickbacks
    • Private Equity Plunder
    • Usury and debt trap
  7. Asymetrical Warfare Covert operations, Deep state tactics, illegal kickbacks. employ everyone
  8. Weaponized Migration – Texas declares default
  9. Regulatory Warfare: ESG, Climate Change, Stand down on police and law and order
  10. Wars over 1st and 2nd Amendment

add stories that inspire pushback

Carolyns picks

l saved my top 10 last night in email but now that has disappeared, so here is my attempted re-creation.  Not as good.

Revisiting of history with the help of, e.g., RFK Jr.

— food pyramid

— wars

— bioweapons program

— US as good on foreign policy

— murder of Kennedy

— reason for Nixon’s ouster — termination of bioweapons program?

— CIA’s role in world events

Murder/genocide goes mainstream

— hospital protocols

— strange deaths of challengers of the narrative

— EMF and other poisons

There was no pandemic — role of DOD, CIA, Mr. Glo al

— Yeadon

— Latypova

— j Jay Couey

— Rancourt, Ed Dowd, UK and NZ statistics — all cause mortality

— Mark Skidmore


AI goes public with ChatGPT

Impending banking crisis and end of Fed QA as a viable solution

End of an era: US empire crumbling badly

States and people decide Constitution is important

Disaster capitalism hits again: Lahaina

Additional Stories

Slow down of China; Implosion of Chinese Property Market

75 Elections in 2024, including US presidential Election

Ukraine IMposion

GAZA GENOCIDE/Oil and Gas for Europe

G20= Under the BIS Framework, there is no multipolar world?

Is the goal to break up the US?

Who can we trust? Step one to building new institutions….

The role of Space

The Plasma Based Universe

Transhumanism/gene therapy MRNA


Below is old top 20’s for perusal………………………………………………

1 AWU Financial Transaction Freedom

3 The Fight for Financial Transaction Freedom: New York Fed Syndicate and BIS Play Hardball

2 The Fight for Financial Transaction Freedom

1 Financial Coup: Central Bankers Build the Financial Transaction Control Grid

2 AWU Governmental leaders pushing back on ESG

1 The People’s War for Financial Transaction Freedom

AWU Top 10 Law Suites


3 The Financial Coup d’Etat: End of the Debt Growth Model and the Drive to Control Real Assets

2 The New York Fed Syndicate Tries to Engineer a Steal of the U.S. Banking System

1 The U.S. States Move to Build Sovereignty: Banks, Bullion Depositories, Nullification, Legal Tender, and More


3 WHO Do You Think You Are?

The UN One Health and WHO Global Lab Network and Infrastructure

Is a Tool of Tyranny to Assert Place-Based Reengineering and Economic Control

2 WHO Do You Think You Are? The UN One Health and WHO Global Lab Network

and Infrastructure Is a Tool of Tyranny to Assert Place-Based

Reengineering and Economic Control

1 The WHO Coup

5 AWU Dutch Farmers and Fishermen: The People Who Feed Us

2 The War on Food is Over the Top

3 Will We Permit a Global Monopoly of Food?

1 Narrative Breakdown: Safe and Effective, Jan. 6, Climate Change, and Immigration

6 AWU The AI Revolution

2 & 3 AI Adoption Skyrockets. Uh-oh – It Lies and Kills

1 The Smart Grid Invades Everything and Everyone

1 Is Breakthrough Energy on the Way?


3 The Sovereignty Implosion

3 The Push to Protect the 2nd Amendment

1 The Breakaway Civilization: BIS, New York Fed, and Sovereign Immunities

3 The Great Steal: The Maui Redevelopment and Other Atrocities

8 AWU Annual Wrap Water Report

2 & 3 The Great Poisoning Rolls On

1 Mass Atrocity: The Great Poisoning Accelerates

1 Putin-19: The Biodefense Pandemic Planning and Investment Tsunami

1 Department of Defense: The War on Us (mRNA+) and Our Pocketbooks ($21 Trillion)


3 The Multipolar World Emerges

2 The Ukraine Bluff and the Neocon Nightmare – Russia Encirclement and the Odds for WWIII

1 Russia, China, India, and the Multipolar World

10 AWU

3 Economic Divergence and Uncertainty Rise

2 G7 Energy Policies Would Be Funny if They Were Not So Funny

2 The S&P Returns to Bull Territory

1 The Petrodollar Loses Its Petro

1 Inflation, Shadow Work, and the Great Unraveling

11 AWU

2 Mind Control? What Mind Control? We Are Struggling to Understand the Invisible, including Neurological Weaponry

1 Digital TV and Smartphones: The Most Successful Weapons of Our Day

3 Transhumanism in Your Face

2 Transhumanism Leaves the Closet Behind

12 AWU

3 The War on Free Speech

2 False Entrapment: The Targeting of Doctors and Scientists (and Journalists, Patriots, and Everyone Else)

1 Media Corruption: The Twitter Files

1 Operation Smother: Trying to White Out Real Solutions

13 AWU

3 Weather Warfare and Eco Terrorism

2 Weird Weather, Weird Fires

1Weird Weather: Snow, Floods, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Cyclones

1 Environmental Stress and Geophysical Risks—Mysteries Grow


3 Crossing Over and Glorious Pushback

2 Glorious Pushback

1 Glorious Pushback Rising

15 AWU

3 God Ignores the War on God

2 God Ignores the War on God (not used in 1st Qtr)

16 AWU

3 The U.S. Presidential Election Primary: Real Issues Matter

Table of headlines is specifically marked Wrap Up and needs a review and update that will be completed in a few day before 12/5/2023.

Prior Quarters of this year Top Twenty Stories: Financial Freedom 1st qtr, People who feed us 2nd qtr, AI 3rd Qtr

Story DateWar FrontPilarsStory LinkSourceCategoryTagsMediumDate Posted
2023-07-06A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths After COVID-19 VaccinationZenodoAdverse Events, Lipid Nanoparticle, mRNA, Cardio, RespiratoryArticle2023-10-18
2023-08-30IIIWill Canadians Comply With Another Lockdown?Lauren SouthernMask Mandate, Pushback, MigrationVideo2023-09-02
2023-01-1603, 12, 16IVFAA Outage: Has to be Taken Very Seriously US / CanadaFox NewsEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyFAA Grounding Questions, NOTAMS US, Canada, PhillipinesVideo2023-01-17
2023-07-08IVCan I reduce my cancer risk by 60% or more? Find out with Dr.Paul Marik - Peak ProsperityPeak ProsperityCancer Risk ReductionVideo2023-07-15
2023-01-2903, 07, 08, 09, 12, 20VWEF Davos 2023: Everything The Elites Are Planning!!Coin BureauEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, WEF / Davos, CritiqueVideo2023-01-29
2023-05-17IIIArrested For Accusing Bill Gates Of Epstein Connections – Peter Flaherty Reacts!Jimmy DoreWoke Funding, Call Out, Buffet, Gates, Epstein, Flaherty's WarningVideo2023-05-22
2023-09-11IIIBernalillo County Sheriff rejects public health order on gun possessionKOATBernalillo County, Sheriff, John Allen, 2nd Amendment, Gun,Red Flag Tyranny, PushbackVideo2023-09-11
2023-07-20IIILIVE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Testifies on Weaponization of the Federal Government to House CommitteeNTDCensorship, Pushback, Congressional InvestigationVideo2023-07-24
2023-03-15IIIRFK Jr. & Whitney Webb (March 15, 2022)JFK TapesGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Disaster in the MakingVideo2023-06-04
2020-03-1116UAQThe Phenomenon (2020) | Trailer HDThe PhenomenonUnanswered QuestionsUAP, UFO, Close Encounter FilmVideo2023-03-15
2023-06-25IIIThe #1 Reason Humans Are Suddenly being Born Genderless | Dr. Shanna SwanDanny JonesHormone, Chemical, Phthalates, Bisphenol A, Women, Reproductive, Child, TestosteroneVideo2023-09-29
2019-01-25Are you an Addict? | Episode 002 Video Game AddictionHealthyGamerGGWar on Family, Cell Phone AddictionVideo2023-11-20
2023-08-18IVTop 10 Best Alternative Medicine Books of All Time | Greg CarlwoodRune SoupAlt Health, RetrospectiveVideo2023-08-29
2023-02-22IIIWhy Bud Light and Target are Pushing the Woke AgendaNew DisclosureGo Woke, Go Broke, Queer Theory Activism, War on the FamilyVideo2023-06-18
2023-03-27IIIIngo Swann: A Life Gone WildJeffrey MishloveIngo Swann, Remote ViewingVideo2023-06-19
2023-03-30IIIThe BUD LIGHT Collapse: How ESG cost both DISNEY and ANHEUSER-BUSCH their customersMidnight's EdgeGo Woke, Go Broke, Bud, Disney, NetflixVideo2023-06-18
2023-02-0803, 07, 08, 20VBanks admit the Collapse is coming and they don''t want You to know about it | Redacted NewsRedactedEconomy & Financial MarketsGoing Direct Reset, Bank Bail InsVideo2023-02-10
2023-09-21IIIHelp Me Protect HimTeam KennedyKennedy, Secret Service, Gun, Intruder, Knives, Ammunition, ThreatVideo2023-09-21
2023-03-25IIThe History of the CIA: The OSS and the Birth of American Intelligence [Pt. 1]Eyes Wide OpenCIA, A HistoryVideo2023-05-25
2023-03-1403, 07, 11, 12VInside the Crazy Final Hours of SVB's Bank RunWayne HuEconomy & Financial MarketsSVB, 2008 Part II, Start Up MeltdownVideo2023-03-17
2023-02-1302, 06IV91-Year-Old Fitness Instructor: Secrets to Staying Healthy and FitMori LifeEconomy & Financial Markets, SpaceHealth and Fitness, At any ageVideo2023-02-27
2023-03-2503, 08, 12, 20IIIDark Journalist X COG Emergency Powers UFO File Blackouts & Indictments!Dark JournalistGeopolitics, Science & TechnologySolid Light Holograms, Creepy Tech, Bill Gates, Blue BeamVideo2023-03-27
2023-11-08Insurance Executives Concerned by Unprecedented Death Rates Among Young AdultsYourNewsCovid-19 Cover Up, Propaganda, Vaxxed Casualties, ClaimsArticle2023-11-10
2023-05-04IVFox News Ratings Collapse After Tucker Carlson DepartureYour NewsTucker, Post Fox, Ratings PlungeArticle2023-05-05
2023-01-3103, 06, 12IIIHomo chimericus: Chitinization, through an insect-based diet, in synergy with Graphenization, of food and medicines, is generating a new chimeric and connected human organismXochi's SubstackFood & Health, WUGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Insect ProtienArticle2023-03-01
2023-08-07BizarroZoom Updates TOS After AI ControversyZero HedgeZoom, AI, Stealing User Data, Stock DowngradeArticle, Video2023-08-11
2023-08-01Bizarro"Insanely Bullish For Humanity": Hype Soars Around New "LK-99" Superconductor MaterialZero HedgeRoom Temp Super ConductorArticle2023-08-05
2023-09-14IIICaesars Confirms 'Sin-City Cyber-Attack': Member Database Stolen, Including "Social Security Numbers"ZeroHedgeCaesars Entertainment, Las Vegas, Cyber Attack, Credit monitoring, Social EngineeringArticle2023-09-14
2023-09-26III"Yes, They Were Being Bribed": Fired Ukraine Prosecutor Corroborates Biden CorruptionZero HedgeUkraine, Bribery, Eternal WarArticle2023-09-13
2023-03-31IIIYellen Warns Next Crisis Could Come From ''Shadow Banks'' And Regulators Must ActZero HedgeShadow Banks, Money Markets, Hedge Funds, Yellen Allegations, The FedArticle2023-04-02
2023-08-17IIIWoke Hawaiian Official Stalled Release Of 'Revered Water' Until It Was Too Late To Save MauiZero HedgeClimate Change OP, Maui, Water Cut OffArticle2023-08-23
2023-06-21IIIPentagon Says It Made $6 Billion "Accounting Error", Clearing More Aid For UkraineZero HedgeMissing Money, UkraineArticle2023-06-23
2023-09-16III"We Dare Not Keep Silent": ATF Releases Anti-Gun Rule For Public CommentZeroHedgeRed Flag Regulation, ATF, DOJArticle2023-09-29
2023-09-25IIIWatch: Tucker Carlson Spits Fire In Anti-Abortion SpeechZeroHedgeSpiritual Battle, Center for Christian VirtueArticle2023-09-26
2023-06-23IIIWatch: Tucker Calls Out 'Media Hysteria Typhoon' Over RFK Jr.Zero HedgeLegacy Media Terrified of RFK Jr.Article2023-06-27
2023-02-0903, 05, 08, 12, 13, 20VIMTG Rips Ex-Twitter Execs New Cloaca As AOC Melts Down With Hysterical LiesZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyTwitter Hearings, Pushback, Rep. Marjorie Taylor GreeneArticle, Tweet2023-02-10
2023-04-14IIIWatch: FL Rep Calls Trans Hearing Witnesses 'Demons' and 'Imps'Zero HedgeWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Transgender OpArticle, Tweet2023-04-21
2023-12-08 Vivek Vivisects Van Jones Over 'Great Replacement' HypocrisyZeroHedgeMis-Dis-Info War, Censorship, Divide and ConquerArticle2023-12-09
2023-12-04US Will Stop Giving Money To Ukraine... In 3 WeeksZeroHedgeUkraine, Russia, Biden, Spending Oversight OppositionArticle2023-12-05
2023-08-22III"If We Press This With Russia, It Will Reach Us Here In The US" - Col. MacGregor Tells Tucker Why The Ukraine War Must End NowZero HedgeWorld War III LoomsArticle, Video2023-08-29
2023-08-15III"Death Scientists?": Tucker And RFK Jr. Talk Ukraine, Biolabs, And Who Killed His UncleZero HedgeUkraine Bio Weapons Labs, CIA JFK Assassination, RFK Jr.Article, Video, Tweet2023-08-19
2023-07-24IIIA 'Traumatic Fight For Survival': The Demise of San Francisco Should Concern All AmericansZero HedgeDeath of San Fran, Drug ApocalypseArticle2023-07-29
2023-03-0803, 05, 12III"They Lied To Us All": Tucker Exposes January 6 Fraud And Kangaroo-Court Cover-UpZero HedgeGeopoliticsFalse Flag, Divide and ConquerArticle, Video2023-03-09
2023-05-30IIITexas Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Removal Of 'Rogue' Prosecutors Who Fail To Enforce LawsZero HedgeTX, Selective Enforcment Pushback, Removal of ProsecutorsArticle2023-06-04
2023-05-15IIITeacher Sacked After Refusing To Use 8 Year-Old's Trans PronounsZero HedgeWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Woke-ismArticle2023-05-19
2022-12-2602, 03, 13IIISwiss Government Rejects Third-Gender Option On Official RecordsZero HedgeGeopolitics, CultureWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Pushback, SwedenArticle2022-12-27
2023-05-26IIISupreme Court Sides With 94-Year-Old Woman Whose Home Equity Was Seized By CountyZero HedgePrivate Property, Tax Seizure Over Reach, SCOTUS PushbackArticle2023-05-31
2023-03-2502, 03, 05IIIStanford Law School Suspends Diversity Dean After She Doubles-Down On Duncan DebacleZero HedgeGeopolitics, CultureWoke Fail, Free SpeechArticle2023-03-27
2023-03-2903, 05III"Something Very Dramatic Has Changed": Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Ditched Free SpeechZero HedgeGeopoliticsWoke Fail, Free Speech, Taibbi, DemsArticle2023-03-29
2023-02-2102, 03, 05, 07IIISEC Charges Mormon Church For Concealing $32 Billion PortfolioZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSEC, Mormon Church, InvestigationArticle2023-02-24
2023-11-12San Francisco: Clean For Xi, Not For TheeZeroHedgeSan Francisco, CA War on Private Property, Death of San FranArticle2023-11-13
2023-09-19IIIRussell Brand Demonetized After Sexual Assault ClaimsZeroHedgeBrand, YouTube, demonetize, Carlson, Rape, British, Comedian,Article2023-09-19
2023-08-04IIIRFK Jr. Sues Google, YouTube Over CensorshipZero HedgeCensorship, Legal Pushback, RFK LawsuitsArticle2023-08-07
2023-08-06IIIRefugee-Rescuer Suing CNN For Libel Wins Right To Seek Punitive DamagesZero HedgeCNN Defames Refugee Rescuer, AfghanistanArticle2023-08-08
2023-09-11IIIPardon Issued For Dad Who "Exploded With Rage" Over Daughter's Transgender Bathroom Rape, School CoverupZeroHedgeWar on the Family, TransgenderArticle2023-09-30
2023-08-15IIINot Much Time Left To Save Julian Assange From ExtraditionZero HedgeAssange ExtraditionArticle2023-08-19
2023-05-15IIIHouse Committee Advances Debt Ceiling Deal To Full VoteZero HedgeDebt LimitArticle2023-06-04
2023-03-05IIINigeria's Central Bank Governor Suspended And Arrested After Waging All-Out War On CashZero HedgeWar on Cash, Nigerian Fed President, CBDCArticle2023-06-18
2023-06-25IIIMSM Betrays Biden Regime, Savages Spox's Over Corruption BombshellsZero HedgeHunter Biden, Federal Charges, MSMArticle, Video2023-06-27
2023-11-28Michigan Township Creates Militia To Defend The Right To Bear ArmsZeroHedgeMental Health Statutes, War on Freedom, Gun Confiscation, Red Flag TyrannyArticle2023-11-29
2023-09-08III"Idealism Collides With Realism" - Mayor Eric Adams Says Migrant Crisis Will 'Destroy New York City'ZeroHedgeMigration, New York, New York CityArticle2023-09-10
2023-02-2403, 05III'Lunatic' Forewoman In Trump-Georgia Case Shocks Media With Overt Bias, Trump Lawyers PounceZero HedgeGeopoliticsGA Election Court Case, Jury BiasArticle2023-02-27
2023-02-0503, 07, 12, 19IIIThe Long-Term Negative Effects Of ESG Will Be CatastrophicZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsESG, Pushback, Climate Change ThreatsArticle2023-01-14
2023-02-1703, 12IIILeaked ATF Docs Reveal ''Aggressive'' Push To Shut Down Gun StoresZero HedgeGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, FFL Revocation, War on FreedomArticle2023-02-27
2023-05-31IIICarbon Footprint Of Lab-Grown Beef "Orders Of Magnitude" Worse Than Traditionally Raised: StudyZero HedgeFranken Food, Cultivated Meat, Larger CO2 Foot PrintArticle2023-06-05
2023-03-2703, 12, 13IIIJim Jordan Demands Docs After IRS "Attempt To Intimidate" Journalist Matt Taibbi During Govt Weaponization HearingZero HedgeGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Data Beast, Censorship, IRS Intimidation, Media Beat DownArticle, Video, Tweet2023-03-28
2023-12-03 Jan. 6 Committee Tapes Have Disappeared, Says House RepublicanZeroHedgeJan 6th, Mis-Dis-Info War, Censorship, Divide and Conquer, ProsecutionsArticle2023-12-03
2023-06-23IIIIRS Whistleblowers Release New Bombshell Evidence Against Bidens, DOJ And AG GarlandZero HedgeDOJ, Biden Cover UpArticle2023-06-27
2023-01-1203, 12VIllinois Sheriffs Say They Won't Enforce Ban On "Assault Weapons"Zero HedgeGeopoliticsWar on the 2nd Amendment, Pushback, ILArticle2023-01-15
2023-03-16III'If You Love Your Children, Flee The State': California GOP LawmakerZero HedgeWar on the Family, CA Gender DefinitionArticle, Video2023-06-20
2023-02-2203, 06, 12IIIIdaho Lawmakers Seek To Criminalize Injecting Of mRNA COVID-19 VaccinesZero HedgeGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, ID LegislationArticle2023-02-27
2023-07-13IIIHomicides Soar 96% In Washington State After Passage Of Gun RestrictionsZero HedgeGun Control, More Homicides, WAArticle2023-07-26
2023-01-0603, 12IIIHere Are The Concessions McCarthy Had To Make For SpeakershipZero HedgeGeopoliticsSpeaker Election, Swamp WinsArticle2023-01-09
2023-08-20IIIHawaii State Government Attempts Information Blackout On Maui Fire - Refuses Media AccessZero HedgeHI, Cover Up Accusations, State Authorities Info Black OutArticle, Video2023-08-26
2023-12-09Gun Owners Of America Defeats Hidden Gun Control In Military Funding BillZeroHedgeUndetectable, AI Detection, War on Freedom, Gun ConfiscationArticle2023-12-10
2023-03-0703, 05, 06, 07III'The Government Is Trying To Kill Us Now': Low-Income Americans Fume In Mile-Long Food Lines After Pandemic Benefits EndZero HedgeGeopolitics, Food & HealthCovid -19 Cover Up, Food LinesArticle2023-03-10
2023-03-0302, 03, 08III, VIGOP Congressman Introduces Bill To 'Dismantle ATF's Record Keeping' Of Gun PurchasesZero HedgeGeopolitics, CultureGoing Direct Reset, War on Freedom, 2nd Amendment, Pusback, ATFArticle2023-03-06
2023-03-1803, 05, 12IIIGOP Compromise Unintentionally Creates Universal Firearm Background ChecksZero HedgeGeopoliticsWar on the 2nd Amendment, Biden Background ChecksArticle, Video2023-03-22
2023-08-15IIIFulton Flip-Flops On ''Fictitious'' RICO Document - Now Claims ''Trial Run''Zero HedgeTrump Indictment, GA, RICOArticle2023-08-18
2023-02-1203, 06, 08, 12, 20IIIFurious Naomi Wolf Rages At The Pain Of Listening To Twitter Censorship TestimonyZero HedgeGeopolitics, Food & HealthTwitter, Censorship Admissions, Wolf PushbackArticle2023-02-13
2023-09-08IIIFull Authoritarian: New Mexico Governor Suspends Constitutional Gun Rights For Law-Abiding Citizens In AlbuquerqueZeroHedgeGun Control, NMArticle2023-09-09
2023-12-09French Farmers Dump Manure On Govt Buildings To Protest Climate HysteriaZeroHedgeWar on Food, War on Family, Climate OpArticle2023-12-09
2023-02-1002, 03, 05, 20IIIFormer Twitter "Safety" Executive Yoel Roth Argues That Free Speech Is A Threat To Free SpeechZero HedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyTwitter, Censorship AdmissionsArticle, Video2023-02-12
2023-06-11IIIFormer Leader Of Scotland Arrested In Party Financing ProbeZero HedgeCorruption Investigation, ScotlandArticle2023-06-17
2023-04-02IIIFederal Judge Blocks Tennessee Law Banning Drag Shows With Minors PresentZero HedgeWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Drag Shows, TN ProhibitionArticle2023-04-04
2023-08-10Federal Court Declares Trump A Flight Risk In Secret Subpoena DecisionZero HedgeTrump Indictment, Flight RiskArticle2023-08-16
2023-03-1703, 07, 08, 12, 13, 20V Fed Announces Launch Of 'FedNow' Real-Time Payment System, Sparking DebateZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Fed Direct ScamArticle2023-03-21
2023-10-15Don't Mess With Texas: Senate Passes Bill Allowing Local, State Police To Arrest Illegal ImmigrantsZeroHedgeWeaponized ImmigrationArticle2023-10-15
2023-02-1703, 06, 10, 12III"This Is Disgusting:" Ohio Senator Finds 'Toxic Chemicals' In East Palestine WaterZero HedgeGeopolitics, Food & HealthOH Chemical Disaster, The Great PoisoningArticle, Video2023-03-11
2023-01-2603, 06, 12IIIBusted Pfizer R&D Exec Claims He Lied About "Mutating COVID" To "Impress A Date Like Normal People"Zero HedgeGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Disclosures, Pfizer AdmissionsArticle, Video2023-01-27
2023-01-2703, 06IIIDeSantis Signs Bill Killing Disney World's "Corporate Kingdom"Zero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSelf Governing Status, Disney, DeSantisArticle, Video2023-03-01
2023-03-1403, 12IIIDeSantis Issues Most Blistering Takedown Yet Of US Role In Ukraine "Territorial Dispute"Zero HedgeGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, DeSantis PushbackArticle2023-03-17
2023-11-21Courts Pave Way For New York Quarantine Camps: Plaintiffs' AttorneyZeroHedgeWar on Family, LockdownsArticle2023-11-24
2023-05-06IIIThe Cost Of A CoronationZero HedgeCost of CoronationArticle2023-05-09
2023-09-10III Majority Of Americans Think Biden Directly Involved In Hunter''s Dealings While VPZeroHedgeHunter, Bidens, Ukraine, China, Influence PeddlingArticle2023-09-10
2023-08-22III'Children Were Incinerated To Ash': Livid Hawaiians Slam Biden For Cracking Jokes, Lying About WifeZero HedgeMaui, Biden FailArticle2023-08-31
2023-08-22IIIChicago Official Suggests "Purge" Style Ordinance For Gun Violence PreventionZero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, War on Freedom, Gun Confiscation, ChicagoArticle2023-08-31
2023-05-01BizarroChelsea Clinton Comes Out In Favor Of Porn For School KidsZero HedgeTranshumanism, War on the Family, ChelseaArticle2023-05-04
2023-07-24IIICancellations Start For John Clauser After Nobel Physics Laureate Speaks Out About "Corruption" Of Climate ScienceZero HedgeClimate Change, HoaxArticle2023-07-28
2023-07-31IIICanadian Pastor Convicted Of Inciting Mischief In Trucker Protests Facing Up To 10 Years PrisonZero HedgePastor Artur Pawlowski Persecution, CanadaArticle2023-08-08
2023-09-22IIICan You Spot The Difference?ZeroHedge'McDonald''s. U.S., Japan, Cholesterol, Sanity, Woke'Article2023-09-23
2023-02-14IIIBurisma Owner Allegedly Recorded Biden Bribe Convos As 'Insurance Policy' -- And FBI Covered Up: GrassleyZero HedgeBiden Grift, Audio EvidenceArticle, Tweet2023-06-18
2023-09-12IIIBlackRock Closes China Equity Fund After Congressional ScrutinyZeroHedgeChina, Sactions, Investment RestrictionsArticle2023-09-30
2023-11-19Bayer's Monsanto Hit With $1.5 Billion Verdict in Latest Roundup Cancer CaseZeroHedgeWar on Family, The Great Posioning, War on FoodArticle2023-11-21
2023-05-28IIINationwide Support For Assault Weapons Ban Slides, New Poll FindsZero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, War on Feedom, Gun Control Grass Root PushbackArticle2023-05-01
2023-01-24IIIArmed ATF & IRS Agents Hit Montana Gun Store With "Soviet-Style Intimidation Raid"Zero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, War on Freedom, Gun Confiscation, IRSArticle2023-06-21
2023-12-05Very Creepy Backstory: Massive Explosion Destroys Home In Arlington, Virginia NeighborhoodZeroHedgeSVB, CFIUSArticle2023-12-07
2023-05-05III$50 Trillion For What? Kennedy Dumbfounds Biden Climate Peddler In Fiery Exchange Over 'Carbon Neutrality'Zero HedgeCarbon Legislation, No Straight AnswersArticle2023-05-09
2023-01-2407, 10, 12IIIWelcome To Hotel California: Lawmakers Move To Tax People Who Have Left The StateZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsCA, New Draconian TaxesArticle2023-01-26
2023-07-26IIIUS New Home Sales Tumble In June, Prices TumbleZero HedgeReal Estate Prices Fall, June DataArticle2023-07-30
2023-09-15IIIThe (Soaring) State Of Renting In EuropeZeroHedgeRent, EU, SalariesArticle2023-09-15
2023-08-11IIISeniors Told To Brace For Far Lower Social Security Payment Boost In 2024Zero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, Social Security, DecreasesArticle2023-08-16
2023-02-1103, 07, 09IIIMillions Of Americans Face "Hunger Cliff" As 32 States Set To Slash Emergency Food Stamp BenefitsZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Food & HealthSNAP Benefit Reductions, NationwideArticle2023-02-15
2023-07-21IIIFedNow Is Live And The Framework Is In Place For CBDCsZero HedgeCBDC, Fed Now Roll OutArticle, Video2023-07-29
2023-04-30VCash Use Rises As Households Struggle To Cope With High InflationZero HedgeUse of Cash, Inflation, CDBC CounterArticle2023-05-01
2023-01-1803, 12, 15, 20IVBert Dohmen – Is There A Link Between Air System Failures And Bitcoin?Zero HedgePrecious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyAir Traffic Delays, Crypto ConnectionArticle2023-02-01
2023-10-08US Sends Warships, Aircraft Carrier To Israel For Potential 'Support' OperationsZero HedgeIsrael, Nato, Eternal WarArticle2023-10-13
2023-11-17Pentagon Fails To Account For Over $3 Trillion For 6th Year In A RowZeroHedgeMissing Money, DOD Trillions, ImplicationsArticle2023-11-18
2023-12-04Israel Could Face 'Strategic Defeat': Pentagon Chief Unleashes Controversy With Rare WarningZeroHedgeGenocide, Israel, Entire PopulationArticle2023-12-05
2023-07-28IIIPentagon Approves Hazard Pay For US Troops In Ukraine, Paving Way For Possible Expanded PresenceZero HedgeUkraine, US Troop Involvement, Eternal WarArticle2023-07-31
2023-04-27IIIBiden Energy Secretary Wants All US Military Vehicles To Be Electric By 2030Zero HedgeDOD All Electric 2030, Biden EdictArticle, Video2023-04-28
2023-05-27IIIFluoride Lawsuit Against EPA: Alleged Corruption, Shocking Under Oath Federal StatementsZero HedgeGreat Poisoning, Flouride, Legal PushbackArticle, Video2023-06-02
2023-09-03IIIFlorida Doctor Reinstated After Losing Board Certification For Criticizing COVID-19 VaccinesZeroHedgeCovid -19, Medical Tyranny, Covid -19 Cover Up, Lawsuit, CHD, Pushback, Dr. John Littell, ABFM, IvermectinArticle2023-09-06
2023-01-1403, 06, 12, 20VICOVID Vaccines Are "Obviously Dangerous" And Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish DoctorsZero HedgeGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, SwedenArticle2023-01-16
2023-11-26Zurich Issues Digital Bond Using Wholesale CBDCZeroHedgeDigital Bond, Digital Exchange, Canton of ZurichArticle2023-11-27
2023-07-12IIIWhere Is Everyone? Disney World "Just About Empty"Zero HedgeDisney EmptyArticle2023-07-16
2023-08-25III"A Long Way To Go" - Fed Chair Powell Delivers Hawkish J-Hole SpeechZero HedgeThe Fed, Inflation, Rate IncreasesArticle2023-09-07
2023-11-16Walmart And Costco Considering Ditching Self-Checkout Lines Amidst "Backlash"ZeroHedgeOrwellian, MonitoringArticle2023-11-17
2023-02-2802, 03, 07, 12, 19IIIVanguard CEO Abandons ESG Investing Alliance: "Not In The Game Of Politics"Zero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, CultureESG, Pushback, VanguardArticle2023-03-01
2023-06-23IVAmerica's Two Largest Pension Funds Suffer Massive Third Party Data BreachZero HedgeData Beast, Pension Funds, Data BreachArticle2023-06-27
2023-08-08IIIUS Economy Braces For Chaos As $1.5 Trillion Student-Loan Pause EndsZero HedgeStudent Loan Payments ReturnArticle2023-08-08
2023-10-31US To Borrow $1.5 Trillion In Debt This & Next Quarter, After Borrowing A Massive $1 Trillion Last QuarterZeroHedge PremiumUS Debt, New HighsArticle2023-10-31
2023-05-15IIIExpand US Bank Deposit Outflows Continue, Small Bank Loans CollapseZero HedgeDeposit Drop Off, Small and Big BanksArticle2023-05-15
2023-03-2003, 07, 12VUBS To Buy CS For $3 Billion As AT1 Bonds Get Wiped Out In Record Bail-In Swiss Govt Grants CHF9BN Guarantee SNB Offers $100 Billion Liquidity Backstop Zero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, 2008 Part II, UBS, CS, SNBArticle2023-03-22
2023-02-27IIIToyota Claims Solid State Battery Breakthrough That Will Give EVs 932 Mile RangeZero HedgeExperimental Battery, Promises, ToyotaArticle2023-06-20
2023-05-14IIITop US "Non-Profit" Hospitals And CEOs Racked Up Huge Pandemic ProfitsZero HedgeHealth Care, Non Profit Record ProfitsArticle2023-05-19
2023-04-07IIITexas Bill Would Create State-Issued Gold-Backed Digital CurrencyZero HedgeTX BDC, Gold Backing, QuestionsArticle2023-04-10
2023-04-07IIITexas Bill Would Create State-Issued Gold-Backed Digital CurrencyZero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, TXArticle2023-04-21
2023-12-09South American Gangs Target Dozens Of Mansions In DetroitZeroHedgeWiFi, Weaponized Immigration, Defund the PoliceArticle2023-12-10
2023-08-15IIIRussia Hikes Rates To 12% In Emergency Move To Halt Rouble's CollapseZero HedgeRouble Rate Hikes, Interest RatesArticle2023-08-19
2023-03-1803, 07VMish: The Perfect Solution To The Banking Crisis Is To Make A Truly Safe BankZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSafe Banking, Does not Include, The Fed: the Source of Inflation, CBDCArticle2023-03-21
2023-01-2603, 05, 07, 08, 12, 13VLawyers Seek To Question Bankman-Fried's Parents About Their Wealth Goldman, JPM Revealed As FTX CreditorsZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, FTX Crypto Scams, Goldman, JPMArticle2023-01-27
2023-04-28IIILarge & Small US Banks See Deposit Outflows Continue, Small Bank Lending Growth TumbledZero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, Wealth Consolidation, Small Bank Composting OpArticle2023-05-01
2023-09-12IIIKyle Bass Sees Banks Losing Quarter Trillion Dollars In Coming Office Market Collapse Morgan Stanley Sees 40% WipeoutZeroHedgeCRE, Commercial Real Estate, Bass, Data Centers, Multi Family, OfficeArticle2023-09-28
2023-12-03Judge Slams SEC For "Materially False" Deception In Crypto Case, Threatens To Sanction AgencyZeroHedgeCrypto, SEC False StatementsArticle2023-12-03
2023-01-1003, 07, 11, 12VJeff Gundlach Live Webcast: "What's Going On?"Zero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Inflation, The Fed, Treasury Bonds, Interest RatesArticle2023-01-11
2023-01-3103, 04, 07, 08, 12IIIIran, Russia Integrate Banking Systems To Bypass SanctionsZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Sanctions, Iran, Russia, PushbackArticle2023-02-01
2023-09-18IIIHomebuilders Finally Face Reality, Confidence Plunges In SeptemberZeroHedgeResidence, Mortgage Rates, Realtor, Loan, Home Builder SlowdownArticle2023-09-28
2023-10-09There's A "Crisis Brewing": Powell & Piss-Poor Auction Spark Chaos In Credit Markets, Crypto SoarsZeroHedgeTreasury Yields, Liquidity, Crypto, Regional Banks, PowellArticle2023-11-10
2023-09-08IIIHawaiian Electric Soars After Statement: Power Lines "De-Energized" When Fire StartedZero HedgeMaui, Power Lines Were Off Before the FireArticle2023-09-13
2023-05-07IIIExpand Growing Pushback Over BlackRock In Ukraine: "Taxpayers Pay The War Bills, Private Firms Get The Profits"Zero HedgeUkraine War, Pushback, Blackrock Tax Payer Funded Profits,Article2023-05-10
2023-09-22IIIGreen Bubble Burst: US ESG Fund Closures In 2023 Surpass Total Of Previous Three YearsZeroHedgeESG, Fund Closures, Republican,Article2023-09-23
2023-01-0802, 03, 19IIIGlobal ESG Bond Issuance Records First-Ever Annual DeclineZero HedgeGeopolitics, CultureWoke Fail, ESG Bond PushbackArticle2023-01-10
2023-04-10IIIFox Slaps Tucker Carlson With Cease & Desist Notice Over Twitter ShowZero HedgeFox Feels the Pain, Cease and Desist Order, TuckerArticle2023-06-18
2023-11-12Four L.A. Sheriff's Department Employees Commit Suicide In A 24 Hour PeriodZeroHedgeWork Stress Factors, Sheriff, LA CountyArticle2023-11-14
2023-05-25IIIBRS Joins Fitch Placing United States' AAA Rating On Watch NegativeZero HedgeUS Credit Rating, DowngradeArticle2023-05-30
2023-11-22For The First Time Since The Covid Crisis, There Are More Global Rate Cuts Than HikesZeroHedgeThe Fed, State of the Economy, RatesResearch2023-11-25
2023-03-2003, 07VFed Panics, Announces "Coordinated" Daily US Dollar Swap Lines To Ease Banking CrisisZero HedgeGeopolitics2008 Part II, the Fed, SVB, CS, Swap LinesArticle2023-03-22
2023-11-03Fed F**kery Turns Massive $33BN Bank Deposit Outflow Into $51BN InflowZeroHedgeFed Reserve, Outflows, Small Banks, Large BanksArticle2023-11-09
2023-03-1703, 07, 11, 12V"The Fed Is Broke" - Gundlach Likes Gold, Fears "Expanding Wars" MostZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Banking Take DownArticle2023-03-21
2023-03-2503, 07, 12IIIThe ESG "Cover Your Ass" Tour Begins As Managers Scramble To Remove References In Pitch DecksZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsESG, Pushback, Across the USArticle2023-03-27
2023-07-14IIIEndgame: US Federal Debt Interest Payments About To Hit $1 TrillionZero HedgeUS Debt, New HighsArticle, Video2023-07-24
2023-11-20Dutch Central Bank Admits It Has Prepared For A New Gold StandardZeroHedgeGold Back CurrencyArticle2023-11-21
2023-03-0403, 05, 08, 12IIIDiscover Credit Cards Will Track Gun Purchases From AprilZero HedgeGeopolitics, CultureGoing Direct Rest, War on Freedom, 2nd AmendmentArticle2023-03-06
2023-11-19 Dictator Xi's American Cleanup TourZeroHedgeZi, China, Real Estate, San FranciscoArticle2023-11-21
2023-06-24IIIDesperate San Fran Mayor Wants To Demolish Buildings To Revitalize Crime-Ridden DowntownZero HedgeWoke Fail, San Fran, Business Exodus, Unchecked CrimeArticle2023-06-27
2023-11-30Deloitte And KPMG Ask Employees To Carry Burner Phones When Traveling To Hong KongZeroHedgeCell Phone, Stealth Remote Surveillance, Satellite AssetsArticle2023-12-01
2023-11-13Cyber 'Catastrophe Bonds' Gain Traction Among Investors As Hack Attacks SoarZeroHedgeRisk, Insurance, Insurance-linked SecuritiesArticle2023-11-17
2023-03-0903, 07IIICredit Suisse Delays Annual Report After SEC Call, Shares Plunge Towards All-Time LowZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Credit Suisse Stock MeltdownArticle2023-03-10
2023-10-20"Dangerous And Misguided": California AG Flips Out After Judge Strikes Down Assault Weapons BanZeroHedgeSemiautomatic Firearms, War on Family, 2nd AmendmentArticle2023-10-21
2023-01-1703, 07, 11, 12VBOJ Is Less Than A Year Away From Running Out Of Bonds To Buy Tyler Durden's Photo by Tyler DurdenZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, BOJ, Treasury BondsArticle2023-01-18
2023-08-27IIIBlackRock Faces Leftist Backlash As It Votes For Fewer ESG ProposalsZero HedgeESG, Black Rock, Pushback, Leftists LamentArticle2023-09-13
2023-08-17IIIBanks' Usage Of Emergency Fed Funds Hits New Record HighZero Hedge2008 Part II, Banks Emergency Fund Use UpArticle2023-08-24
2023-05-26III"We're Heading Into 3rd Phase" Of Crisis - Ex-Fed Pres. Warns As Small Bank Deposits & Loans Surpringly JumpZero HedgeSmall Bank Deposits Surge, TBTF/TBTJ FaulterArticle2023-05-31
2023-07-13VAuto Insurers Hit By Worst Crisis In "30 Years," Sends Premiums SkyrocketingZero HedgeAuto Insurance, InflationArticle2023-07-24
2023-08-10IIIAmerican CylonsZero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, Biden, Arming the CCPArticle2023-08-16
2023-09-17IIIYou're Not Supporting Ukraine Enough Until The Nuclear Blast Hits Your FaceZeroHedgeMusk, Ukraine, NATO, Nuclear, CrimeaArticle2023-09-29
2023-03-0703, 04, 12IIIWatch: Vast Expanse Of US Military Hardware Positioned At Polish PortZero HedgeGeopoliticsWW-III, War with Russia, US Heavy Wepons PolandArticle2023-03-08
2023-03-0503, 04IIIWatch: Samantha Power Lets Slip The US Is At War With Russia, But "Ukrainians Doing The Fighting"Zero HedgeGeopoliticsUkraine WarArticle, Tweet2023-03-07
2023-02-0803, 12, 19IIIWatch: Bill Gates Says It's OK For Him To Use Private Jets Because He's "The Solution" To Climate ChangeZero HedgeGeopoliticsClimate Change, Billionaire CO2 Emissions, Bill GatesArticle, Video2023-02-10
2023-06-23IIIMilitary Deploys In Moscow As Wagner Chief Sought For 'Armed Mutiny'Zero HedgeRussian Internal Countermeasures Wagner RebellionArticle2023-06-27
2023-07-28IIIUS Was Behind Both Crimean Bridge Attacks: Seymour HershZero HedgeUkraine, US Involvement, Infrastructure Destruction, Eternal WarArticle2023-07-31
2023-03-2503, 04, 12III Top General Admits Pentagon Is Training Coup Leaders In AfricaZero HedgeGeopoliticsCoup Training, DOD, AfricaArticle2023-03-27
2023-08-16IIISoros To End 'Most EU Operations' In 'Radical Shift'Zero HedgeSoros, EU Ops, RetreatArticle2023-08-19
2023-04-05IIIRFK Jr: "The Neocon Projects" In Iraq And Ukraine Have "Made A Laughingstock Of US Military Power And Moral Authority"Zero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Pushback, RFK Jr.Article2023-04-06
2023-02-24IIIPolar Silk RoadZero HedgeArtic Trade RoutesArticle2023-06-21
2023-12-03Pentagon Confirms US Warship, Commercial Ships Under Attack In Red SeaZeroHedgeHouthi attack, Drone, Missile, Red Sea, IsraelArticle2023-12-03
2023-08-13VNorway Remains World''s Largest Sovereign Wealth FundZero HedgeNorway Soveriegn Wealth FundArticle2023-08-17
2023-01-1003, 06, 16IIINet Zero Will Lead To The End Of Modern Civilisation, Says Top ScientistZero HedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, Population ControlArticle2023-01-14
2023-12-03NATO Chief: West Should Brace For More 'Bad News' From UkraineWar FatigueUkraine, Nato, GermanyArticle2023-12-03
2023-09-05IIINATO Article 5? Romania Firmly Rejects Ukraine Claim That Russian Drone Hit Its TerritoryZeroHedgeUkraine, NATO, Eternal War, RussiaArticle2023-09-06
2023-03-0203, 04, 12IIINBC Reporter Goes To Crimea, Shocks Viewers By Telling The TruthZero HedgeGeopoliticsMSM Admissions, Ukraine Fiction, CrimeaArticle, Video2023-03-04
2023-08-10IIIMost World Leaders Earn Poor Approval Scores In 2023Zero HedgeWorld Leaders, Failing Report CardsArticle2023-08-16
2023-03-0103, 04, 12IIIMass Drone Attack Unleashes Chaos, Air Raid Sirens Inside RussiaZero HedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyWar with Russia, Drone Attack inside RussiaArticle2023-03-03
2023-11-05Majority Support For Muslim Migration Ban As 3 In 4 Germans Say Newcomers Hate Western SocietyZeroHedgeMuslim, HamasArticle2023-11-09
2023-05-29IIILloyd's Becomes Latest Firm To Exit UN's Net-Zero AllianceZero HedgeNetZero Fail, Lloyds ExitArticle2023-06-04
2023-10-30Leaked Document Shows Israeli Govt 'Option' To Ethnically Cleanse GazaZeroHedgeIsrael, Palestine, Gaza, SinaiArticle2023-11-02
2023-05-31III Jamie Dimon Visits China, Says No "Decoupling And World Will Go On"Zero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, JPM, ChinaArticle2023-06-05
2023-07-15IIIIMF Hints At Allowing Countries To Use Chinese Yuan For Debt RepaymentZero HedgeMulti Polar World, Yuan, IMF, International PaymentsArticle2023-07-25
2023-03-0603, 07, 12IIIChina Says 'No Change' In Banking Policies After Mobius Claims Money TrappedZero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFrozen Account Allegations, Shanghai, MobiusArticle2023-03-08
2023-08-01IIIHungarian Foreign Minister Says EU Expects To Fund War In Ukraine For Another Four YearsZero HedgeUkraine, NATO, Eternal WarArticle2023-08-02
2023-12-11"Get Tough On Immigration Or Risk Radicals Taking Charge", Warns Merkel's Former Health MinisterZeroHedgeWeaponized Immigration, CultureArticle2023-12-11
2023-01-1603, 19III"Distasteful Masterclass In Hypocrisy": Elites Swarm Davos In Private Jets To Discuss Climate CrisisZero HedgeGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Climate Change, DavosArticle2023-01-17
2023-08-20IIIDependency On The State Is The Core Of The Takeover Plot Of HumanityZero HedgeFedGov.Inc, Dependency ConsequencesArticle2023-08-26
2023-05-08IIIChilean Right Triumphs In Key Vote On Attempt To Impose 'World's Most Progressive' ConstitutionZero HedgeChile's Swing to the RightArticle2023-05-10
2023-04-07IIICentral Bank Digital Currency Is The Endgame, Part 2Zero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Total ControlArticle2023-04-10
2023-12-06Senate Republicans Block Biden Ukraine Aid Despite Warning Over Direct Conflict With RussiaZeroHedgeUkraine, Russia, BidenArticle2023-12-07
2023-01-1603, 19IIIThe Best Video On Climate Change That You Will Ever SeeZero HedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, SatireArticle, Video2023-01-17
2023-05-08IIIArab League Agrees To Reinstate Syria After 12 YearsZero HedgeSyrian, Arab League Re-instatementArticle2023-05-10
2023-12-04All Four "Pillars Of Civilization" Are Under Attack By An "Anti-Human Death-Cult" Shellenberger, Carlson Unload On Global Elites ZeroHedgeClimate Change OP, Pushback, Tucker Carlson, Michael ShellenbergerArticle, Video2023-12-05
2023-05-02IIIAnother Train Derailment In Russia Suggests Stepped-Up Covert Sabotage CampaignZero HedgeWW-III, War with Russia, SabotageArticle2023-05-03
2023-09-11III"Who Is Biden Working For?" Admin Under Fire For 'Illegal, Reckless' Cancellation Of Alaska Oil LeasesZeroHedgeWhite House, Climate Change OP, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, AlaskaArticle2023-09-30
2023-12-04COP28 President: There Is "No Science" Behind Calls For Fossil-Fuel Phase-OutZeroHedgeClimate Change OP, PushbackArticle2023-12-05
2023-09-09IIIRail Volumes Fall For Third Straight Month In AugustZeroHedgeCarloads, Industrial economyArticle2023-09-09
2023-11-13If The Economy Is So Great, Why Are Tax Revenues So Weak?ZeroHedgeTaxation, Inverted Yield Curve, Consumer DebtArticle2023-11-13
2023-01-09IIIFederal Agencies Admit To $3 Trillion In Improper Payments Since 2004Zero HedgeMissing MoneyArticle2023-06-20
2023-06-08IVCEO: "I Talked To 48 Lenders About Debt For A New Apartment Project. Zero Came Back With A Bid"Zero HedgeReal Estate Crash, Lending Gets TightArticle, Video2023-06-14
2023-06-03IIIBIS To Use AI To Monitor Global Bank Transactions For "Money Laundering"Zero HedgeGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, AI, BIS, Central ControlArticle, Video2023-06-13
2023-03-3003, 05, 07, 11, 12, 20IIISEC's Gensler Seeks $2.4 Billion In Funding To Chase Down Crypto 'Misconduct'Zero HedgeEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Crypto Scams, Increased Federal Enforcement FundingArticle2023-03-31
2023-11-22"Nobody Needs The Digital Euro" - German Parliament Member Wants To Make Bitcoin Legal TenderZeroHedgeGermany, Bitcoin, Digital Currency, Digital Euro, CotarArticle2023-11-25
2023-01-0903, 07, 08, 12, 20VCrypto Billionaires' Subsequent Deaths Spark Wild Theories Among The CommunityZero HedgePrecious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, Sudden Deaths, FTX Crypto ScamsArticle2023-01-10
2023-08-22IIIIt's Really Happening: Mask Mandates, Contact-Tracing Re-Implemented At Colleges, OfficesZero HedgeMask Mandate Insanity ReappearsArticle2023-08-31
2023-03-1803, 06, 12IIICOVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause 'Permanent Disabilities,' Says German Health MinisterZero HedgeGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Permanent Disabilities, GermanyArticle2023-03-21
2023-05-06IIITexas Committee Passes Bill To Create 100% Reserve Gold And Silver-Backed Transactional CurrenciesZero HedgeMetals Backed Digital Currencies, TXArticle2023-05-10
2023-02-0609, 12IIIFire At New Zealand's Largest Egg Farm Kills 75,000 Hens Amid National ShortageWar on FoGeopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Unexplained Fires, New ZealandArticle2023-02-08
2023-08-22IIIEx-Head Of JPMorgan's Precious Metals Desk Sentenced To Prison For ManipulationZero HedgeEx JPM Exec, Goes to JailArticle2023-08-31
2023-11-09Australia to investigate Optus outage that impacted millionsZDNETEMS Infrastructure FailureArticle2023-11-13
2023-06-23IIISri Lanka set to start tea-for-oil barter with Iran next monthZawyaMulti Polar World, Tea for Oil, Sri LankaArticle2023-06-27
2023-11-10Scott Ritter: Hezbollah won't fight in Gaza, Israel will fail, Palestinian State will be establishedATMGAMERPalestinian State, Hezbollah, Israel, GazaVideo2023-11-10
2023-05-06IIIAlberta wildfire update – May 6, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.Your AlbertaGoing Direct Rest, Arson Fires, AlbertaVideo2023-05-10
2023-04-14VIThe greatest monologue of all timeEdits of the SpectreCarlinVideo2023-06-14
2023-09-22IIISoutheast Louisiana residents rush to stock up on bottled water with state of emergency loomingWWLTVSaltwater, Drinking Water, New Orleans, LA, Mississippi, Army Corp of EngVideo2023-09-25
2023-10-31Oh SH*T, It's starting! Lebanon attacks, Germany warns of war in Europe | Redacted w Clayton MorrisRedactedGaza, Jan 6th, Putin, Lebanon, EUVideo2023-11-02
2023-02-2503, 04, 05, 12UAQSign in 0:00 / 1:23:58 Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell: COG UFO Threat NRO-2 Op!Dark JournalistGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyCOG, UFO, Blue Beam, False FlagVideo2023-03-11
2023-11-18Sign in 15:54 / 18:22 How to Turn a Van into a Comfortable Home for $365 | No-Build Van LifeCheapRVlivingNomadic, DIY No Build Van Life, ShelterVideo2023-12-09
2023-03-27IIIMonday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer's Groundbreaking National Press Club Event! FREE to Watch!Dr. Steven GreerDisclosure, Dr. Greer, Decades of UFOsVideo2023-06-18
2023-07-26IIIYou'll Never Believe Who's Behind CBDCs & Fast Payments!!Coin BureauCBDC, GatesVideo2023-08-26
2023-07-29IIIYou'll Never Believe Who's Behind CBDCs & Fast Payments!! Coin Bureau 2.32M subscribersCoin BureauCBDC, Gates, FASTT Payment SystemVideo2023-08-29
2023-09-23IIITrudeau and Zelensky leave Royal York HotelNCRTrudeau, Zelensky, Canada, Protesters, TorontoVideo2023-09-23
2023-07-19IIIInvestigative Journalist Annie Jacobsen: War, Weaponry, and Government Secrecy - Danger CloseJackCarrUSADOD, Secret Ops, Advanced Weapons SystemsVideo2023-08-16
2012-01-093IVThe Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Intro + Hour 1 of 5)Richard GroveGeopoliticsReal History of Eduction, JT GattoVideo2023-01-09
2023-11-12Central Bankers Preparing for Major Bond Market Crisismaneco64Dependency Consequences, US Treasuries, Central Bank, Japan, UK, GoldArticle2023-11-13
2023-11-30Kennedy: Democrats blocked debate on radical judicial nominees 11 30 23Senator John KennedySenators Censored, Judicial Nominee, Divide & ConquerVideo2023-11-30
2023-05-28IIIFrom Planned Obsolescence to the Plan to Own NothingTruth Steam MediaThe Continuation of Planned Obsolesence, Renting Everything, WEF Owning NothingVideo2023-06-03
2023-05-28IIIFrom Planned Obsolescence to the Plan to Own NothingTruth Steam MediaOffshoring Consequences, Online Purchasing Wasteland, Loss of QualityVideo2023-06-03
2023-10-09How Hot Does This Get? SITREP 10.09.23Monkey Werx USSyria, Iran, Russia, GazaVideo2023-10-13
2023-11-11Sign in 0:20 / 34:12 Scott Ritter: 80% of civilians were killed by IDF on Oct 7 and now Israel collective punishment GazaATMGAMERHamas Attacks, Israeli Reprisalas, Gaza, NuclearVideo2023-11-11
2023-11-30She's EXPOSING the WEF false flag coming in 2024, Journalist Whitney Webb | RedactedRedactedCyber Attack, War on Family, Banks, Intel, Iran, WEFVideo2023-12-08
2022-12-03How They Plan to Take Your House: The Agenda 2030 Wealth TransferBjorn Andreas Bull-HansenHome Equity Theft, War on Family, Climate Change OPVideo2023-10-13
2023-06-25IVBuilding a Private Pool in a Luxury Underground House in 149 DaysMr. Heang UpdateAlternative Building MethodsVideo2023-07-09
2023-07-01IIIJohn Rich calls out Gov Bill Lee’s Red Flag LawJohn RichRed Flag Law, TNVideo2023-07-09
2023-05-14BizarroShocking new Epstein papers reveal Creepy targeting of children for medical experiments | RedactedRedactedEpstein, Transhumanism, Medical Experiments on Autistic Children, DNA SequencingArticle2023-05-22
2020-08-0902, 16IVA Conscious Universe? – Dr Rupert SheldrakeThe Weekly UpdateScience & Technology, Space, CultureConscious Universe, Quantum RealitiesVideo2023-03-01
2023-08-30IIIMedia blackout lockdown in Lahaina West Maui after fireGeoffy CygnusMaui, Media Black Out, Barriers, Special SecurityVideo2023-09-13
2023-11-02Sign in 0:00 / 15:29 Shipping Braces for Impact as Panama Canal Slashes Capacity | Detour - Go Around!What is Going on With Shipping?WW III, Weather Warfare, Food SupplyVideo2023-11-07
2023-06-29IIIRFK Jr. Confronted with vax dataReason TVVaxxed Casualties, RFK Jr.Video2023-07-09
2023-06-30IIIRFK Jr Confronted with vax dataReason TVCovid-19 Cover Up, RFK Jr, Vaxx PropagandaVideo2023-07-07
2023-11-30Empire in Decline - Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn DiesenThe DuranVolunteer Critical Shortage, Reserve Call UpVideo2023-12-01
2023-10-27SCHOOLED: Crowder Educates Anti-Gun College Student on Firearms!CrowderBitsCensorship to the Nines, War on 2nd AmendmentVideo2023-11-29
2023-10-28Israel-Hamas: 'Insistence on Intervention has created Chaos' | Douglas MacgregorGBNewsHamas Attacks, Israeli Reprisalas, Gaza, Eternal WarVideo2023-10-30
2023-02-016IIIVitamin D, now conclusiveDr. John CampbellFood & HealthCovid -19 Cover Up, Vitamin DVideo2023-02-02
2023-04-04IIIDouglas Macgregor & ex-CIA Tony Shaffer: Russia one step away from victoryDouglas MacGregorGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Looming Russian VictoryVideo2023-04-06
2023-03-0303, 07, 12, 20IIIGov. Kristi Noem: This is a threat to our freedomFoxEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsSD, CBDC, Pushback, Noem VetoVideo2023-03-14
2023-07-06IIIHearing on the Weaponization of the Federal GovernmentHouse.govCensorship House Censorship HearingsVideo2023-07-26
2018-08-23*Rare* 1967 Record Exposes the...An Open DoorCFR, UN, Mind Countrol, Total Control, SatanicVideo2023-10-12
2023-03-1703, 07, 12IIIEfficacy of the mRNA covid-19 booster, 17 Mar 2023Andrew Bridgen MP UKGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Excess Deaths, UKVideo2023-03-22
2023-09-16Unreleased Hurricane Katrina Footage from the New Orleans Fire Department - August of 2005Matthew WHurricane Season, Wx Manipulation, FloodVideo2023-11-22
2018-05-24IIIMelted Smart Meters!! Part 2 Paradise Fires--Massive "Event" Expert Testimony Retired Fire CaptainsShelly LewisCA Fires, Melted MetalVideo2023-08-24
2023-06-05IIIRekindling the Spirit of the Classic Democrat | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | EP 363Jordan PetersonRFK Jr., Presidential Run, Heal the DivideVideo2023-06-09
2023-09-30IIIPresenting the Fed's Perfect Plan for U.S. Dollar OblivionJohn TitusUS Deficits, The Fed, Death of the Dollar, InflationVideo2023-09-30
2023-05-24III"Yes, the CIA and FBI Will rig the 2024 election" - Former National Security Advisor K.T. McFarlandRedactedGoing Direct Reset, 2024 Election RiggingVideo2023-05-25
2023-02-1403, 07, 08, 12VWhy digital currency is a big No NoReignite FreedomEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, UKVideo2023-02-21
2023-08-19IIIMaui Police Chief Ordered Cops To Block Cars From Fleeing Fire Allege Eyewitness.Jimmy DoreHI, Cover Up Accusations, Body Count QuestionsVideo2023-08-25
2023-11-03Lt. Christopher Olivarez: The threat is already hereFox NewsWeaponized Immigration, Terrorists, Counterterrorism, TexasVideo2023-11-07
2018-04-15The Dangers of SoyThe Nicholas Gonzalez FoundationGrazers, Phytoestrogen, Soy Lobby,War on FoodVideo2023-10-21
2019-09-11IIIOrthotropics: improving your health and facial beautyOrthotropicsFace, Facial, Beauty, Orthotropics, Nasal, Teeth, Diet, Craniofacial DystrophyVideo2023-09-11
2023-09-16IIISign in 0:00 / 0:46 NM Governor''s 2nd Amendment Ban by Health Emergency Declaration Is Logically InsaneTruthstream MediaBernalillo County, Sheriff, John Allen, 2nd Amendment, Gun,Red Flag Tyranny, PushbackVideo2023-09-24
2022-03-03Largest dataset of cancer whole genome sequences | Serena Nik-ZainalCUHNHSWEF, Genomics, UK, 12,000 CancersVideo2023-11-15
2023-05-04IIIGerman MEP Christine Anderson on 15-minute cities.The New World OrderGoing Direct Reset, 15 Minute Cities, Total Control, GermanyVideo2023-05-09
2023-11-06Sign in 0:00 / 28:35 Jews are JOINING anti-war protests with Palestinians and the media are Hiding It | Redacted NewsRedactedIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, Gaza, Netanyahu, Divide and ConquerVideo2023-11-07
2023-08-14IIIYou Have To See What Happened To This Los Angeles StoreThe DC ShortsLA, Flash Mob Mayhem, Nordstroms PillageVideo2023-08-18
2023-01-2103, 16IIIThe History Guy: Best of Broken ArrowsThe History GuyGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyNuclear Bomb Accidents, DODVideo2023-01-23
2023-03-3003, 05, 11, 12VIn 3 days Everything changes for the US Dollar | Redacted with Natali and Clayton MorrisRedactedEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, Federal GovernmentVideo2023-03-31
2023-10-07Dr Yasir Qadhi Slams Jordan Peterson over IsraelOnePath NetworkPalestine, NATO, Eternal WarVideo2023-10-14
2023-07-28IIIThis Is Complete GarbageJimmy DoreCrypto, TBTJ, TBTJ, In Action, SBF No ChargesVideo2023-07-31
2023-02-10IIIEvery Store is Closed in San FranciscoMetal LeoCA, Going Down, SF EmptyVideo2023-06-20
2023-05-22IIIOh Sh*t, NATO escalates war in Ukraine with attack in Belgorod, Russia using US weapons | RedactedRedactedWW-III, War with Russia, NATO InvasionVideo2023-05-23
2023-10-19All natural All natural 0:02 / 3:32 What Israel faces in a ground invasion in Gaza | Project ForceAl Jazeera EnglishUrban Warfare, Israel, Hamas, Gaza, RobotsVideo2023-10-24
2023-02-0303, 09, 12IVOh Sh*t! What's happening to our Chickens and Eggs? (War on Food)RedactedGeopolitics, Food & HealthCovid -19 Cover Up, War on Food, Manufactured Egg ShortagesVideo2023-02-07
2023-10-03Exposed! Feds Caught trafficking kids at U.S. border in huge operation | Redacted w Clayton MorrisRedactedHuman Trafficking Questions, US Agencies Implicated, SW KeyVideo2023-10-04
2023-01-0306, 12IIIEndocrine Disruptors - Common Chemicals That Severely Alter Your Hormones - Dr. Shanna Swan After Skool 2.53M subscribersAfter SkoolFood & HealthReproductive Health, Great PoisoningVideo2023-01-18
2022-09-27‘I’m from Chicago, Bro’: Would-Be Armed Robbery Suspect Backs Off When Florida Clerk Shows GunLaw&Crime NetworkCountermeasures, Gun ControlVideo2023-11-22
2023-06-21III'How Many Genders Are There?': John Kennedy Questions Human Rights Campaign Chief About GenderForbesWoke Fail, John Kennedy LA,Video2023-06-27
2023-09-05IIIWhat is Space Weather | IntroductionSuspicious 0bserversSpace Weather, Solar Storm, Electrical Chaos, Carrington Style EventArticle2023-09-30
2023-05-06IIRobert F Kennedy Jr Surges In the Polls (clip)Sabby SabsRFK Jr., Presidential Run, Upsetting the Apple Cart, New Poll NumbersVideo2023-05-10
2023-05-06IIIRobert F Kennedy Jr Surges In the Polls (clip)Sabby SabsRFK Jr., Presidential Run, Upsetting the Apple Cart, New Poll NumbersVideo2023-05-10
2023-10-18Banning Firearms in 2024 ? (with Nick Freitas) | Homesteaders of America Conference 2023the ShepherdessWar on Freedom, Gun Control, Nick Freitas, VirginiaVideo2023-12-13
2023-10-17"OH SH*T! Pfizer is heading for bankruptcy?! | Redacted with Clayton Morris"RedactedCovid-19 Cover Up, PropagandaVideo2023-10-23
2022-07-09IV100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof And A Swimming PoolMr. Heang UpdateAlternative Building MethodsVideo2023-07-09
2023-06-06IIIIntroducing Apple Vision ProAppleAI, DataBeast, Apple Vision ProVideo2023-06-13
2019-03-222IIFlying Books -- What is Mandela Effect?Harry HubbardCultureFlying Books, Mandela EffectVideo2023-03-24
2023-09-08IIIRobert F. Kennedy Jr. Blasts DNC's ''Rigged Process,'' Slams Biden In New Forbes InterviewForbes Breaking NewsDemocratic Primary Process, Biden, DNCVideo2023-09-09
2023-04-30IIIHiggins Grills Secretary Mayorkas on the disintegration of our Southern BorderRep Clay Higgins, LAGoing Direct Reset, Illegal Immigration, Invasion, Cartel Takeover, HigginsVideo2023-05-30
2023-12-06Robert F Kennedy Jr. On Israel-Hamas War PBD TownHall 12 6 23Glenn TamirIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, Gaza, HamasVideo2023-12-08
2023-07-26IIIAmerica's Hidden Black Projects Superstate - How Did It Begin? | Investigating the Evidence (Ep. 2)The Wisdom TraditionRise of the Deep State, Break Away CivilizationVideo2023-07-30
2023-08-04IIIChina’s economy deteriorated fast in 2 weeks'Let's Real Talk'Chinese Economy, War Drums, Taiwan StraightVideo2023-08-18
2023-03-13IIIThe Climate Story is a Complete Joke | Episode 2Suspicious 0bserversPeak Shift, Antarctica, Ice Sheet ExpansionVideo2023-09-30
2023-08-17Remember When Late Night Hosts Mocked Ivermectin? – Now Approved By FDA To Treat COVID!Jimmy DoreCovid Propaganda, Media, CensorshipVideo2023-10-05
2023-03-27IIIPeter Hotez - Vaccine ExpertMatt OrfaleaVaxxed-Casualties, PropagandaVideo2023-06-18
2023-10-27Health, Policy, Legal Issues 5G and Cell Towers to Stamford Board of Rep. Land Use CommitteeEnvironmental Health TrustRF, EMR, 5G, Radiation, War on FamilyVideo2023-11-17
2023-09-27III"Strange things happened on 9/11"- Robert Kennedy, Jr. | Redacted with Clayton MorrisRedactedBuilding Seven, 9/11, Ted Walter, International Center for 9/11 Justice,Video2023-09-28
2023-10-25You're A Senior Member Of Homeland Security, Are You Not?: Kennedy Stumps Top Biden OfficialsForbes Breaking NewsUnaccompanied Children, Human Trafficking,Video2023-12-10
2022-08-0903, 09, 12, 19, 20IIITristate City - The Reason to Bankrupt Dutch Farmers - The NetherlandsClyde Do SomethingGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War on Food, Netherlands, Property Theft, Climate ChangeVideo2023-01-10
2023-07-20IIIRussia Presented a Tough Ultimatum to Turkey & Other NATO Countries - All Your Ships Will be FloodedBorzzikmanUkraine, NATO, Eternal War, Russian UltimatumVideo2023-07-26
2023-01-04IIIHow Cartels Successfully Take Over Northern California | Jorge VenturaCA InsiderThe Failed War on Drugs, Narcofornia, Third World Conditions, CAVideo2023-06-04
2023-10-16Survivor Speaks: Israeli forces shot their own civiliansMiddle East EyeHostages, Civilians, Terrorists, Israel, GarzaVideo2023-10-24
2023-09-20IIIHow Does One Lose an F35?! SITREP 9.20.23Monkey Werx USHack, Lightening, Computer Glitch, Offline, Weather, Marine, Stoval Lightening Two, Lockheed MartinVideo2023-09-25
2023-04-05VPrivate and Complementary Currency SystemsKen FreemanThomas Greco, Real Alternatives to USDVideo2023-04-24
2023-10-12"More police than people": OMG citizen journalist reports on Hamas invasion from JerusalemO’Keefe Media GroupReport from IsraelVideo2023-10-16
2023-11-14Antony Loewenstein: Israel Is Testing New Weapons on Gaza as Arms Dealers Profit from Gaza WarDemocracy NowArms Dealing, Israel, GazaVideo2023-11-22
2023-11-20Weirdest Comet(12/P*), CME Impact, Solar Storm Electrodynamics | S0 News Nov.20.2023Suspicious0bserversComet 12/PVideo2023-11-22
2020-07-30IIIDr. Dietrich Klinghardt - What's really going on in the world?Clarity with Claire EdwardsThe Great Posioning, Spiritual WarfareVideo2023-07-30
2023-11-01Ethics Speaker Series - Dr. Jim Giordano - "Big Data, AI and Security/Defense on the Global Stage"TheStockdalecenterData Beast, AI Threat, Big DataVideo2023-11-21
2023-12-07Biden Staffers Are Turning Against His Israel Support. We Spoke to a DissenterBreakThrough NewsIsrael, Genicide Joe, Palestine, GazaVideo2023-12-08
2023-11-30Your Testimony Is False!: Thomas Massie Does Not Hold Back On Dems' WitnessForbes Breaking NewsOlivia Troye, Censorship Industrial Complex, Free SpeechVideo2023-11-30
2023-11-20Hang on! The U.S. Military just did What to unvaccinated soldiers? Seriously!! | Redacted NewsRedactedCovid Mandates, DOD, Biden, Discharge RecordVideo2023-11-24
2023-06-01IVLiving, Breathing Buildings with George SwansonKim GreenhouseGreen Building Materials, House ConstructionVideo2023-06-09
2023-01-0103, 12VShe's Exposing how the deep state mafia controls all of us | Redacted Conversation w/ Whitney WebbRedactedGeopoliticsEpstein, Deep State, Financial CrimesVideo2023-03-01
2023-02-0303, 07VICatherine Austin Fitts - Building Wealth in Dangerous Times (The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation)New MediaEconomy & Financial MarketsGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, EU, CAFVideo2023-02-10
2023-06-19Bank Al-Maghrib/IMF-Central Bank Digital Currencies-Role of the public sector in money and paymentsBank Al-MaghribXC Platform, Token, StableCoin, CBDC, Implementation StrategiesVideo2023-11-18
2023-07-31LIDAR Scan Discovered an Unknown Civilization In The AmazonUniverse Inside YouAncient Civilization, Wood, Mud Brick, Amazon Rain ForestVideo2023-10-29
2023-12-09Wall Street Investors Banned from Buying Houses? Mass Selloff ComingReventure ConsultingHedge Fund, Proposed Legislation, Housing CostsVideo2023-12-09
2023-08-04IIIFear is a control mechanism: Gavin de Becker Fox News 10.6M subscribersFoxFear, Precursor of TyrannyVideo2023-08-08
2022-12-1103, 07VOverseas dollar providers are *not* providing dollars...to Americans.Eurodollar UniversityEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Missing Money, Derivatives, FOREXVideo2023-01-11
2023-02-1803, 19IIIKennedy questions Litterman, Holtz-Eakin on climate in BudgetSenator John KennedyGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, Cost US, $50T, Sen JohnsonVideo2023-02-24
2023-11-30Jensen Huang of Nvidia on the Future of A.I. | DealBook Summit 2023New York Times EventsInspiration, CreatvityVideo2023-12-06
2023-11-06Sign in 0:00 / 21:58 "Israel is LOSING this war and Netanyahu is done" - Fmr. U.S. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted NewsRedactedIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, Gaza, NetanyahuVideo2023-11-07
2023-05-15IIIMassive explosion blows up missile-storing facility in UkraineThe Sun UKGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Arms DestructionVideo2023-05-22
2023-09-10III0:01 / 19:00 Eric Weinstein Reacts To Sam Harris On Modern WisdomChris WilliamsonMind Control, War on CultureVideo2023-09-30
2023-06-30III[Full] The Lost Century and How to Reclaim It - Dr. Steven Greer [Full]MindExplorerDisclosure, 76 Years Too Late, Hidden TechVideo2023-07-30
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2020-01-21Really Interesting Maps You Need To SeeGeneral KnowledgeLand, Use, Ancestry, Historically, LeadersVideo2023-12-03
2023-07-14IIIEuropean excess deathsDr. John CampbellVaxxed Casualties, Excess Deaths, UKVideo2023-07-24
2023-02-2503, 04, 06, 12, 20IIISyrian earthquake and Western exploitation of tragedyVanessa BeeleyGeopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Syrian Sanctions, Eartquake DevistationVideo2023-03-11
2023-04-27IIIJust In: Rand Paul Asks Samantha Power: 'Did USAID Fund Coronavirus Research In Wuhan China?'ForbesWuhan, Lab Leak, Rand PaulVideo2023-05-01
2023-12-10"They KNEW October 7th was coming and they made Millions on that knowledge" | Redacted NewsRedactedBorder Footage Missing, Short Selling, MSCI Israel EFTVideo2023-12-12
2023-12-09Mel K Interview Pastor Artur Pawlowski Going On Offense The Lion Roars -The Mel K Show Update TodayThe Mel K ShowEvil Exposed, Engage, Spiritual ConfidenceVideo2023-12-13
2023-11-27Sign in 0:05 / 47:15 Why Bill Gates Is Pushing for Global Digital IDs and Taking Over America’s Farmland – Seamus BrunerKitcoControligarchs, Gates Buying Farmland, Land Grab, CensorshipVideo2023-12-03
2023-12-05Exclusive: Roger Waters speaks to TRT World about Israel’s war on GazaTRT WorldPalestine, Israel, Helping Another, Golden RuleVideo2023-12-05
2023-11-24DHS whistleblower Exposes America's Hidden Child Trafficking Ring | Redacted with Clayton MorrisRedactedAaron Stevenson, DHS, HHS RegulationVideo2023-12-10
2023-11-24DHS whistleblower EXPOSES America's HIDDEN Child Trafficking Ring | Redacted with Clayton MorrisRedactedLabor Trafficing,Child Trafficking, Office of Refugee Settlement, HHS, NGOVideo2023-11-27
2023-11-027 Things You Should Always Keep Private (BECOME A TRUE STOIC)The Quotes LibraryBuilding Wealth, Mind Control Goals, Stoic WisdomVideo2023-12-07
2023-02-1703, 05, 07, 08, 12, 20VExclusive - Tennessee Leading By Example Against CBDCPinball PreppingEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsCBDC, Counter Measures, TNVideo2023-03-17
2023-02-2103, 16UAQDr. Steven Greer - Mystery Behind UFO / UAPs, Alien Phenomenon, and The Secret Government | SRS #048Shawn Ryan ShowGeopolitics, SpaceUAP, UFO, Disclosure, Dr GreerVideo2023-03-03
2022-03-2203, 05IIIRep. Gaetz Accuses Former DOJ Official Of A Multimillion-Dollar Extortion Plot | Morning Joe | MSNBCMSNBCEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGaetz AllegationsVideo2023-03-22
2017-05-01IIIWorld War Zero. Episode 1. Docudrama. English Subtitles. StarMediaENStarMedENWorld War 0, Crimean WarVideo2023-05-01
2023-11-03Israel On Brink Of Civil War!The Jimmy Dore ShowIsrael, Civil War, Censorship, War on FreedomVideo2023-11-05
2023-11-07RFK Jr.’s Entire Campaign Field Team Quits!The Jimmy Dore ShowTerrorists, 2024 Election, Palestine, IsraelVideo2023-11-08
2023-09-02IIIEverything Wrong With The Capitol Riots In 889 Angles | Act 2Wooz NewsControlled Opposition, Background Actors, Fake Arrest, Dress Set, Fake BloodVideo2023-09-23
2023-06-24IIIThe Roundtable Insight - Doomberg, Anas Alhajji, Adam Rozencwajg, Yra Harris on the Energy MarketsFinancial Repression AuthorityEnergy Supply PredictionsVideo2023-07-24
2023-10-23Kevin McCarthy warns of potential terrorist ‘sleeper cells’ in the USNew York PostOpen Border, Illegal ImigrantsVideo2023-10-23
2023-08-19IIIMichael Lynch: Is Blackrock Intervening in American Silver Eagle Production?Palisades Gold RadioBlack Rock, Silver Eagle InterventionVideo2023-08-25
2010-12-27Tim Hawkins - The Government CanEngines & Elbow GreaseFun, Sing Along, GovVideo2023-10-04
2023-08-01IIIPatrick Bet-David Deconstructs BlackRock's Influence and ESG RatingsJoe RoganBlack Rock, State Street, Vangaurd, Own EverythingVideo2023-09-01
2023-03-2103, 06, 12IIIWhen a normal American rejected Fauci's hocus pocusCitizen Free PressGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaccinations, Pushback, FauciVideo2023-03-26
2023-09-02Osage County ResetHearts Over HexagonsGoing Direct Reset, Total Control, Digital ID, OKVideo2023-11-07
2023-05-26IIIInsane! Biden to create new federal agency to track your behavior | Redacted w Clayton MorrisRedactedBiden's Ministry of TruthVideo2023-05-31
2023-01-18IIILooking for Clues in the Canadian FiresThe Healthy AmericanCanadian Fire, CA Fires, Strange Burn PatternsVideo2023-06-19
2023-06-24IIILooking for CLues in Canadian FiresPeggy HallClimate Change OP, Fires, Maui, Canada, etcVideo2023-08-24
2023-09-13IIIThe 3 Companies That Own The WorldTom DillonBlackRock, Political Influence, Larry Fink, , Vanguard, State Street, Home, RentVideo2023-09-26
2023-10-13Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 106: Ask the Inspector (Israel, Gaza)U.S. Tour of DutyEternal WarVideo2023-10-22
2023-04-26IIIESPN employees reportedly Terrified of getting laid off! Morale at an All Time Low!Black and White SportsMiltiary Entertainment Industrial Complex, PushbackVideo2023-04-28
2023-10-03The hidden Sino-US relations: What do Xi and Biden want from each other? Lei's Real Talk 144K subscribersLei's Real TalkWar with China, Multipolar WorldVideo2023-10-09
2023-09-09IIICoverupts & Secret Agendas! Unforgettable Interview - Richard Dolan & Paul Wallis Expose All!The 5th KindShadow Government, Disclosure, Dr. Greer, Decades of UFOs,Video2023-09-30
2023-05-16IIIKennedy questions SVB, Signature Bank executives in BankingSenator John KennedySVB, 2008 Part II, Signature Bank, Congressional InvestigationVideo2023-05-23
2023-01-0703, 04, 05, 20IIIKiller Robots Meeting : 6 CEO's Making Their Final WarningAlgoboticsGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Weaponized Robot WarriorsVideo2023-01-30
2022-08-23Internet Addiction: Use Up 900%+ Does THIS to Your Brain. (w/Dr. Trish Leigh)Dr. Trish LeighSuper Normal Stimulant, War on FamilyVideo2023-11-20
2022-12-1503, 07, 11, 12IIIHearing: BlackRock, State Street and ISS testify before the Texas Senate | 12/15/22TX State SenateEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsESG, Pushback, TX, BlackRockVideo2023-01-16
2023-03-3103, 05IIIMalaysia's ex-PM Najib Razak fails in final bid to overturn 1MDB-related corruption convictionSCMPGeopoliticsDatuk Seri Najib Razak, Corruption Case, MalaysiaVideo2023-03-31
2022-06-17IIIHow much Gold was Confiscated in 1933? | Gold Confiscation History, Executive Order 6102SD Bullion1933 Gold Confiscation QuestionsVideo2023-06-17
2023-01-1003, 16IIINYSBR Presents: Building and Cruising the Cislunar HighwaySSPIVideoGeopolitics, SpaceSpace InfrastructureVideo2023-01-11
2023-03-1502, 03IIIY HERSH Meets the Press - Live from the National Press Club, Washington DCSy HershGeopolitics, CulturePress Club, Current Events, Crisis in GovernmentVideo2023-03-21
2023-07-01IIIBIS Plan For A GLOBAL CBDC Was Just ReleasedGeorge GammonGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, BIS, Total ControlVideo2023-07-07
2023-04-29IISN Catherine Austin Fitts on Tucker Carlson Leaving FoxShelbyville NowTucker, Post Fox, CAFVideo2023-05-01
2023-11-11Armed Robbers Had Guns Pointed at His Chest, Then He Shot Back, Now California is Punishing HimNRAWar on Freedom, Gun Control, CA, War on FamilyVideo2023-11-27
2023-05-14IIIBank of America just reported a big Drop in Consumer SpendingReventure ConsultingGoing Direct Reset, 2008 Part II, White Collar RecessionVideo2023-05-19
2023-10-05Russian Oil Thrives Despite European Sanctions (Here's How...) || Peter ZeihanZeihan on GeopoliticsRussia, Crude Oil, ImbalanceVideo2023-10-10
2023-06-01IILaura Knight-Jadczyk Interview - The truth about reality, evil and uncertainty Part 2Cassiopea.orgGood and EvilVideo2023-07-01
2023-11-13Scott Ritter: Gaza is the most genius trap in modern history, Ham*s will have their Palestine StateATMGAMERHamas Attacks, Israeli Reprisalas, Gaza, Eternal WarVideo2023-11-13
2023-08-14VIOliver Anthony "Rich Men North of Richmond" Live 8/13/23 Outer Banks NCPOLO TVThe Great RejectVideo2023-08-16
2010-04-20IIIWeather Modification And The U.S. MilitaryMA School of Law AndoverGoing Direct Reset, Weather Wars, DODVideo2023-04-10
2023-11-29Drone footage shows shocking Gaza destructionThe GrayzoneGaza Devastation, Closed Military Zone, Al-Zahraa neighborhood, Rate of DeathVideo2023-12-06
2023-12-10Tucker Carlson reacts to 2024 Presidential Candidates!All-In Podcast ClipsHaley, Vivek, Kennedy, Trump, NewsomVideo2023-12-14
2019-01-24VThe (secret) City of London is Not part of the UK | EnglandPedro NascimentoCity of London, London, UK, IndependentVideo2023-09-21
2022-08-07IVWhite Oak Pastures: A Model Regenerative FarmLiving Web FarmsRegenerative FarmingVideo2023-08-07
2023-03-1803, 06, 12IIIVaccination problems, UK ParliamentDr. John CampbellGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Excess Deaths, MP UKVideo2023-03-22
2018-02-066IVNatural Remedies - Barbara O'NeillNatural Remedies - Barbara O'NeillFood & HealthNatural Remedies, OnionsVideo2023-02-06
2023-11-02Klyuchevskoy Volcano Update Powerful & Sustained Explosive Eruption, Lengthy Lahars GeologyHubErupting, Volcanism, RussiaVideo2023-11-05
2023-06-22III'Where's The Beef?': Thomas Massie Leads House Judiciary Committee Hearing On Meat IndustryForbesWar on Meat, Massey, Congressional Hearing, Small ProducersVideo2023-07-06
2023-07-06IIIReclaim DemocracyTeam KennedyRFK Jr. Reclaim DemocracyVideo2023-07-11
2023-10-05Putin challenges West: "What right do you have to warn anyone?"Global NewsRussia, China, Zi, Putin, Multi Polar WorldVideo2023-10-29
2023-07-25The Metaverse Explained – And What Comes Next | Insider BusinessBusiness InsiderMental Health Weaponization, Transhumanism, MetaverseVideo2023-11-20
2023-04-21IIIAre aliens worried about human frailty? Did US collaborate with Aliens? | Come CarpentierSattologyAlien, Contact QuestionsVideo2023-06-19
2023-11-30Unbelievable Moment: GOP Senators Absolutely Explode At Dick Durbin During Senate HearingForbes Breaking NewsSenators Censored, Judicial Nominee, Divide & ConquerVideo2023-11-30
2023-04-29IIIWhere U.S Weapons For Ukraine Are Really Going! w/ Sy HershJimmy DoreUkraine War, Funding Debacle, Zelensky Skim, Buying Diesel from RussiaArticle, Video2023-05-01
2023-08-01IIIEverything Wrong with Red Flag Laws (Part One)T.REX ArmsTN Opposition Red Flag Laws, War on the 2nd AmendmentVideo2023-08-11
2023-08-17III'Showing Downing Street that cash is still king!' | Patrick Christys on the Don't Kill Cash petitionGB NewsCashless Pushback, UKVideo2023-08-23
2023-11-14Hamas armed wing says it is ready to release 70 captives in exchange for a five-day truce (Sign in Required)Al Jazeera EnglishIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, Gaza, HamasVideo2023-11-14
2023-09-09IIIWhat’s Inside EPA’S BLUE Drums?! Underground Tunnels Discovered | Maui MassacreHustle BitchEPA, Blue Drum, Maui,Video2023-09-10
2023-07-28IIIAlert: Tennessee Governor Scheming with Dems for Gun ControlPatriot NurseGun Control, Red Flag Laws, Private Sale Prohibitions, TNVideo2023-07-31
2020-09-09Willie Gary - 60 Minutes InterviewWillie GaryDisney, Microsoft, Legal PushbackVideo2023-11-07
2023-09-08The Great Taking...The Plan To Hand Over Your Assets To The BankstersParallel SystemsPyramid, EU, Secured CreditorVideo2023-10-12
2023-09-19IIIHere’s Why They’re Coming For Russell BrandJimmy DoreWar on Free Speech, CensorshipVideo2023-09-26
2023-09-13SC Senate Hearing - USC Professor Dr. Phillip BuckhaultsSC 4 FREEDOMVax Batch Severity, Myocarditis, Vaxx Consequences, Vaxx Lies, State ControlVideo2023-11-12
2023-02-11IIIKHON2: Chinese satellite lasers recorded over HawaiiKHON2 NewsGreen Laser, HI, WeatherVideo2023-09-25
2023-03-1103, 06, 12, 20IIIGMO bacteria: "uncontrolled, global experiment" | Interview GMO-expert Jeffrey SmithDe Andere KantGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyWar on Ecology, GMO Microbes, Their ThreatVideo2023-03-18
2013-12-16Sign in 0:29 / 12:26 Rare Video: Nelson Mandela Speaking on Palestine [Extracts] 1990Africa4PalestineKoppel, Leadership, South Africa, PalestineVideo2023-11-12
2023-03-0503, 06, 20IIIMystery Of The Pre-Placed Orange Car By The Ohio River Drainage Pipes: East Palestine Train CrashTim TruthScience & Technology, Food & Health, Unanswered QuestionsOH Chemical Disaster, The Great PoisoningVideo2023-03-07
2023-10-11Covid vaccinations approved Illegally: European Medicines Agency revelationsFVD InternationalCovid-19 Cover Up, EUVideo2023-11-16
2023-11-20Arab Muslim Speaks About Her Life in IsraelPragerUHamas, Gaza, Arab, Palestine, Israel, FataArticle2023-11-28
2022-12-1203, 05, 06III, VIGov. Kristi Noem 2022 State of the StateGov Kristi NoemGeopolitics, Food & HealthCovid-19, Pushback, Gov. NoemArticle2023-01-09
2023-03-2102, 03, 08, 12, 20IIIWorld Economic Forum Training Video!Mischa PaullinEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, CultureWEF Parody, Mischa PaullinVideo2023-04-04
2023-11-23WATCH: The Rebbe and Benjamin Netanyahu speakJEM - The Lubavitcher RebbeIsrael, Netanyahu, End Times, TempleVideo2023-12-15
2023-07-16IIIThe Consequence Is Dead Americans': Chip Roy Flames Biden And DHS Head Mayorkas Over Mexico BorderForbesWeaponized Immigration, US, Murder CaseVideo2023-07-24
2020-04-17IIITop 10 Lies of the Modern World!Jay DyerMind Control Goal, Transhumanism, Progress, Dialetics,Video2023-09-30
2023-05-11IIIBridgen Announces He's Suing Matt Hancock for DefamationCallum JonesCovid -19 Cover Up, Bridgen Sues, PushbackVideo2023-05-14
2023-10-07Palestine and Israel - with Ryan CristianVanessa BeeleyUkraine, NATO, Eternal WarVideo2023-10-13
2023-02-2803, 04IIIWhat the Hell is Going On? The West has Abruptly Changed its Rhetoric towards RUSSIA!BorzzikmanGeopoliticsWW-III, War with Russia, Russia Eyes Western Assets in Russian BanksVideo2023-03-03
2023-01-2902, 03, 06, 12VINovak Djokovic's message to his fans after 10th Australian Open victory | Wide World of SportsWide World of SportsCultureHero of the Week, DjokivicVideo2023-02-07
2023-03-2103, 06IIIResidents vs Colchester City Council 21st March 2023Successful Garden DesignScience & TechnologyEV Ecologicial Imports, Slave LaborArticle2023-03-31
2023-08-21IIIShocking Eye Witness of Lahaina Maui Fire from Front Street Police Blocked Off the ExitsShocking Eye Witness of Lahaina Maui Fire from Front Street Police Blocked Off the ExitsHI Real EstateHI, Cover Up Accusations, PD Halted EvacuationVideo2023-08-29
2023-07-26IIIAmerica's Secret Government - Who Really Rules? | Investigating the Evidence (Ep. 1)Wisdom TraditionRise of the Deep State, Break Away CivilizationVideo2023-07-30
2022-05-03IIIThe great debt debate | Thomas Piketty + Michael Hudson I RSA ReplayRSAHistory of Money, JubileeVideo2023-05-03
2023-11-27Updated Drone Footage | Lahaina Fire Devastation | Puamana and South Front St November 25th, 2023Hawaii Real EstateLand Grab, HIVideo2023-12-08
2023-06-26IIIWhy is using cash so important? Wisdom from Catherine Austin FittsMonica SmitCashless Pushback, Monica SmitVideo2023-06-27
2023-03-2703, 07VWhat they Don't Tell you about Monetary policy! Chinese vs. the Western central banksWerner EconomicsEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Central BanksArticle2023-03-28
2023-05-20IIIControversy Erupts as Canada Pushes Forward with CBDC Plans - Angry Reactions Flood Social MediaRedactedGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Canadian VersionVideo2023-05-26
2018-05-02IIIWelcome to The City of London Bloomberg OriginalsBloomberg OriginalsCity of London, Dragons, One Square Mile, 500 Banks, Financial Capital, Foreign ExchangeVideo2023-09-21
2022-10-06 Racoon rabies vaccines fall from the sky in East TennesseeWBIR Channel 10Vaxx, Racoon, TN,Video2023-11-27
2023-11-21Lawyer Reacts: Is It Legal to NOT Answer the Door?Andrew Flusche Attorney at LawProbable Cause, Legal Actions, HomeVideo2023-11-28
2013-02-0103, 04, 12IIIOperation Gladio - Full 1992 documentary BBChejjagheterpalGeopoliticsFalse Flags, Dirty Tricks, EUVideo2023-02-06
2023-11-07Scott Ritter: Why Israel is losing its war.Judge Napolitano - Judging FreedomUkraine, NATO, Eternal War, RussiaVideo2023-11-09
2023-10-24Plainclothes Federal Agents Seize Cash at AirportsSteve LehtoDEA, Cash Freedom,Video2023-11-03
2022-05-03IRuling by Prayer - Intercession Basics with Derek Prince (Powerful Sermon)JMTV GospelInspirationVideo2023-05-03
2023-01-1903, 06, 12IIIPilot Dies During Takeoff, "The Captain is Out" [ATC audio]Air Traffic VisualizedGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pilot Dies on Take OffVideo2023-01-26
2023-04-15IIISN - Catherine Austin Fitts - Use Cash Avoid AmazonShelbyville NowGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Switzerland, Pushback, Cash RulesVideo2023-04-21
2023-11-10No more genocide in Gaza. Ceasefire now! w/Medea Benjamin | The Chris Hedges ReportThe Real News NetworkIsrael, Pushback, Palestine, Gaza, Hamas, Washington DC, MarchVideo2023-11-14
2023-12-04Attacks On 3 Commercial Ships: What We Know | USS Carney & the Bab el-Mandeb ShootoutWhat is Going on With Shipping?Houthi attack, Drone, Missile, Red Sea, IsraelVideo2023-12-06
2023-02-1102, 20IVA Trans-Temporal Cosmic War with Joseph Farrell and Sesh HerriWalter BosleyScience & Technology, Culture, Unanswered QuestionsPyramid Acoustics, Time Distortion, Quantum RealtiesVideo2023-03-11
2023-12-12Tanker Strinda Struck by Houthi Yemen Anti-Ship Cruise Missile in the Red SeaWhat is Going on With Shipping?Yemen Houthi, Malaysia to Italy, Oil, US Navy, French NavyVideo2023-12-13
2022-02-0102, 03, 06, 07, 09IIIDivide & Rule - The Plan of The 1% to Make You Disposable - Vandana ShivaAfter SkoolEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, CultureSustainable CivilizationVideo2023-02-01
2023-10-09Kennedy: I Declare My IndependenceTeam KennedyUnity, IndependentVideo2023-10-12
2023-12-03Vaccine Bombshell - 973% Increase In Heart Failure?!Russell BrandMyocarditis, Hypertensive, Pulmonary, Heart Failure, Maderna, CovidVideo2023-12-04
2023-05-09V2023 Carry a Gun While Traveling: Federal Safe Passage and Transport Across State LinesArmed AttorneysGun Control, Crossing State Lines by VehicleArticle2023-05-17
2023-11-03Obama: Israel-Hamas war forcing 'moral reckoning on all of us' I See the full speechMSNBCInclusion, Diversity, Woke, Social Credit, PresidentVideo2023-11-07
2023-08-22IIIIs there an ulterior motive behind the rumor?Lei's Real TalkCCP Sub Crash, Anti Xi Campaign ?Video2023-08-31
2023-10-21Col Douglas Macgregor: This Is The End Of NATODouglas Macgregor Straight CallsEternal War, Israel, Gaza, HamasVideo2023-10-23
2023-08-03IIISan Francisco Landlords may lose everything... | Rafael GordonCA InsiderCA War on Private PropertyVideo2023-08-11
2023-04-17IIIPandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response: International Agreement, 17 Apr 2023CeGoing Direct Reset, WHO Treaty, Pushback, BridgenVideo2023-04-24
2023-05-02IIIYouTube caught Censoring RFK, Jr. after new polls show him Surging against Biden | Redacted NewsRedactedCensorship RJK Jr. Message, ABC, Youtube, Caught in the ActVideo2023-05-03
2017-03-06IIISign in 0:03 / 15:44 Prof. Werner brilliantly explains how the banking system and financial sector really workAlessandro Del PreteCentral Bank, Small Bank, Create, Money Supply, Borrow, SecuritiesVideo2023-09-21
2023-03-3103, 05, 06, 08, 12VCatherine Austin Fitts Interview - "SVB Was Executed", Big Bank Consolidation & The Financial CoupNot ForgottenEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, War on Humanity, Total ControlVideo2023-03-31
2023-08-23IIIFormer Mayor Exposes Corruption and Mismanagement in San Francisco | Frank JordanCA InsiderDeath of San Fran, Epic FailVideo2023-08-31
2023-02-04III"100%" Aliens Have Already Arrived -Dr. Garry Nolan | SALT iConnections New YorkSALTUFO, Contact, Alien PresenceVideo2023-06-19
2023-10-04Be a Subversive with Linux! We are under Attack!Rob Braxman TechEncryption, UK, Scanning, LunixVideo2023-10-26
2022-04-05IIIScience, the Transgender Phenomenon, and the Young | Abigail ShrierHillsdale CollegeWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Transgender OpVideo2023-04-05
2020-05-02IIIGeorge Hunt - The New World Bank, Religion and RulerssafvioWorld Wilderness Congress, World Bank, UN, Rothchild, Rockefeller, NWOVideo2023-09-02
2023-10-26Catherine Austin Fitts, TN legislators discuss Central Bank Digital Currency Nov. 6 in RogersvilleHawkins County NewsCBDC, Going Direct Reset, CBDC, Fed Now, Total ControlVideo2023-10-28
2023-03-06IIIDigital Currencies: The US, China, And The World At A CrossroadsHoover InstitutionGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Hoover Institute, Sesame CreditsVideo2023-06-04
2023-05-15IIIBeyond Growth opening plenary - Limits to Growth: where do we stand and where do we go from here?Club of RomeGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Total ControlVideo2023-06-04
2023-06-28IIIMax Blumenthal addresses UN Security Council on Ukraine aidThe GrayzoneMissing Money, Ukraine, UNVideo2023-07-09
2023-11-17What really happened in Israel on Oct. 7? w/Max Blumenthal | The Chris Hedges ReportThe Real News NetworkHamas Attacks, Israeli Reprisalas, Gaza, Eternal WarVideo2023-11-21
2023-10-139:44 / 14:55 Rafi Farber: How Gold Reacts During War & InflationArcadia EconomicsMonetary End Game, Debt, US DebtVideo2023-10-19
2023-11-08Sign in Get Started live your healthiestlifeco.com Sponsored 1 of 2 · 0:57 0:02 / 1:02 Michigan town votes out local government after China-affiliated plant approved | Morning in AmericaNewsNationGotion, MI, China, Battery, Military Base, PushbackVideo2023-11-10
2023-01-2006, 12, 20VWoman impacted by Bank of America-Zelle glitch speaks outFox32 ChicagoEconomy & Financial MarketsGoing Direct Reset, BOA, Bail Ins, ZelleVideo2023-01-23
2023-03-0403, 04IIIGeo-Political Ukraine Deep Dive With Joseph FarrellRadiant CreatorsGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Exposed Hidden AgendaVideo2023-04-04
2023-03-04IIIGeo-Political Ukraine Deep Dive With Joseph FarrellRadiant CreatorsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Exposed Hidden AgendaVideo2023-04-04
2017-06-23536 AD: The Ancient Climate Catastrophe That Crippled The Globe | Catastrophe | TimelineTimeline - World History DocumentariesWar on Food, Climate Change ThreatsVideo2023-11-07
2023-06-12IIIRussia to Deploy Its Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus. A Side of Putin That Many Don't See.Through the Eyes ofGoing Direct Reset, World War III, War with RussiaVideo2023-06-17
2023-06-07IIIChina's Dark Influence with Mexican Drug Cartels: An Exclusive Interview with Ed CalderonThe Afterburn PodcastAZ Abduction Capitol, China's War on the US, Drug Cartel AllianceVideo2023-08-07
2020-06-1103, 06, 12, 13IIIThe Journalist They Couldn’t Silence acTVism Munich 105K subscribersTaylor HudakGeopoliticsTargeted Journalists, New Zealand, Suzie Dawson, WUVideo2023-01-20
2023-12-08Mysteriös: Scholz bei Endzeit-Rabbi (Closed Caption Available)COMPACTTVEnd Times, Israel, Temple, JerusalemVideo2023-12-15
2023-01-2203, 06, 12, 13VIEpisode 1995 Excerpt - AntiVaxxers WinReal Coffee w/ Scott AdamsGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Scott AdamsVideo2023-01-24
2022-08-20Russell Brand With His Cuddle Buddy And "Beautiful Person" Yuval Noah HarariAldo HuxleeNuclear War, Climate Change, Technological DisruptionVideo2023-10-18
2023-06-06I Tried Apple’s Vision Pro Headset: A Hands-on Reaction | WSJWSJVision Pro, Metaverse, Mental Health, War on FamilyVideo2023-11-20
2023-08-31III48-yr Arborist questions Maui WildFire and shares insightsBlossom Inner WellnessMaui, Wildfire, fire, Paradise, HI FiresVideo2023-09-06
2023-11-21We Got Kicked Out of a Gun BuybackBrandon HerreraWar on Freedom, Gun Control, San AntonioVideo2023-11-24
2023-12-02RFK Jr. Explains What The Covid Response Was Really AboutRobert F. Kennedy Jr.Censorship, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Assembly, Property RIghts, Jury Trial, 2024 Election CycleVideo2023-12-03
2023-10-20Whitney Webb | AI-Powered TyrannyTFTCAI, Bitcoin, WW III, Neocons, CBDC, Anonymity, Big Tech, Free Tech, IsraelVideo2023-11-02
2023-11-14Ema Risponde Sui Vaccini: "Avevate Ragione" - Holzeisen: "IL Senato Sapeva Tutto Da GENNAIO 2022" w TranscriptRadio TVEuropean Medicines Agency, ItalyVideo2023-11-19
2023-02-0903, 05, 06, 12, 13, 20IIIRep. Mace Speaks at Oversight Hearing on Twitter CensorshipCongresswoman Nancy MaceEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyVaxxed Casualites, Congressional Investigation, Rep MaceVideo2023-02-10
2023-11-01Warns Attacks on US Soil Coming as Yemen Declares War (WORLD WAR 3)Douglas Macgregor DailyIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, Gaza, YemenVideo2023-11-01
2023-09-13IIINukes on the Move! SITREP 9.13.23 (26th minute)Monkey Werx USRussia, Nuclear, Multi Polar World, World War IIIVideo2023-09-30
2023-04-03IIICOVID-19 Research Pre-CovidRedactedCovid -19 Cover Up, Ukraine, DOD, Before the OutbreakVideo2023-04-04
2023-01-043IIIMassive Russian offensives are annihilating UkraineDouglas MacGregorGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Severe Ukrainian LossesVideo2023-01-23
2023-05-03IIIRobert F Kennedy Jr: "We need a peaceful revolution"UnHerdRFK Jr., Presidential Run, Peaceful RevolutionVideo2023-05-05
2023-03-13IIIThe Espionage Act: Could Trump Indictment Lead to Changes to 1917 Law Used to Jail Whistleblowers?Democracy NowTrump Indictment, Whistleblower Beat DownVideo2023-06-20
2023-10-11Texas Seizes Cartel Island in the Rio Grande in Risky First-of-a-Kind OperationCenter for Immigration StudiesFronton Island, Cartel, Land GrabVideo2023-10-18
2023-10-05Dr. Jordan Peterson at the Seventh Annual Disinvitation DinnerBuckley instituteCanada, War on Free SpeechVideo2023-10-25
2023-08-30The Insanity Of Modern Automotive Electronics And How It Will Lead To A Mechanical Revolution'Uncle Tony''s Garage'Complication Vulnerability, PartsVideo2023-11-19
2023-10-18No More WarTruthstream MediaEternal WarVideo2023-10-21
2023-12-07Pause (k) ‘HELL NO’: GOP rep blasts Biden’s calls to ‘sign the blank check’ for Ukraine funding 5:52 2:47 / 3:02 South Carolina dumps Disney over Elon Musk spatFox BusinessDisney, X, Twitter, SCVideo2023-12-12
2023-02-0503, 08, 12, 13, 20VLivestream #1: Demonstratie 'Geen CBDC, geen programmeerbaar geld' | zondagBLKBXEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Pushback, Netherlands, CAFVideo2023-02-06
2023-06-03IIIInterview: RFK, Jr., June 1, 2023Don DeBarWW-III, War with Ukraine, Trump Kennedy DifferencesVideo2023-06-09
2023-10-09Join Me For A Historic AnnouncementTeam Kennedy2024 Election, WUVideo2023-10-13
2023-07-30VICatherine Austin Fitts [Warnings of a Central Bank] | Allen Jackson Ministries PodcastAllen Jackson MinistriesGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, Building WealthVideo2023-08-02
2023-07-13III‘Not that hard’ to seal the border, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says | RFK Jr. Town HallNews NationWeaponized Immigration, US, RFK Jr.Video2023-07-12
2022-07-06How Police Cameras Recognize and Track You | WiredWiredSurveillance Eco System, Drone, Fusion Centers, MicrosoftVideo2023-11-27
2023-02-2203, 07, 08, 12, 20VCrypto doesn't make for trusted money: BIS Chief SaysBloomberg TVEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Crypto Vulnerabilties, CBDC, FTX, BISVideo2023-02-27
2023-02-0403, 05VIThis is BigRichard VobesGeopolitics, Take ActionGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, UKVideo2023-02-07
2023-11-21Press conference on the letter from EMA, by Forum for Democracy in the European ParliamentPotkaars-live 2Covid-19 Cover Up, PCR, Contaminant, DNA, EU, Forum for Democracy, EMAVideo2023-11-26
2016-01-0302, 03IIIJulie Felix - Masters Of War. [complete]Robin SherwoodGeopolitics, CultureAnti-warVideo2023-03-27
2023-05-16IIIEpisode #36 (Pt. 2) The Push to Decriminalize Pedophilia via the Trans Movement. Guest: Erin HolmesJohn UhlerTranshumanism, War on the Family, Trans Movement Legalization of PedophilaVideo2023-05-22
2023-11-21Jacob Nordangård – A Planetary EmergencyJacob Nordangård2005, Climate Op, ShellVideo2023-12-06
2023-04-23IIIGAFCON IV Statement: Kigali Commitment Read by Archbishop Henry NdukubaACNN TVAnglican Church SchismVideo2023-07-25
2023-11-11The Dark side of VPNsNBTV, with Naomi BrockwellDirty Tricks, Internet CensorshipVideo2023-11-30
2022-09-2803, 04, 12, 20IIIBrain Robotic InterfaceUniversity of Technology SydneyGeopolitics, Science & Technology, WUGoing Direct Reset, AI Weaponization, Brain Machine Interface RoboticsVideo2023-03-28
2023-03-3103, 05IIISRC review verdict: The law will catch up with you, warns lead prosecutorThe StarGeopoliticsDatuk Seri Najib Razak, Corruption Case, MalaysiaVideo2023-03-31
2022-01-01III175 Pound Tortoise Is The King Of His Household | The DodoThe DodoTortoise, 125, LifespanVideo2023-09-23
2023-03-2403,06,12III Politicians Faked their Vaccines | Jean Lassalle)Big Picture FilmsGeopolitics, Food & HealthPolticos Faked Vaccinations, FranceVideo2023-03-26
2023-02-247IIThe Netherlands is Controlling China, And Trying To Takeover The World Economy...Jackie ChappleEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyASML, Computer Chip Manufacturing InnovationVideo2023-03-24
2023-12-05Oh SH*T! This is why they're Invading America, it all makes sense now | Redacted w Clayton MorrisRedactedDurbin, Immigrant Military, Chinese, Underground RailroadVideo2023-12-10
2023-11-09South Africa Takes Bold Stand! | Calls ICC to Arrest NetanyahuWe Love AfricaAsk Catherine, Netanyahu, South Africa, ICCVideo2023-11-11
2023-03-3003, 12IIILIVE: Defending your freedom of speechPierre PoilievreGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Freedom of Speech, Pushback, CAVideo2023-04-02
2023-03-30IIILive: Defending your freedom of speechPierre PoilievreGoing Direct Reset, Freedom of Speech, Pushback, CAVideo2023-04-02
2022-06-01IVMade My Bike Camper Electric - 100+ KM Range (No Pedaling)Drew Builds StuffAlt Energy, Electric Bike Conversion, 60 mi rangeVideo2023-07-31
2023-03-1403, 12III‘Why Are You Here If You Can’t Even Answer Our Questions?’: Nancy Mace Goes Off On OPM DirectorFox NewsGeopoliticsCongressional Investigation, Transhumanism, OPM, Mace Hard QuestionsVideo2023-03-17
2023-01-2003, 05, 07, 12VBreaking: Some Bank of America customers report money missing from accountsABC7 ChicagoEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Going Direct Reset, BOA, Bail InsVideo2023-01-23
2023-10-29Maui Residents Desperate To Stay In Their Homes!Jimmy DoreMaui Fires, Unanswered Question, Inconsistencies Abound, HousingVideo2023-10-30
2023-10-09All natural Sign in All natural 0:00 / 11:50 Analog computing will take over 30 billion devices by 2040. Wtf does that mean? | Hard Reset (Ad 1:33-3:00)FreethinkDigital, Energy, EfficiencyVideo2023-10-24
2023-08-14IIIChaotic Maui Evacuation: Police Block Exits As Wildfire Forces Ocean EscapeJonathan PetramalaHI Fires, Disputed Official NarrativeVideo2023-08-26
2023-02-1503, 07, 12, 13IIIWhy Is the Federal Reserve Provoking a Financial Crisis?John TitusEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Economic Cardiac ArrestVideo2023-02-17
2023-08-21Warning! This is how cars are hacked. Just like in Mr RobotDavid BombalCyber Threats, War on FamilyVideo2023-12-01
2023-12-13Ep 74: Niall Ferguson & Pano Kanelos on Building the University of AustinAmerican OptimistBuilding Wealth, Education, Freedom of SpeechVideo2023-12-15
2023-04-29IIIFreedom Alert for all Tennesseans -Catherine Austin Fitts warns about potential Red Flag Law in TNShelbyville NowGun Control, Red Flag Laws, TNVideo2023-05-01
2023-11-01Mike Johnson On Biden's Impeachment Inquiry Live | Mike Johnson LIVE | Biden News | US News | N18LCNN-News18Speaker Johnson, Biden, Bribery, CorruptionVideo2023-11-13
2023-04-15IIISN Catherine Austin Fitts Losing Financial Freedom pt 1Shelbyville NowGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, FedNow PilotVideo2023-04-21
2023-09-26III“300k Ballots Injected” - What Happened in the 2022 Arizona Governor Election?Patrick Bet-DavidAZ, Election Fraud, CartelVideo2023-09-29
2023-01-1403, 05, 08, 12, 20III“A coup is being prepared by using the WHO” | Catherine Austin FittsElze van HamelenGeopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Vaccine Passports, WHOVideo2023-01-16
2023-10-06Radioactive Hotspots?! SITREP 10.6.23 (USGS is hunting the CO Plateau for critical minerals)Monkey Werx USMinerals, Texas BorderVideo2023-10-12
2023-11-28Maui Alert LIVE News ReportMaui AlertLahaina County, AG, HI, Emergency Mgmt, WaterVideo2023-12-09
2023-06-24IIILive: Day 2 of the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact in ParisReutersGoing Direct Reset, New Financial System, WEF, UNVideo2023-07-24
2021-06-08IIIThis is Why Farmers Sell Their Weapons and Buy DonkeysWATOPDonkeys, Learning SpeedVideo2023-09-25
2022-12-09IVCancer and Nutrition Lecture (1990) Dr. Nicholas GonzalezDr. Nicholas GonzalesAlternative Therapies, CancerVideo2023-06-09
2023-04-25IIILavrov Fires Off at UNThe Dive with Jackson HinkelGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, UN PushbackVideo2023-04-27
2023-06-05IIICDC Removes COVID Vaccine from US Market | Facts Matter ClipsEpoch TimesVaxxed Casualites, CDC Admission, Pulls JJ VaxVideo2023-06-07
2023-11-17An Era of Exceptional Optimism towards the Stock Market | Robert PrechterElliott Wave InternationalRobert Prechter, Bull Bear Ratio, Bitcoin, Bear MarketVideo2023-11-24
2023-09-03III61 Erupting Volcanoes Worldwide!!Daily Events WorldwideErupting, Global ReviewVideo2023-09-27
2023-09-06IIIGoing Cashless: Implantables Next? Australia Is Going CashlessLena Petrova CPAWar on Cash, Aus New Payment System, Biometric, Data BeastVideo2023-09-30
2023-01-2603, 06, 08, 12, 20IIIWhitney Webb Exposes Scary Truths About WHO's New Chief ScientistKim IversonGeopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, WHO Treaty, War on FreedomVideo2023-02-10
2023-06-08IIIDeep Diving the Fed's Killer Whale CrisisJohn TitusTBTF/TBTJ, Stealth QA, Whale TaleVideo2023-06-14
2023-08-01IIIRFK Jr.’s Super-PAC Received Most Of Its Funding From GOP MegadonorForbesMellon, RFK Jr's Largest DonorVideo2023-08-02
2021-01-2303, 06, 12IIIBlood Business: The New Cannibalism? (Medical Documentary) | Real StoriesReal BusinessGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Contaminated Blood SupplyVideo2023-01-23
2023-11-13IT’S OVER! This Vaccine Lawsuit Changes EverythingRussell BrandUK, AstraZeneca, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, WHO, Vaxx LiesVideo2023-11-13
2023-08-02BizarroNIH Successfully Vaccinated People Using...Mosquitos?Kim IversenMosiquito, Innoculations, Creepy TechVideo2023-08-05
2023-10-11Extremist Politics in Israel and Ukraine - Alastair Crooke, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn DiesenThe DuranUkraine, NATO, Eternal WarVideo2023-10-14
2023-02-1203, 04, 12, 20IIIRomanian Senator Nails DEW Devices and Premeditation of Turkeys' Earthquakesaplanetruth11Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Unanswered QuestionsTurkish HAARPVideo2023-02-13
2023-08-12IIIWeather Modification - Caught Red Handed! SITREP 8.11.23Monkey WerxWeather Modification, Air Assets, Maui Fires, NOAA Above Avg Hurricane SeasonVideo2023-08-16
2023-06-24IIIRobert F. Kennedy Warns Of 'Unsustainable' Influx Of Migrants In Video Taken At Southern BorderForbesWeaponized Immigration, US, RFK Jr.Video2023-07-24
2023-04-15IIIEarth Turns Over When The Crust UnlocksSuspicious ObserversCrustal Shifts, Earth ChangesVideo2023-04-21
2023-09-15III“A Revolution Against The Elites!” - WEF’s Klaus Schwab Openly WorriesJimmy DoreGoing Direct ResetVideo2023-09-30
2018-06-02IIIWhat Are OptogenicsNeuro TransmissionsLight Induced Mind ControlVideo2023-06-02
2023-06-20IMF Kristalina Georgievahe Working hard on CBDCjjm7777IMF, CBDC, Total Control, Global PlatformVideo2023-11-17
2023-05-10IIILeave The Kids AloneSenator BabetTranshumanism, War on the Family, Congressional PushbackVideo2023-05-16
2016-01-2403, 18IIITommy Robinson | Full Address | Oxford UnionOxfordUnionGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Weaponized Migration, UK, War on the WestVideo2023-01-24
2023-07-29IIIDark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell JFK Assassination & UFO File Revealed!Dark JournalistShadow Government, UFOVideo2023-07-30
2014-05-12IV0:34 / 5:14 John Taylor Gatto's Resignation: I Quit. I ThinkBrett VeinotteReal History of Eduction, JT GattoVideo2023-05-18
2023-08-01IIIThe Origin of Bitcoin?? - Richard Werner, Valhalla NetworkValhalla NetworkBitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Central Bank, Digital Currency, Richard WernerVideo2023-09-19
2023-12-06US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Reveals Truth About IsraelCyrus JanssenUnconditional Support, Israel, Gaza, HamasVideo2023-12-07
2023-03-012VIRussell Brand: We need to look into our heartsFoxCultureInspirationVideo2023-03-10
2023-05-10IIIFinancial Services Committee hearing on regulatory gaps in digital asset market structureYahoo FinanceDigital Assets, Regulatory Gaps, CFTC, SEC, Crypto, MIKAVideo2023-09-27
2023-07-03IIIVictoria Bans Gas & UN Declares Era of Global Boiling has arrived.Rukshan FernandoClimate Change OP, Natural Gas RestrictionsVideo2023-07-31
2023-12-09Sign in 12:53 / 31:01 Advokaat Philipp Kruse ja dr. Meryl Nass jagasid infot WHO plaanide kohtaUued UudisedPhilipp Kruse in English, English Charts, WHO, Total ControlVideo2023-12-10
2023-01-19Dave Chappelle | Ain't I a Woman ?Dave ChappelleGet off the bus and walkVideo2023-12-08
2023-09-04They want us to shut down our tractors.GatlinDidierClimate Change Op, Bugs, War on the Family, PushbackVideo2023-12-12
2023-07-31IIII bought entire restaurant for $50,000MDMotivatorHelping Another, Golden RuleVideo2023-09-28
2023-08-29IIIOxford: A Festival o fFreedom. Imposing 15 min cities: Not democratic. Not favouring freedomKatyHokinsOfficialFreedom, 15 Minute Cities, Pushback, Oxford, FestivalVideo2023-09-19
2023-01-1603, 07, 12UAQUS and the Cartels are Working TogetherTwitterEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Unanswered QuestionsThe Fed, Money Laundering, MX Cartels, PotTweet2023-01-11
2023-11-17ormer Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert calls for boycott of NetanyahuMiddle East EyePalestine, Netanyahu, IsraelVideo2023-11-28
2023-05-01IIJohn Taylor Gatto PlaylistRichard GroveJohn Taylor GattoVideo2023-05-18
2023-05-01IVJohn Taylor Gatto PlaylistRichard GroveJohn Taylor GattoVideo2023-05-18
2023-08-30IIIFBI wants DNA from Maui Fire SurvivorsPeggy HallFBI Gathers Maui DNAVideo2023-09-13
2023-11-20HealthyGamerGGHealthyGamerGGCell Phone Addinction, Screen Time, Counter Measures, Mind ControlVideo2023-11-20
2023-05-11Stopping bloodshed in Gaza is Türkiye's duty: President ErdoganYeni SafakTurkey, UN, Red Cross, Gaza, IsraelArticle2023-11-09
2023-05-11Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli official's statements on using nuclear weapon on GazaYeni SafakSaudi Arabia, Amichai Eliyahu, Gaza, IsraelArticle2023-11-09
2023-11-03Kremlin rejects claims Wagner delivered arms to HezbollahYeni SafakWagner, Russia, HezbollahArticle2023-11-09
2023-02-0603, 07VThe Rothschilds look to take their French investment bank private in a $4 billion deal just a few months after a family head diedYahoo NewsEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Rothschilds, Mr. Global Goes PrivateArticle2023-02-09
2023-12-13Israel Begins Pumping Seawater Into Hamas’s Gaza TunnelsWSJIsrael, Palestine, Gaza, Tunnels, IDFArticle2023-12-13
2023-11-30Henry Kissinger, Who Helped Forge U.S. Foreign Policy During Vietnam and Cold Wars, Dies at 100WSJSecret Ops, Break Away Civilization, Presidents, Eternal WarsArticle2023-11-30
2023-08-17IIINext Time You Buy Parmesan, Watch Out for the MicrochipWSJBrand Protection, Hidden Micro ChipsArticle2023-08-23
2023-11-02Italy’s Rumbling Supervolcano Has Half a Million Residents on EdgeWSJPumping Sulphur into the Air, Earthquake, Pozzuoli, NaplesArticle2023-11-02
2023-11-10China, U.S. Confirm Biden and Xi Jinping Will Meet in San Francisco AreaWSJChina, Biden, Xi Jinping, Taiwan, TechArticle2023-11-10
2023-11-19Javier Milei Is Elected President of ArgentinaWSJUS Dollar, Central Bank, CapitalismArticle2023-11-21
2023-12-07Hunter Biden Indicted on Tax ChargesWSJHunter, Bidens, China, Influence Peddling, TaxArticle2023-12-08
2023-11-20Sam Altman to Join Microsoft Following OpenAI OusterWSJAI, ConcernsArticle2023-11-22
2023-09-10IIINovak Djokovic Wins the U.S. Open and a 24th Career Major TitleWSJTennis, Djokovic, Pushback Un-VaxxedArticle2023-09-30
2023-08-14II‘Blind Side’ Subject Says Family Lied About His Adoption and Made Millions Off HimWSJMichael Ore StoryArticle2023-08-19
2023-10-11Republicans Nominate Steve Scalise for House Speaker Over Jim JordanWSJCongress, Speaker ElectionArticle2023-10-14
2023-09-30Congress Averts Government Shutdown in Surprise BreakthroughWSJSpending Bill, Funding, Appropriations BillArticle, Video2023-10-02
2023-09-29IIIMcCarthy’s Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown Defeated in HouseWSJSpending Bill, Funding, Appropriations Bill, Senate,Article2023-09-29
2023-10-01Matt Gaetz Plans Vote to Oust Kevin McCarthy After Speaker Avoids ShutdownWSJSpending Bill, Funding, Appropriations Bill, Continuing ResolutionArticle2023-10-02
2023-09-14IIIHunter Biden Indicted on Gun ChargesWSJHunter, Bidens, GunArticle2023-09-14
2023-11-12South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott Suspends Republican Presidential CampaignWSJ2024 Election CycleArticle2023-11-13
2023-11-28Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s Partner and ‘Abominable No-Man,’ Dies at 99WSJMunger, Warren Buffet, Berkshire HathawayArticle2023-11-29
2023-11-21Binance Founder Agrees to Step Down, Plead GuiltyWSJCrypto, Trading Platforms, SEC, ZhaoArticle2023-11-24
2023-10-10China’s Country Garden Succumbs to Debt Crisis After Sales PlungeWSJReal Estate SpeculatorsArticle2023-10-13
2023-10-27JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon to Sell One Million SharesWSJSex Trafficing, JPM, Chase, Madoff, Dimon, SVBArticle2023-10-27
2023-12-14World Central Banks Signal Victory Over Inflation Is in SightWSJECB, Bank of England, Interest RatesArticle2023-12-15
2023-12-11Hasbro Cutting 1,100 Jobs After Sluggish Toy Sales Persist Into HolidaysWSJState of the EconomyArticle2023-12-12
2023-09-21IIIRupert Murdoch to Step Down as Chair of Fox and News CorpWSJNews Corp, Fox, Lachlan Murdoch, Media ContentArticle2023-09-25
2023-10-11Exxon to Buy Pioneer in $60 Billion Deal to Create Shale GiantWSJMulti Polar World, Energy Investments, Energy Supply PredictionsArticle2023-10-14
2023-08-07IIIWind Industry in Crisis as Problems MountWSJWind Industry, Sustainability ProblemsArticle2023-08-11
2023-08-09IIIBiden Restricts U.S. Investment in ChinaWSJInvestment Restrictions, China, BidenArticle2023-08-14
2023-05-28IIITurkey’s Erdogan Defies Odds to Win Presidential ElectionWSJErdogan, Wins ElectionArticle, Video2023-06-02
2023-02-0803, 05, 08, 11, 12, 13, 20IIITreasury Says Cloud Computing Poses Risks to Financial SectorWSJGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Data Beast, Cloud Warning, US TreasuryArticle2023-02-10
2023-05-08IIThe Supreme Court Case That Could Threaten the SEC’s Climate-Disclosure RuleWSJClimate Change Op, Government OverreachArticle2023-05-12
2023-01-0303, 06, 11, 12IIIThe West Needs America’s LeadershipWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsTBTF/TBT, Globalism FailArticle, Video2023-01-10
2023-02-1802, 13IIIThe Disney Executive Who Made $119,505 a DayWSJCultureDisney Exec, Uber compensationArticle, Video2023-02-21
2023-03-1403, 05, 11, 12VSilicon Valley Bank Creditors Form Group in Advance of Possible BankruptcyWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, Bankruptcy SaleArticle, Video2023-03-17
2023-02-0303, 07, 11IIISEC Considers Easing Climate-Disclosure Rules After Investor PushbackWSJEconomy & Financial MarketsESG, Pushback, SECArticle, Video2023-02-06
2023-05-05IVPrison vs. Harvard: The Debate RematchWSJPrisons and Harvard InvestmentsArticle2023-05-09
2023-01-1903, 12IIINew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Announces ResignationWSJGeopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, New Zealand, PushbackArticle, Video2023-01-20
2023-06-30IIIThe Military Recruiting Crisis: Even Veterans Don’t Want Their Families to JoinWSJDOD Recruiting WoesArticle2023-07-01
2023-03-1303, 07, 11, 12VKPMG Gave SVB, Signature Bank Clean Bill of Health Weeks Before CollapseWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part II, KPMGArticle, Video2023-03-17
2023-05-23IIIJPMorgan Makes One of the Biggest Bets Ever on Carbon RemovalWSJJPM, CO2 Sequestration BetArticle2023-05-31
2023-01-1112, 20IIIIt’s Not Just You: 5G Is a Big LetdownWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & Technology5G BustArticle2023-01-15
2023-01-0303, 05, 08, 12, 20VIRS Sees Crypto Companies as Potential Crime-Fighting PartnersWSJPrecious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Crypto, Total Control, FBIArticle2023-01-05
2023-02-0503, 07, 08, 12, 13, 20VHow Sam Bankman-Fried’s Psychiatrist Became a Key Player at Crypto Exchange FTXWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsMental Health Weaponization, FTX, Crypto ScamsArticle2023-02-07
2023-01-0503, 07IIIGood News on Taxes Came too Late for Many SPACsWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSPACs, TaxesArticle, Video2023-01-05
2023-02-197VGoing Private Again Is All the Rage Among Newly Public CompaniesWSJEconomy & Financial MarketsGoing Direct Reset, TBTF/TBTJ Going Private?Article2023-02-22
2023-03-1303, 07, 11, 12VSVB, Signature Bank Depositors to Get All Their Money as Fed Moves to Stem CrisisWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, Tapeworm Damage Control, WUArticle, Video2023-03-16
2023-01-1107, 15, 20IVAll Domestic U.S. Flights Grounded by FAA Over System OutageWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyData Beast, FAA, System OutageArticle2023-01-11
2023-06-20IIICrypto Exchange Backed by Citadel Securities, Fidelity, Schwab Starts OperationsWSJCrypto, TBTJ/TBTJArticle2023-06-23
2023-05-30IIIMarkets Finance Company Insiders Made Billions Before SPAC BustWSJSPAC Profits,Article2023-06-04
2023-03-1103, 04, 16IIIHow Beijing Boxed America Out of the South China SeaWSJGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Multipolar World, China's Dominance S China SeaArticle2023-03-14
2023-05-23IIIPaper Money Diehards Refuse to FoldWSJGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, Global Pushback,Article2023-05-25
2023-02-0107, 19IIIBP’s CEO Plays Down Renewables Push as Returns LagWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, BP LossesArticle2023-02-06
2023-08-09BizarroThe Biohacking Devotees Spending Hundreds of Thousands—Even Millions—to Enhance Their HomesWSJExotic Biohacking TechArticle2023-08-12
2023-05-11VBOE Matches Fed’s Rate Rise, Signals There May Be MoreWSJBOE, Higher Interest RatesArticle2023-05-14
2023-01-1703, 12, 19VAt Davos, Mood Is Somber as Many CEOs Question Economic OutlookWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Economic Woes, DavosArticle2023-01-17
2023-05-13IIIAmazon Overhauls Delivery Network to Dispatch Packages Faster, More CheaplyWSJAmazon, Deliever OverhaulArticle2023-06-04
2023-03-2803, 05, 07, 13VAlibaba to Split Into Six Groups and Explore IPOs in a Departure From Jack Ma EraWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsAlibaba Split, E-Commerce, ChinaArticle, Video2023-03-28
2023-06-28IVNatural disaster declared in Georgia counties after March freeze destroyed most peach cropsWSB-TVGA Peach Crop, Major Late Season Freeze DamageArticle2023-07-01
2016-11-22Water Situation Alarming in GazaWorld BankAquifer, Sea Water, DesalinationArticle2023-11-03
2010-10-01IIIAniBioThreat Exercise: Conclusions and Lessons LearnedEuropean CommissionAnimal, Biological, Threat, Veterinary, Bioterrorism,Research2023-09-25
2023-03-04IIIWOAH hosted the first global conference of its kind which brought together multiple sectors to discuss emergencies that involve or impact animalsWOAHWOAH, DOD, DTRA, UK, EU, Canada, Emergencies, Hazard, Agro, Cyberbiosecurity, VeterinaryArticle2023-09-25
2023-01-1903, 06, 08, 12VIBiden sued for illegally handing power to World Health OrganizationWorld Net DailyEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, WHO Treaty, Pushback, Law Suit, BidenArticle2023-01-23
2023-07-21IIIFire engulfs Bowling Green building housing local office for U.S. Sen. Rand PaulWKMSRand Paul, Coincidental Office FireArticle2023-07-26
2022-07-06How Public Cameras Recognize and Track YouWiredSurveillance Eco System, Drone, Fusion Centers, MicrosoftArticle2023-11-27
2023-09-15IIIInsiders Reveal Major Problems at Lab-Grown-Meat Startup Upside FoodsWiredValeta, Chicken, War on Food, War on Meat, Lab Grown Meat, Franken FoodArticle2023-09-28
2018-03-04Mind Games: The Tortured Lives of ‘Targeted Individuals’WiredTargeted Individuals, PushbackArticle2023-11-20
2023-11-20Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone RecordsWiredDataBeast, War on PrivacyArticle2023-11-24
2015-07-2008, 12, 13IIIHackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in ItWiredScience & TechnologyCreepy Tech, Digital Concentration Camps, Vehicle HacksArticle2023-01-11
2022-12-1203, 09, 12, 19IVVertical Farming Has Found Its Fatal FlawWiredGeopolitics, Food & HealthVertical Farming, Energy Achille's HeelArticle2023-01-10
2023-02-2703, 07, 12VThe Assassination of Louis McFadden, One of the 20th Century’s Most Prescient MenWinter WatchEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsThe Fed, Dirty Tricks, Louis McFaddenArticle2023-03-03
2023-09-28IIITop donor Germany signs major contribution to WHO for health emergencies signs host agreement for WHO pandemic hubWHOWHO Hub, One Health Agenda,Article2023-09-29
2023-11-06A leading flexible contributor, the Netherlands renews its multiannual allocation to WHOWHONetherlands, Pandemics, Climate Op, WHOArticle2023-11-08
2023-06-05IIIThe European Commission and WHO launch landmark digital health initiative to strengthen global health securityWHOAI, DataBeast, WHOArticle2023-06-09
2023-07-13IIIMessage to the Congress on Ordering the Selected Reserve and Certain Members of the Individual Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active DutyWhite HouseUkraine, Reserve Call Up, BidenArticle2023-07-24
2023-07-21IIIFACT SHEET: White House Launches Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response PolicyWhite HousePermenant Pandemic Office, Total Control, USArticle2023-07-28
2023-02-2103, 06IV‘Reverse Woke Act’: Florida bill would require employers to cover detransition careWFLAGeopolitics, Food & HealthWar on the Family, Transhumanism, FL De-Trans Care Requirements,Article2023-03-21
2023-08-12IIIBank of Canada says federal digital currency is not neededWestern StandardCBDC, BOC, PushbackArticle2023-08-16
2023-01-19IIICatholic student against transgenders using girls washrooms banned from school againWestern StandardTranshumanism, War on the Family, Catholic Student PushbackArticle2023-05-19
2023-11-27Shot Across the Bow: Alberta ‘reluctantly’ invokes Sovereignty Act' against net-zero power gridWestern StandardAlberta, Canada, Trudeau, War on Family, SovereigntyArticle2023-11-28
2023-05-23IIUS Senators Are Being Issued Satellite Phones in Preparation for a 'Disruptive Event'Western JournalWW-III, War with Russia, NATO InvasionArticle2023-05-23
2023-12-04Tucker Gives Profound Wisdom to Audience Member Asking How He Stays Positive in Today's WorldThe Western JournalCarlson, Donating, PoliticiansArticle, Video2023-12-05
2023-06-21IIITucker Carlson Says If The System Was Fair, This Is What Hunter Biden Would Be Charged WithWestern JournalInfluence Peddling, BidensArticle, Video2023-06-26
2023-03-2903, 05, 08, 12, 20IIITucker Carlson Reveals the Trojan Horse Being Pushed Through Congress Called the 'Restrict' ActWestern JournalGeopoliticsDirty Tricks, Internet Censorship, Federal Draconian Actions, 686Article, Tweet2023-03-31
2023-01-1503, 06, 12IIITragedy: Less Than a Week After Historic National Championship, 2 Georgia Bulldogs DeadWestern JournalFood & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Young Athlete Deaths, GAArticle2023-01-16
2023-03-2503, 05, 12IIIDem Bill Will Allow School Psychologists to 'Kidnap' Kids as Young as 12 - Remove from Homes Without Parental ConsentWestern JournalGeopolitics, MHMental Health Weaponization, War on the Family, CAArticle2023-04-04
2023-05-06IICrowd Gives a Standing Ovation as Tucker Carlson Makes First Public Appearance Since Fox News FiringWestern JournalTucker AppearanceArticle, Video2023-05-10
2023-04-04IIIThe South African Reserve Bank announces South Africa’s first Deposit Insurance BodyWerksmanDeposit Insurance, SAArticle2023-04-10
2023-11-099 new breakthroughs in the fight against cancerWEFJab, Precision, AI, Liquid and Synthetic Biopsies, CAR-T-cell therapy, PancreaticArticle2023-11-15
2023-07-28IIIFuture of payments: How central banks are driving innovationWEFGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, WEF, ImplementationArticle2023-07-15
2023-01-1403, 07, 08, 11, 12, 14VGlobal Risks 2023: The turbulent twenties, when risks collideWEFGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, WEFArticle, Video2023-01-24
2019-01-0103, 12, 16, 20IIIWeatherTec AG Fact Sheet Fact Sheet Rainfall Enhancement Providing Water and Food Security for a Billion PeopleWEFGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyWx ManipulationArticle2023-02-07
2023-05-17IIIPerth mum told young son has leukaemia, loses parental rights the next dayWAtodayBig Pharma, Forced Chemo, War on the Family, War on Alt Health, AustraliaArticle2023-05-23
2023-10-08Biden suffers political fallout over Iran deal after Hamas attack on IsraelWashington TimesMulti Polar World, IsraeliArticle2023-10-09
2023-10-31FBI says terrorism threat hits ‘a whole other level’ after Hamas attackWashington TimesWeaponized Immigration, Terrorists, CounterterrorismArticle2023-11-02
2023-03-0302, 03IIITennessee becomes first state to ban youth exposure to adult-themed drag showsWashington TimesGeopolitics, CultureWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Drag ShowsArticle2023-03-06
2023-06-22IIIVa. mom of 6-year-old who shot teacher will cite Hunter Biden’s plea deal for leniency, lawyer saysWashington TimesHunter Biden, Case Sighting, Single Mom, Gun ChargeArticle2023-07-12
2023-08-26IIIMeet the man who unwittingly triggered the war over gas stovesWashington PostGas Stove Restrictions, Health PretensesArticle2023-08-31
2023-10-18U.S. halts collection on some past-due covid loans, sparking federal probesWashington PostLegitimate FraudIndicators, SBA, Covid LoansArticle2023-12-08
2023-07-25IIIHow right-wing news powers the ‘gold IRA’ industryWashington PostGold IRA, Right Wing ConspiracyArticle2023-07-29
2023-04-25Jordanian Gun Arrest Underscores Israel’s Smuggling ProblemWashington InstituteIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, Gaza, Hamas, WeaponsArticle2023-11-21
2023-03-0203, 04, 05, 12IIITop virologists who changed tune on COVID-19 lab leak theory received millions in NIH grantsWashington PostGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid -19 Cover Up, Grant PayoutsArticle2023-03-11
2023-06-20IIINew emails show COVID vaccine mandates were based on a lieWashington PostCovid-19 Cover Up, Mask Propaganda RevealedArticle2023-06-26
2023-11-15Biden stokes Newsom presidential buzz at APEC event alongside California governorWashington ExaminerGavin Newsom, President, 2024 Election CycleArticle2023-11-17
2023-06-02IIIGOP won't reauthorize FISA without FBI reforms following Durham report: 'Stop the abuses'Washington PostFBI , Election RiggingArticle, Video2023-06-07
2023-01-0602, 03, 05, 07IIIDeSantis pushes bill to strip Disney World of self-governance statusWashington ExaminerEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, CultureWoke Fail, Disney, DeSantisArticle2023-01-10
2023-02-0203, 07IIAustralia removing British monarch from bank notesWashington ExaminerEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, War on Culture, Aussie Bank NotesArticle, Video2023-02-06
2023-11-28Former Italian Health Minister under Investigation for Murder, Falsehood and Dangerous Drugs due to mRNA VaccinationVTEuropean Medicines Agency, Italy, Covid Propaganda, mRNAArticle2023-11-30
2023-11-24Carbon control pushing cement prices in Europe - Recovery of US residential construction - Hope for China stimulus (Not Investment Advice)VontobelUS Housing Market, China Stimulus, EUResearch2023-11-26
2022-05-13IIIAfriCom: Control of AfricaVoltairenetGermany, Italy, EU, Paris, African UnionArticle2023-09-26
2023-12-12Supremacism inevitably leads to crimeVoltairenetIsrael, Genocide, Palestine, Gaza, HamasArticle2023-12-13
2023-12-08Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and IsraelVoltairenetQatari Minister, Hamas, Israel, Hostages, GazaArticle2023-12-12
2023-11-28What lies behind Benjamin Netanyahu’s lies and Hamas’s evasionsVoltairenetIsrael, Palestine, Gaza, US, Tunnels, ArsenalArticle2023-12-07
2023-11-14The collapse of Israel and the United StatesVoltairenetIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, Gaza, Hamas, RussiaArticle2023-11-20
2023-11-07What international order?VoltairenetWar, Nato, Western bloc, Treaties of Westphalia, Hague, UN, MultipolarArticle2023-11-08
2023-11-01Israeli military censorship hides the truth from youVoltairenet.orgIslamic Jihad, PFLP, PFLP-CG, Hamas, Israel, Palestine,Article2023-11-08
2023-10-18Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas should be brought before the ICC, says Spanish MinisterVoltairenet.orgGeonicide, Eternal WarArticle2023-10-19
2023-10-10Paradigm shift in PalestineThierry MeyssanHamas, Iran Erdogan, Eternal War, GazaArticle2023-10-16
2023-03-31IIIThe false counter-offensive and the refusal of good officesThierry MeyssanUkraine War PropagandaArticle2023-06-21
2023-03-08IIIUkrainian army crushedVoltaire NetUkrainian Army, ToastArticle2023-06-19
2023-03-143IIIIsraeli opposition announces possible withdrawal from parliamentVoltairenetGeopoliticsIsrael, Poltical DysfunctionArticle2023-03-17
2023-03-0703, 12IIIThe Straussian coup d'état in IsraelThierry MeyssanGeopoliticsIsrael, Netanyahu's Return, Poltical DysfunctionArticle2023-03-09
2023-02-1503, 04IIINATO becomes a coalition of the willingVoltairenetGeopoliticsNATO, Ukraine, Mission Creep, WUArticle2023-02-17
2023-02-1403, 04, 12IIIThe defeat of Ukraine is becoming clearerThierry MeyssanGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Turkish Earthquake, NATO demise, Scifi Weapons, WUArticle2023-02-15
2023-09-13IIIUS Military Resumes Drone, Manned Counterterrorism Missions in NigerVoice of AmericaNiger, Counterterrorism, Drone, West Africa, Outpost, DataArticle2023-09-25
2023-05-16IIIRanked: The World’s Top 50 Endowment FundsVisual CapitalistEndowment FundsArticle2023-05-24
2023-09-09IIIRanked: Which Countries Drink the Most Beer? Visual CapitalistBeer, China, USArticle2023-09-09
2023-05-02IIIVisualizing the Assets and Liabilities of U.S. BanksVisual CapitalistUS BankingResearch2023-05-24
2022-12-2610, 20IIIVisualizing 25 Years of Lithium Production, by CountryVisual CapitalistEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & Technology, Food & HealthLithium MiningArticle2023-01-26
2023-03-0103, 07VVintage Viz: China’s Export Economy in the Early 20th CenturyVisual CapitalistEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsChinese 20th Century ExportsResearch2023-03-14
2023-08-17IIIVisualizing $156 Trillion in U.S. Assets, by GenerationVisual CapitalistUS Wealth by GenerationArticle2023-08-23
2023-08-02IIIRanked: The U.S. Cities with the Most Vacant OfficesVisual CapitalistCommercial Real Estate VacanciesResearch2023-08-08
2023-07-21IIIRanked: The Top Economies in the World (1980‒2075)Visual CapitalistWorld Economic TrendsResearch2023-07-31
2023-03-1203, 07, 11, 12VTimeline: The Shocking Collapse of Silicon Valley BankVisual CapitalistEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part II, Timeline of a TakedownArticle2023-03-17
2023-03-24IIIA Visual Guide to Bond Market DynamicsVisual CapitalistBond Comeback, InflationResearch2023-07-29
2023-11-27Ranked: Share of Global Arms Exports in 2022Visual CapitalistMilitary Industrial ComplexArticle2023-11-27
2023-05-23IIICharted: Public Trust in the Federal ReserveVisual CapitalistThe Fed, Loss of Public TrustResearch2023-05-25
2023-07-12IIIMapped: World’s Top 40 Largest Military BudgetsVisual CapitalistMiltary BudgetsResearch2023-07-23
2023-12-02How Much Do Americans Trust the Media?Visual CapitalistGallup, Departing from Main Stream Narrative, Cover Up, OpResearch2023-12-07
2023-02-2803, 07VVisualizing the Global Share of U.S. Stock MarketsVisual CapitalistEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsStock Market, US ShareArticle, Research2023-03-03
2023-08-01IIIAnimated: Global Debt Projections (2005-2027P)Visual CapitalistDebt Projections, Global State of AffairsResearch2023-08-02
2023-09-10IIIWhat Electricity Sources Power the World?Visual CapitalistClimate Change, Energy Source, Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Hydroelectric,Wind, Solar, GridArticle, Photo2023-09-14
2023-10-14Which Countries Receive the Most Foreign Aid from the U.S.?Visual CapitalistUSAID, ForeignResearch2023-10-18
2023-03-2702, 07VVisualizing the World’s Flower Bouquet Export MarketVisual CapitalistEconomy & Financial Markets, CultureFlower productionArticle2023-03-28
2022-11-22The Median Home Size in Every U.S. State in 2022Visual CapitalistState, Median Home Square FeetResearch2023-11-25
2023-01-066IVMapping the World’s River Basins by ContinentVisual CapitalistScience & Technology, Food & HealthRivers of the WorldResearch2023-01-09
2023-04-06IIIMapped: Ukrainian Refugee Destinations by the NumbersVisual CapitalistGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Refugee MapsArticle2023-04-10
2023-07-23IVMapped: Global Livestock Distribution and DensityVisual CapitalistLivestock DistributionResearch2023-07-31
2023-07-21IVUnderstanding the Global Supply of WaterVisual CapitalistGlobal Water UsageResearch2023-07-28
2023-05-24IIIMapped: European Colonial Shipping Lanes (1700‒1850)Visual CapitalistWorld Trade MapsResearch2023-06-02
2023-03-1106, 07, 16IIICharted: The Global Plastic Waste TradeVisual CapitalistEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & Technology, Food & HealthPlastic WasteResearch2023-03-21
2023-05-29IIICharted: The World’s Aging Population from 1950 to 2100Visual CapitalistAging PopulaceResearch2023-06-04
2023-03-1702, 03IVAnimated Map: Where Are the Largest Cities Throughout History?Visual CapitalistGeopolitics, CultureLargest Cities Through History, MappedResearch2023-03-21
2023-12-11Developing Countries Receiving the Most Loans from ChinaVisual CapitalistYuan, Dollar, BRI LoansResearch2023-12-11
2023-01-0307, 11VThe U.S. Stock Market: Best and Worst Performing Sectors in 2022Visual CapitalistEconomy & Financial MarketsStock Market 2022Research2023-01-10
2023-11-22Interactive Map: The World as 1,000 PeopleVisual CapitalistMap by Country, Asia, PopulationResearch2023-11-25
2023-11-20Visualizing 30 Years of Investor SentimentVisual CapitalistStocks and Other Investments, S&P 500Research2023-11-25
2020-05-19IIIThe 25 Largest Private Equity Firms in One ChartVisual CapitalistPrivate EquityResearch2023-05-19
2023-07-31IIIScientists Control Human DNA with Electricity in 'Leap Forward', Study ReportsViceDNA Manipulation, ElectricityArticle2023-08-02
2011-12-23Breaking: Patriot Missiles Seized, Sold To China by Israel (Updates)Veterans Today ArchivesIsrael, Germany, Iran, Missiles, ChinaArticle2023-11-03
2023-06-01III2023 Defiance in the Face of AutocratizationV-Dem InstituteGoing Direct Reset, PushbackResearch2023-06-07
2023-03-2303, 06, 20IIICourt Blocks COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for US Gov't WorkersUS NewsGeopolitics, Food & HealthMandatory Vaccine, Goverment Workers, Pushback, 5th CircuitArticle2023-03-26
2023-07-05IIILas Vegas teased its record-breaking MSG Sphere on July Fourth. Here's what to know about it.USA TodayClimate Change, Humans BadArticle, Video2023-07-15
2023-07-22IIIThe next pandemic could spring from the US meat supply, new report findsUSA TodayWar on Meat, Alledged Disease Source from Unsanitary ConditionsArticle2023-07-29
2023-11-13Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and RacialismUnz ReviewIsrael, HamasArticle2023-11-14
2023-09-11IIIAmerican Pravda: Remembering the 9/11 Truth MovementUNZ9/11, Global Planned TakedownArticle, Video2023-09-30
2023-09-18IIIAmerican Pravda: Mutually-Assured Political Destruction 59mUnz ReviewSchanberg Essay, Communist, Propagandist, Vietnam, POWsArticle2023-09-21
2023-10-23American Pravda: Israel, Gaza, and Broader IssuesUnz ReviewHamas Attacks, Israeli Reprisalas, Gaza, Eternal WarArticle2023-10-28
2023-11-19A World Without a Moral Conscience by Paul Craig RobertsUnz ReviewIsrael, Palestine, GenocideArticle2023-11-27
2023-08-22IIINeocons and Other Malignancies in the American Body PoliticUNZ ReviewUkraine, NATO, Eternal WarArticle2023-08-31
2023-11-16Xi Outmaneuvers Biden in San FranciscoUnz ReviewIndo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership CPTPP,Article2023-11-17
2023-10-23The Palestinian Tragedy: Cui Bono?Unz ReviewNato, Russia, Israel, Palestine, Aircraft Carriers, Black SeaArticle2023-10-28
2023-11-07Russia's Public Pivot to PalestineUnz ReviewEscalation Dangers, Russia,Israil, Palestine, UN, Nebenzya, LavrovArticle2023-11-07
2023-11-07BlogviewPepe Escobar Archive Russia's Public Pivot to PalestineUnz ReviewWestern Hegemon, Agenda of Chaos, Ukraine, Israel, PalestineArticle2023-11-08
2023-10-30Nakba 2.0 Revives the Neocon WarsUnz ReviewSyria, Lebanon, Iraq, Eternal War, NATO, China, RussiaArticle2023-11-04
2023-11-17Were the Biblical Prophets Anti-Semitic?Unz ReviewHudson, Hamas Attacks, Israeli Reprisalas, Gaza, NetanyahuArticle2023-11-18
2023-10-20BlogviewMichael Hudson Archive Russia, China Unite Against US EmpireUnz ReviewHudson, Putin, Zi, Russia, China, Real EstateArticle2023-10-28
2023-02-01IIIMy Eyes Are Open: Iran Was Right About That "Great Satan" ThingUNZGoing Direct Reset, The Great SatanArticle2023-06-19
2023-10-24Destination 1922: A Return to Claims of the Arabs in PalestineUnz ReviewIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, GazaArticle2023-10-28
2023-10-12A Dangerous SideshowHans VogelMultipolar World, EU, Israel, Iran, Syria, Russia, BRICSArticle2023-10-15
2023-03-177IIIBlocked Gov’t Report Finds Fluoride Lowers Kids’ IQ, Case Heads to CourtUncovered DCFood & HealthFlourideArticle2023-03-22
2023-01-0406, 08, 12, 20IIINext-generation Wireless Technology May Leverage the Human Body for EnergyUMass.eduScience & Technology, Food & Health6G, Transhumanism, Human BatteriesArticle2023-01-10
2023-03-2103, 04, 08, 12, 20IIIWhere there’s no will, there’s no way: Why artificial intelligence will never rule the world—TranscribedUK ColumnEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, AI Weaponoization, Doomed to FailArticle, Video2023-04-04
2018-05-19IIIThe Disinformation PlaybookUCSDisinformation Business PlanArticle2023-06-05
2023-08-12IIIMaui Fires Update: Which Hotels and Resorts Are Open and Closed After Lahaina FiresTravelMarketMaui, Open HotelsArticle2023-08-25
2022-03-1403, 05, 12IIICovid Vaccine Injuries: The German Pathologists’ FindingsTMSGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Vascular BlockagesArticle2023-02-27
2023-08-07IIIGov. Lee Issues Official Call, Presents Legislative Priorities Ahead of Public Safety Special SessionTN Offfice of the GovMental Health Statutes, War on Freedom, Gun Confiscation, Red Flag TyrannyArticle2023-08-12
2023-05-08IIIGov. Lee Announces Special Session on Public Safety to Begin August 21Office of the Governor, TNTN, 2nd AmendmentArticle2023-05-10
2023-09-10IIIDocGo CEO's comments on migrant contracts appear inaccurateTimes UnionDocGo, New York City, Migrants, Legal Services, FoodArticle2023-09-30
2023-08-30IIIHave the ULEZ 'Blade Runners' struck again? Vandals go on wrecking spree hitting eight cameras in west LondonThis is MoneyClimate Change Pusback, UK, Surveillance Camera DestructionArticle2023-08-08
2023-04-27IIIGovernment agrees to enshrine in law a requirement for banks to provide customers with convenient free access to cash on the high streetThis is Money UKGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, UKArticle2023-06-02
2023-02-0102, 05, 07, 09VThink Local Conference 2023Think Local IrelandGeopolitics, Culture, Take ActionLocal SolutionsArticle2023-02-06
2023-03-0907, 12VWells Fargo Clients Report Missing Deposits as Bank Works on FixThink AdvisorEconomy & Financial MarketsWells Fargo, Missing DepositsArticle2023-03-12
2023-06-01IVWorld's 50 Best Restaurants50 BestBest ListArticle2023-06-27
2023-08-08BizarroThe LK-99 ‘superconductor’ went viral — here’s what the experts thinkThe VergeLK-99, Room Tempurature Super Conductor, Questions PersistArticle2023-08-11
2023-01-16BizarroAI art tools Stable Diffusion and Midjourney targeted with copyright lawsuitThe VergeAI, Deep Fakes, Copy Right ViolationsArticle2023-05-24
2023-04-18IIIUNITED GREATS Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden announce sweeping new economic pact to tear down trade barriersThe Sun UKAnglosphere, Trade PactArticle2023-06-19
2023-02-0610, 19IIIGate To Hell Turkey earthquake sparks 100ft inferno with burst gas pipe sending flames shooting into the sky as hundreds are killedSun UKGeopoliticsMore Gas Pipeline Damage, Turkey, EarthquakeArticle, Video2023-02-15
2023-03-0503, 05, 11VFTX Collapse: Bankman-Fried's Golden House Arrest About to Get WorseThe StreetEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, FTX, Fried Restrictions, Witness Tampering AllegationsArticle2023-03-08
2023-11-16RFK details importance of bitcoin for U.S. freedoms, ‘It’s a guarantee of democracy’The StreetBitcoin, Digital Currency, First Amendment Rights, 2024 Election CycleArticle2023-11-26
2023-01-2103, 06, 08, 12, 20IIIUK's National Health Service will roll existing Palantir work into patient data platformThe RegisterGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthData Beast, Palantir, NHS UKArticle2023-01-24
2023-04-10IIIPart 2: What The Vaccine Industry Says Behind Closed Doors About VaccinesThe PulseVaxxed Casualites, PushbackVideo2023-04-12
2023-11-09In Israel, joint Jewish-Palestinian efforts look to salvage vision of a shared societyThe New HumanitarianIsrael, Eternal War, Palestine, GazaArticle2023-11-09
2023-01-1603, 12IIINo Other OptionsThe New AtlantisGeopolitics, Food & HealthWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Culling the Ederly and SickArticle2023-01-11
2023-04-25Private Equity Is Killing Your PetsThe NationPrivate EquityArticle2023-11-24
2016-09-085 Corporations Now Dominate Our Privatized Intelligence IndustryThe NationLeidos, Booz Allen Hamilton, CSRA, SAIC, CACIArticle2023-12-07
2023-11-16Nuclear war in the US would wipe out 300 MILLION people from radiation, experts claimThe MirrorNATO, Eternal War, Escalation Dangers, RussiaArticle2023-11-17
2023-01-0503, 05, 06, 10, 12IIIInternal CDC Emails Claim Assistant Secretary for Health Blocked Release of Fluoride ReviewThe Last American VagabondGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCDC, FlourideArticle, Legal Document2023-01-14
2023-03-0503, 06, 12IIISasha Latypova Interview – How Pfizer & The Department Of Defense Defrauded The PublicThe Last American VagabondGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Great Poisoning, ZERO Prosecutions, DOD ImplicationsArticle, Video2023-03-10
2023-11-11200 Doctors, 50 Journalists, 100 UN Staff, 4500 Kids & 10k Civilians Killed By Israel In One MonthTLAVIsrael, Palestine, GenocideArticle2023-11-13
2023-02-2503, 16, 20IIIMexico Becomes First Nation to Admit Harms of Geoengineering, Halts Future ExperimentsThe Last American VagabondGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, Geo-engineering, MX PushbackArticle2023-02-01
2023-12-05Traders made millions shorting Israeli companies before October 7 attackThe JCShort Selling, MSCI Israel EFTArticle2023-12-06
2023-03-25IIIExclusive! “Toxic Nanoforms inside Pfizer-Biontech Covid Vaccine”Intel DropVaxxed Casualites, Transhumanism, Nano Tech ContaminationArticle2023-04-10
2023-11-15Social Media Companies Must Face Child Safety Lawsuits, Judge RulesThe InformationSocial Media, Disinformation Wars, War on FamilyArticle2023-11-20
2023-11-10Meta’s VR Age Change Prompted Concern About RisksThe InformationWar on Family, Mental Health Weaponization, War on CultureArticle2023-11-20
2023-10-27Has Humane Created the Next iPhone—or the Next Google Glass?The InformationOpenAI, AI, Phone, PenArticle2023-11-10
2023-09-15IIILi Shangfu: speculation grows over fate of China’s missing defence ministerGuardianUS Ambassador to Japan, Procurement, Defence Minister, Inpection Commission, Corruption, PLA,Article2023-09-27
2023-10-04New Zealand’s crisis-hit farmers feel the gloom, potentially putting climate action in jeopardyGuardianWar on Food, Climate Change ThreatsArticle2023-10-11
2023-11-27Elon Musk visits scene of kibbutz massacre with Benjamin NetanyahuThe GuardianTwitter, X, Free Speech, Censor, Musk, Advertiser ActionArticle2023-11-28
2023-06-09IIIChina targets foreign consulting companies in anti-spying raidsThe Guardian UKChina, Claims of Espionage, Western Consulting FirmsArticle2023-06-03
2023-07-19III‘Put learners first’: Unesco calls for global ban on smartphones in schoolsThe Guardian UKUNESCO, Ban on Cell Phones in SchoolsArticle2023-08-31
2023-02-22IIIChina instructs state firms to phase out big four auditorsThe Guardian UKChina Walks Away from Majort Rating FirmsArticle2023-06-03
2023-02-1403, 12IIIRevealed: the hacking and disinformation team meddling in electionsThe Guardian UKGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Stolen Elections, Israeli Hacker ContractorsArticle2023-02-21
2023-02-26IIIUS surgeons are killing themselves at an alarming rate. One decided to speak outGuardianSuicide, Assoc of Academic Surgery, The Sick PhysicianArticle2023-09-27
2023-09-22IIINew Orleans declares emergency over saltwater intrusion in drinking waterGuardianMississippi River, Salt, Water, Gulf of Mexico, Drinking Water, CorrodeArticle2023-09-23
2023-03-1203, 06, 12IIIFlorida surgeon general’s Covid vaccine claims harm public, health agencies sayThe Guardian UKGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Pushback, Ladapo RecommendationArticle2023-03-21
2023-08-07IIIEx-officer sentenced to nearly five years for role in George Floyd’s murderThe Guardian UKFloyd Riots, SentencingArticle2023-08-18
2021-06-02IIIBill Gates and Warren Buffett to build new kind of nuclear reactor in WyomingThe Guardian UKGates, Buffet, Get a NukeArticle2023-06-09
2023-07-01IIIA beautiful, broken America: what I learned on a 2,800-mile bus ride from Detroit to LAGuardian UKMiddle Class Endangered Species, US Rotting Infrastructure, EconomyArticle2023-07-31
2023-05-15IIIElon Musk subpoenaed over JPMorgan’s role in Jeffrey Epstein’s activitiesThe Guardian UKEpstein Investigaton, MuskArticle2023-05-24
2023-01-1803, 06, 12IIIRevealed: more than 90% of rainforest carbon offsets by biggest provider are worthless, analysis showsGuardian UKGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, CO2 MythsArticle2023-01-20
2023-03-1503, 07, 12VSVB collapse may be start of ‘slow-rolling crisis’, warns BlackRock bossThe Guardian UKEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part II, Centralization of WealthArticle2023-03-18
2023-02-13BizarroTime to Think by Hannah Barnes review – what went wrong at Gids?The Guardian UKTranshumanism, War on the Family, GIDS, UKArticle2023-05-05
2023-08-26IIINaomi Klein on following her ‘doppelganger’ down the conspiracy rabbit hole – and why millions of people have entered an alternative political realityNaomi KlineThe Two Naomis, Klein, WolfArticle2023-09-13
2023-11-21WATCH: Air Marshals National Council Director Stuns Fox News Host When She Reveals Marshalls Are Quietly Following Every Person Who Flew to DC Around January 6, 2021The Gateway PunditJan 6th, Mis-Dis-Info War, Censorship, Divide and ConquerArticle2023-11-25
2023-09-11IIIWhat is Going On? Three Separate Coin Shop Owners Shocked as Their Bank Accounts Suddenly Shut Down with No Reason Given (Video)Gateway PunditCensorship via Bank Account, Frozen Account AllegationsArticle, Video2023-09-30
2023-09-14IIIIT’S BACK! Providence Hospital System Imposes COVID Vaccine for Healthcare Workers – Non-Compliance Results in Unpaid Leave and Potential TerminationGateway PunditMandates, EUA, FDA, mRNA Tech, The Continuing ThreatArticle2023-09-29
2023-08-04IIIBomshell: Spokesperson Admits During Australian Senate Hearing that Pfizer Employees Were Given Special Batch of Vaccine, Different from What was Distributed to Public (Video)Gateway PunditVaxxed Casualties, Pfizer, Different Batches for EmployeesArticle2023-08-09
2023-07-25IIIChase Bank Suddenly Shuts Down Bank Accounts of Mercola Market and its Employees With No Explanation – Owner Blames Political BiasGateway PunditCensorship via Bank Account Seizures, US, Mercola, ChaseArticle2023-07-30
2023-07-23IIINSANITY: Biden Regime Proposes Ban on Sale of Portable Gas Generators, Raising Concerns for Power Outage RelianceGateway PunditBIden Banning Portable GenSetsVideo2023-07-31
2023-07-13IIIIn D.C. Non-Citizens Can Now Work as Police OfficersGateway PunditWeaponized Immigration, US, Law EnforcementArticle2023-07-24
2023-07-13IIIGlobal Food-Processing Giant Announces World’s Largest Lab-Grown Meat Facility to be Built in 2024Gateway PunditWar on Meat, Franken Food, Lab Grown MeatArticle2023-07-09
2023-06-20IIIBreaking: Actor Jim Caviezel Implicates US Agencies in Child Sex Trafficking (Video)Gateway PunditChild Trafficking, US Agencies ImplicatedArticle, Video2023-06-23
2023-05-05BizarroWhite House Names Kamala Harris ‘AI Czar’ to Save Humanity from Artificial IntelligenceGateway PunditAI, ConcernsArticle2023-05-10
2023-05-23IIIBREAKING: Texas Passes Bill to Become the 9th State to Leave ERIC – TX House Passes Vote to Pull Out of Controversial Voter Roll Scheme – Only 23 States RemainGateway PunditDataBeast, ERIC, Soros Funded, Pushback, Voter Registration, TXArticle2023-05-30
2023-06-24IIIMissouri v. Biden Lawsuit Discovery: Biden Regime Designates YOUR THOUGHTS as Part of Government Infrastructure – They Call It “Cognitive Infrastructure” and They Believe It Is Their Right to Control ItGateway PunditBiden's Thought PoliceArticle, Video2023-06-02
2023-03-1502, 03, 04, 12IIIWoman Who Escaped North Korea Compares The ‘Woke’ American Left To What She Fled (VIDEO)Gateway PunditGeopolitics, CultureWoke Comparison to N. KoreaArticle, Video2023-03-11
2023-02-2503, 07VEven Berkshire Hathaway is Not Safe in a Biden Economy: Reports Record Losses in 2022Gateway PunditEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Economic Destruction, BidenArticle2023-03-01
2023-02-1603, 05, 06, 08, 12, 20IIIEnd of American Sovereignty: Biden Regime Negotiates “Legally Binding” Deal To Give Chinese-Backed World Health Organization Full Authority Over US Pandemic Policies – No Senate Approval NeededGateway PunditGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, WHO Treaty, Biden NegotiationsArticle2023-03-11
2023-02-1503, 05, 12VBreaking: Idaho Legislature Passes Bill to Move Idaho-Oregon Border to Include Large Swath Eastern OregonGateway PunditGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, Greater IDArticle, Video2023-02-13
2023-02-0902, 12IIII Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.Jamie ReedGeopolitics, CultureWar on the Family, TranshumanismArticle2023-02-13
2023-04-11III600,000 Americans Per Year Are Dying From COVID Shots Says Top Insurance AnalystThe Florida StandardVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, UKArticle2023-06-02
2023-04-28IIIWhat of this mRNA injection?The Fence PostmRNA QuestionsArticle2023-05-15
2023-05-05IVRent-A-ChickenThe Fence PostChicken Coup RentalArticle2023-05-15
2023-11-17Nebraska’s Fischer reintroduces Real MEAT ActThe Fence PostBio-Weapon Proteins, Imitation, War on Family, The Great PosioningArticle2023-11-19
2023-04-14IIIColorado’s Right to Repair bill is the first in the nation, not without controversyFence PostRight to Repair, COArticle2023-04-24
2023-07-07IIICheap imports: Death knell for the WestThe Fence PostGlobalization, War on US Meat Production, LambArticle2023-07-15
2023-04-21IIIAre we being “planned” off our BLM landsThe Fence PostGoing Direct Reset, Climate Change, Public Land Usage RestrictionsArticle2023-05-15
2023-09-16IIIFDA Refuses to Change Anti-Ivermectin Statements After Court RulingEpoch Times Free SubscriptionIvermectin Surpression, Vaxx LiesArticle2023-09-29
2023-03-1305, 07, 12VSVB Chief Sold $3.6 Million in Stock Shortly Before Bank’s CollapseEpoch TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologySVB, 2008 Part IIArticle2023-03-14
2023-03-2903, 05, 07, 12IIISupreme Court Suggests IRS Went Too Far in Tax Enforcement CaseEpoch TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsIRS AbusesArticle2023-03-31
2023-03-2803, 05, 11IIISupreme Court Slashes IRS Penalty Against Taxpayer for Not Reporting Foreign Bank AccountsEpoch TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsIRS, Increased Enforcement, PushbackArticle2023-03-31
2023-06-05IIISupreme Court Overrules Local Governments for Seizing HomesEpoch TimesHome Equity Theft Pushback, USCArticle2023-06-14
2023-05-17IIIIn-Depth: State AGs Charge That Insurance Companies’ Net Zero Agenda May Violate US Antitrust LawsEpoch TimesAnti Trust Allegations, NetZeroArticle2023-06-04
2023-03-1103, 06, 12, 20IIIRobert F. Kennedy Jr. (Part 1): The Dark Secrets of the Childhood Immunization Schedule and the Vaccine Approval ProcessEpoch TimesGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Childhood Vaxx ScheduleArticle, Video2023-03-15
2023-04-20IIIR. F. Kennedy Jr. Kicks Off Democratic Presidential Candidacy CampaignEpoch TimesRFK Jr., Presidential Run, Upsetting the Apple CartVideo2023-04-17
2023-07-05IIIFukushima Nuclear Plant Plan to Dump Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean Is Safe: IAEAThe Epoch TimesFukushima Lives, Pacific Ocean DumpingArticle2023-07-11
2023-02-1403, 05, 06VImRNA Vaccine in Food Products Could Be Banned in TennesseeEpoch TimesGeopolitics, Take ActionmRNA Contamination, Pushback, TNArticle2023-02-17
2023-05-22III‘Millions of Lives Lost’ in Pandemic Mainly From Pharma-Government Nexus, Says Critical Care ExpertEpoch TimesCovid -19 Cover Up, Misdirected TreatmentArticle2023-05-24
2023-01-3002, 03IVJordan Peterson Sets Up ‘Pro-Human’ Alternative to Globalist-Corporatist World Economic ForumEpoch TimesGeopolitics, Culture, Take ActionWEF, Transhumanism, Pushback, PetersonArticle2023-02-02
2023-06-04III‘I Support the Constitution—That Includes the Second Amendment’: RFK Jr. on Gun RightsEpoch Times2nd Amendment, RFK Jr. SupportArticle2023-06-05
2023-02-1903, 06, 07, 12IIIPfizer Knowingly Allowed Dangerous Components in its Vaccines (Part 1)Epoch TimesGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Disclosures, Pfizer AdmissionsArticle2023-02-22
2023-01-1203, 05, 06, 12IIIIs the Associated Press Lying About Gene Therapy Shots?Epoch TimesGeopolitics, Food & Health, WUGene Therapy, mRNA Lies and DeceptionsArticle, Video2023-03-28
2023-09-02III'FDA Is Not a Physician': Appeals Court Sides With Doctors on Ivermectin for COVID-19Epoch TimesFDA Sovereign Immunity, Vaxx LiesArticle2023-09-30
2023-11-06CDC Expands Infectious Disease Surveillance Program Beyond COVID at 4 Major US AirportsEpoch TimesCentral Control, Genomic SurveillanceArticle2023-11-08
2023-05-12IIIA Colossal Failure Around the WorldEpoch TimesCovid-19 Cover Up, Negative EfficacyArticle2023-05-31
2023-03-0903, 12VFormer Clinton Official Dies After Jet Turbulence IncidentEpoch TimesGeopoliticsArkancide, Sudden Violent Death, ClintonsArticle2023-03-10
2023-09-15IIIUS Supreme Court Issues Emergency Order | Facts MatterEpoch TVCensorship, War on Free Speech, Social Media, Biden, Sam Alito, Supreme Court, Surgeon General, FBIArticle2023-09-16
2023-09-13IIIEntire State Erupts Against Anti-Gun MandatePh.D Mark SkidmoreWar on Freedom, Gun ControlArticle2023-09-30
2023-01-3003, 08, 12, 13, 20IIIDutch Gov’t Plans New Digital ID Project With Canada, Says WEF Initiative Is DoneChildrens Health DefenseGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, DataBeast, Digital Concentration Camps, Canada, WEFArticle2023-02-01
2023-01-26IIICOVID Vaccine-Injured Sue Biden Administration Over CensorshipEpoch TimesVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Law Suit, Biden, Biden Admin, CDCArticle2023-05-25
2023-06-01IIICDC Drops Bombshell on the Vaccinated | Facts MatterEpoch TimesCovid -19 Cover Up, CDC, Vaxx FailVideo2023-06-07
2023-11-02Severe Mental Illness: The Ignored Public Health CrisisEpoch TimesSuicides, Mental Health, Medicaid, War on FamilyArticle2023-11-20
2023-10-03Psychosis, Panic Attacks, Hallucinations: Bizarre Psychiatric Cases Among the COVID VaccinatedEpoch TimesPsychosis, Mental Health, War on the Family,Article2023-11-20
2023-10-18Marines Test Fire Robot Dog Armed With Rocket LauncherThe DriveWeaponized RobotsArticle2023-10-22
2023-02-1003, 07IIIOp-Ed: Spending limits can provide property tax reliefThe Center SquareGeopoliticsState Pushback Property TaxesArticle2023-02-15
2023-01-0603, 04, 08, 12, 20VIs the New World Order on the Precipice?The Burning PlatformEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, WEFArticle2023-01-10
2023-03-1303, 06, 11, 12VIHorowitz: With the impending bank bailout and stagflation trap, it’s time to clip the wings of the Federal ReserveThe BlazeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, Abolish the FedArticle2023-03-16
2023-03-0203, 05, 07VHorowitz: South Dakota and other red states are about to ban Bitcoin as legal money and grease the skids for CBDCThe BlazeEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsCrypto Prohibitions, 20 Red StatesArticle 2023-03-14
2023-05-11BizarroSickly 89-year-old Dianne Feinstein wheeled into Senate, asks, 'Where am I going?'Blaze MediaMore Dimentia in Government, FeinsteinArticle2023-05-15
2023-11-10Robot grabs then brutally slaughters worker, allegedly mistaking him for a box of paprikaBlaze MediaRobots, South KoreaArticle2023-11-11
2023-03-1603, 07IIIIran-Saudi Rapprochement Will Deal A Deathblow To The DollarAutomatic EarthEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Multipolar World, Saudi Iran GCC DealArticle2023-03-22
2018-10-15IIIWhat an Audacious Hoax Reveals About AcademiaThe AtlanticFalse Academic PapersArticle2023-04-27
2023-09-25Pigskins et CircensesAMerican ConservativeDistractions, Mind ControlArticle2023-10-10
2023-09-22IIIHeart of Evil Putin’s feared Black Sea Fleet HQ is Blown Up ‘by Brit Storm Shadow missile’ in massive fiery blitz on occupied CrimeaThe SunPutin, Black Sea Fleet HQ, Storm Shadow Missile, Crimea, Submarine, Drone, AirfieldsArticle2023-09-24
2023-04-05IIIKnife Horror Bob Lee dead at 43: Mystery as Cash App founder and tech executive stabbed to death in San Francisco in savage attackSun UKCrypto App Founder, Sudden Violent Death, SF, CAArticle2023-04-06
2023-11-12Alaska city issues 'snow emergency' after two days of snowfall as four die in blizzardDaily Express USSnowfall Record, Weather, AKArticle2023-11-14
2023-09-20IIIExplanatory Statements for the November 7th Constitutional AmendmentsTexas Rural ReporterTax, TX, Water, Electrical Generation, Broadband,Article2023-09-26
2023-07-14IIITexas Vic­to­ri­ous In Case Chal­leng­ing Biden’s Ille­gal Vac­cine Man­date for Texas Nation­al Guard MembersKen PaxtonFoced Vaccinations, TXNGArticle2023-07-15
2023-12-06Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Sues U.S. State Depart­ment for Con­spir­ing to Cen­sor Amer­i­can Media CompaniesTX Attorney GeneralAmerican Press, Censorship, The Daily Wire, The FederalistArticle2023-12-08
2023-11-20Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Sues Pfiz­er and Tris Phar­ma for Defraud­ing Texas Med­ic­aid and Pro­vid­ing Adul­ter­at­ed Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Drugs to ChildrenTexas AGMedicaid Fraud, Quillivant, ADHDArticle2023-11-28
2023-10-02Britain has ‘run out of arms to send to Ukraine’TelegraphUkraine, NATO, Eternal WarArticle2023-10-13
2023-06-03IIIAnger over MPC member’s call for Bank to create special rates for green investmentUK TelegraphSpecial Rates, Green InvestmentsArticle2023-06-17
2023-06-05IIITory donor pledges to crowdfund Boris Johnson’s Covid Inquiry legal feesThe Telegraph UKVaxxed Casualites, Johnson's Lawsuit, Tory Underwriters of his DefenseArticle2023-06-09
2023-08-16IIIThe lockdown scandal nobody wants to talk aboutTelegraph UKCovid-19 Cover Up, Children Vulnerabilites, Lockdown ScamsArticle2023-08-23
2023-07-26IIIMy war on woke banks is about to rapidly expandNigel FarageCensorship via Bank Account Seizures, UK, FarageArticle2023-07-30
2023-05-27IIIA digital pound must never be introduced by stealthTelegraph UKGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, UK PushbackArticle2023-06-07
2023-05-03IIIWoke technocrats are erasing cash to seize control over our financial livesTelegraph UKGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, UKArticle2023-05-09
2023-01-0103, 05, 07VThe right to access cash will soon be enshrined in lawTelegraph UKPrecious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, Cash PushbackArticle2023-01-09
2023-05-09IIIBank of England targets small lenders in wake of market turmoilTelegraph UKSmall Bank Takedown Op, Forced Consolidation, UKArticle2023-05-12
2011-12-22HELSINKI — Finnish authorities on Wednesday impounded 160 tons of explosives and 69 surface-to-air missiles found on a British-flagged cargo ship ultimately destined for Shanghai, China, officials saidTelegram & GazetteGermany, Missiles, China, BritishArticle2023-11-03
2023-02-09IVHow to fight desertification and reverse climate changeTEDDesertfication Reversal, Grazing Animals, Dung DistributionArticle, Video2023-06-21
2014-05-12Elders Health Will Be Monitored Using Through The Wall Radar ImagingTechno CrazedEldercare, Radar, SurveillanceArticle2023-11-27
2023-01-1803, 04, 08, 12, 13IIIThe Pentagon Creates Road Map For ‘Zero Trust’ Internet Access By 2027Technocracy NewsGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyCreepy Tech, Digital Concentration CampsArticle2023-01-11
2023-02-0108, 12, 13, 20IIISupermodels to Be Replaced By Digital AI CreationsTechnocracy NewsScience & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Data Beast, AI Generated CelebritiesArticle2023-02-02
2023-09-05IIIHumanoid Robots Are Coming for Warehouse JobsPh.D Mark SkidmoreApollo, Workforce, War on FamilyArticle2023-09-30
2023-02-2103, 06, 08, 12, 13, 20IIIEast Palestine Launched A Digital ID Program Days Before DisasterPatrick WoodGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & Health, Unaswered QuestionsGoing Direct Reset, Vaccine Passports, OH, Train DisasterArticle, Video2023-02-22
2023-02-2303, 05, 07, 08, 12VBill Introduced To Ban Fed From Issuing CBDCTechnocracy NewsEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyCBDC, Counter Measures, MNArticle2023-02-27
2023-01-12Targeted Justice, Inc. v. Garland (4:23-cv-01013) Houston District Court, S.D. TexasTargeted JusticeTargeted Individuals, PushbackLegal Document2023-11-20
2023-07-01IIIWe Represent ​Targeted IndividualsTargeted JusticeTargeted IndividualsArticle2023-07-12
2023-03-28IIIA Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the CenturyTabletMagPropagnda Wars, Federal GovernmentArticle2023-09-10
2017-12-08German beers are contaminated with the weed killer glyphosatet-online.de (translate)glyphosateArticle2023-11-09
2023-11-25Swiss President pays respects to Ukrainian massacre victimsSWI Swiss InfoSwitzerland, Russia, KyivArticle2023-11-26
2023-05-23IIIClimate activists protest private jets at Geneva AirportSwiss InfoPrivate Jet ProtestArticle2023-06-04
2023-02-1209, 20IIIA ‘vegan chicken’ dispute in Switzerland could set a European precedentSwiss InfoGeopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, SwitzerlandArticle2023-02-14
2023-10-26Canton Zurich provides emergency funds for reconstruction in IsraelSWI Swiss InfoRebuild IsraelArticle2023-11-25
2023-01-046IIISwiss researchers develop technology to make hydrogen from airSwiss InfoScience & Technology, Unanswered QuestionsH2 from the Atmosphere, SwitzerlandArticle2023-01-10
2023-09-01IIITop 100 Largest Foundation Rankings by Total AssetsSWFILargest FoundationsArticle2023-09-13
2023-12-11Supreme Court of U.S. Murthy, Surgeon General, ET AL. v. Missouri, ET AL: KennedySupremecourt.govBiden Covid Federal and Military Mandate blocks, MootLegal Document2023-12-12
2023-07-25VHow Wooden Benches Breathed Life Back Into an Emaciated Transit SystemStrong TownsRevitalizing Public Transport, BenchesArticle2023-07-30
2023-12-11Christmas Cookie Inflation Index, 2023 UpdateStrong TownsInflationArticle2023-12-11
2022-03-1503, 04IIIUS has 100,000 troops in Europe for first time since 2005Stripes.comGeopoliticsWW-III, War with Russia, EU Troop Build UpArticle2023-03-01
2023-01-30IIIBioNTech faces first German lawsuit over alleged Covid-19 vaccine side effectsStrait TimesVaxxed Casualties, German Lawsuit, mRNA InjuriesArticle2023-06-18
2023-11-13Life expectancy for men in U.S. falls to 73 years — six years less than for women, per studyStat NewsU.S., Opioid, Mental Health, CovidArticle2023-11-17
2023-08-01IIIPercentage of adults with obesity in the United States as of 2021, by state (Gun Grab)StatistaRed Flag Laws, TN, Gun Grab, Obesity Red FlagArticle2023-08-16
2023-11-18Number of existing homes sold in the United States from 2005 to 2023StatistaUS Home SalesResearch2023-11-25
2023-01-022VInternational box office figures for the highest grossing movies each year, from 1915 to 2022StatistaCultureAll Time Movie Top Market GrossResearch2023-01-05
2023-02-0706, 12, 13IVThe U.S. Has the Most Expensive Healthcare in the WorldStatistaGeopolitics, Food & HealthUS Health Care, Most ExpensiveArticle2023-02-08
2023-10-16Agriculture Puts Strain on Water Resources in MENA RegionStatistaMiddle East, N Africa, Global Water UsageArticle2023-10-16
2023-10-05Online Child Pornography SkyrocketsStatistaWar on the Family, PornArticle2023-10-11
2023-05-26IIIDeaths From Drug-Resistant Infections Set To SkyrocketStatistaDrug Resistant Infections, On the RiseResearch2023-05-31
2023-05-24IIIThe Countries That Use F-16 Fighter JetsStatistaMIC, F-16 Sales WorldwideResearch2023-06-04
2023-07-10IIContinental Shift: The World's Most Populous CountriesStatistaPopulation ShiftsResearch2023-07-15
2023-04-21IVVinyl Sales Surpass CDs for the First Time Since 1987StatistaVinyl On Top AgainArticle2023-04-24
2023-03-2003, 06, 12VThe Long Demise of Credit SuisseStatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics2008 Part II, CSResearch2023-03-22
2023-03-2003, 11VFrance Enjoys Comparably Low Retirement AgeStatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFrance, Retirement Age ComparisonLegal Document2023-03-21
2023-03-1303, 07, 12VSVB and Signature Were Highly Exposed to Risk of a Bank RunStatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part II, Timeline of a TakedownArticle2023-03-24
2023-03-0103, 16IIIThe NASA Budget's Biggest ProfiteersStatistaGeopolitics, Science & Technology, SpaceNASA's BudgetArticle2023-03-04
2023-02-0116, 17UAQUFO's I Want to Believe!StatistaGeopolitics, SpacePossible Alien Visitation PollResearch2023-02-15
2023-01-1303, 07VChina Dominates the Rare Earth MarketStatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyChina, Rare Earth MineralsArticle2023-01-17
2022-11-2103, 07, 12VWhere the 1 Percent Dominate Wealth CreationStatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Mr. Global, 1% Wealth ConsolidationResearch2023-03-22
2023-03-2103, 04, 07VChina's Rise to Russia's Most Important Trade PartnerStatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSino Russion Trading ScopeResearch2023-03-24
2023-01-0403, 04, 18IIWhere People from Ukraine Are Fleeing ToStatistaGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Refugee MapsArticle2023-01-05
2023-05-31IIIUkrainians' Desire to Join NATO and the EUStatistaWW-III, War with Russia, NATO Expansion, UkraineResearch2023-06-05
2023-04-04IIIFinland Becomes 31st Member of NATOStatistaWW-III, War with RussiaResearch2023-04-05
2023-11-24Small Retailers Support Millions of Jobs in the U.S.StatistaWar on Small BusinessArticle2023-11-27
2023-11-21Streaming Accounts for Nearly 40% of U.S. TV ConsumptionStatistaTV, Stream, Cable, Live Sports, NFLResearch2023-11-24
2022-06-2303, 06, 07, 12IIIThe Global Millionaire Club Expanded During The PandemicStatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, Food & HealthCovid -19 Cover Up, Composting the Middle / Lower ClassesArticle2023-03-22
2023-03-027VHow Many Would Student Loan Forgiveness Reach?StatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsStudent Loan, Blow BackArticle2023-03-04
2023-05-04IIIThe Countries with the Most Satellites in SpaceStatistaSatellite AssetsResearch2023-05-10
2023-04-11IIIVideo captures smoke during explosion at Texas dairy farm that killed 18,000 cowsAustin American StatesmanGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, TX Dairy Farm ExplosionArticle, Video2023-04-14
2023-11-09Goodbye match, hello retirement benefit account? What IBM 401(k) change meansAustin American StatesmanDB vs DC, Risk, Hybrid, Retirement, Others FollowArticle2023-11-15
2023-08-01Bizarro2023 Trafficking in Persons Report: UkraineUS State DepartmemtHuman Trafficking, UkraineResearch2023-08-14
2023-09-26IIITarget to close nine stores across four states because of theft and crimeStar TribuneViolence, Theft, Safety, Harlem - New York City, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco BayArticle2023-09-27
2023-02-1603, 06VCash becomes more popular in Switzerland againSRFPrecious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Take ActionGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Switzerland, Pushback, Cash RulesArticle2023-02-21
2023-03-19IIIApril adds 54 more US corporate bankruptcies 2023 filings highest since 2010S&P GlobalUS Bankruptcies, 2023 Higher than 2010Article2023-06-20
2023-02-2703, 04IIITurkey to hold NATO bid talks with Sweden, Finland in MarchSpace WarGeopoliticsNATO Expansion gets nixedArticle2023-03-23
2022-12-27IIIGermany approves funds to buy Israeli air defence systemSpace WarMulti Polar World, Germany, Israeli Missile System PurchaseArticle2023-06-20
2023-01-0403, 04, 12, 16, 20IIIAirbus to provide Poland with a very high resolution optical satellite systemSpace WarGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyMIC, Poland, Airbus, Satellite AssetsArticle2023-01-05
2023-01-1103, 04, 16IIIRussia to send rescue mission to space stationSpace DailyGeopolitics, Science & Technology, SpaceRussian Rescue MissionArticle2023-01-14
2023-08-22IIIIndia announces schedule of Moon mission's soft landingSpace DailyIndian Moon ShotArticle2023-08-29
2023-07-01IIIA Shocking Analysis of 2020 Election Night Reporting And The Companies That Manufacture Election ResultsSOTTVote Fraud, Biden 2020Article2023-07-12
2023-06-13IIINorway advises against child sex changes, joins Finland, Sweden, and UK in rejecting gender ideologySign of the TimesWar on the Family, Transgender, Pushback SwedenArticle2023-06-29
2023-03-21IIISixth-Century Misery Tied to Not One, But Two, Volcanic EruptionsSmithsonian MagazineDark Ages, VolcanismArticle2023-06-18
2022-09-21what happened to our daughter because I don't want it to happen to anyone ever againSlow Down FarmsteadTHC, Pot, Unregulated, SuicideArticle2023-11-22
2023-12-06Moody’s downgrades China’s sovereign credit outlook to negativeSharecafeChinese Economy, Cross Border Payments, China, BondsArticle2023-12-08
2023-01-3003, 07, 11VThe Charts that Show How the World Has Changed in the Past 12 MonthsShare CafeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsBond Market ChangesArticle2023-02-01
2021-04-14Targeted Justice – Richard LighthouseShadow CitizenSurveillance, Targeted Individuals, Tracking, American Citizens, V2KVideo2023-11-20
2023-12-09Sam Altmann, The Open AI Mystery, and All those Derivatives...Dr. Joseph P Farrell, Code Decifer, Bitcoin,AI, Altman, Babylon’s Banksters, OpenAI – Q* Saga: Implications, self-referencing meta-cognitionArticle2023-12-10
2023-01-1603, 12IIIThe Biden Scam UnravelsKarl DenningerGeopoliticsBiden ScandalsArticle2023-01-17
2023-01-2203, 05IIIIgnore The Political GrandstandingKarl DenningerGeopoliticsHouse or Representatives Grandstanding, Power of the Purse ExplainedArticle2023-01-23
2022-06-06IIIIs the Metaverse the New Hope for Mental Health?Deepak ChopraGoing Direct Reset, MetaVerse, Mental Health WeaponizationArticle2023-04-12
2023-09-20IIINative Hawaiians are leaving Hawaii. They're flocking to these statesSFGateNative, Hawaiians, CA, WA, NV, TX, Housing Crisis, HI Fires,Article2023-09-24
2023-09-19IIIOakland restaurants say they’re on the brink of extinctionSFGateRestaurants, Burglary, Walkable, OaklandArticle2023-09-19
2023-03-0203, 16III'Worst case scenario': Shocking images of flooding in Pajaro after levee burstsSFGateGeopoliticsClimate Change, CA, Flooding, Infrastructure FailureArticle2023-03-15
2023-07-14IIIOakland police advise residents to reinforce doors as home invasions increaseSF GateHome Invasion Epidemic, Oakland, PD WarningArticle2023-07-25
2023-08-22IIIShadowy group that owns 52,000 Bay Area acres may be planning to build a new citySFGateSmart City, CA, Flannery, Travis Air Force BaseArticle2023-09-30
2023-03-0303, 07, 08VAmazon to shutter all Amazon Go stores in San FranciscoSFGateGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGo Woke, Go Broke, Amazon, San FranArticle2023-03-06
2023-10-04Dianne Feinstein memorial no longer public, will still be streamedSF ExaminerCorruptionArticle2023-10-10
2022-08-18What is a Convenience Fee and How to Avoid ItSelf IncWar on Cash, Pushback, US, Debit Card, Charge Card RegulationArticle2023-11-30
2023-08-09VSEC Charges 11 Wall Street Firms with Widespread Recordkeeping FailuresSECSEC, Wall St FinesArticle2023-08-14
2023-09-14IIIBiden asks justices to block limits on collaboration with social media companiesScotus BlogBiden, White House, Scotus, Social Media, Free SpeechArticle2023-09-19
2023-10-13Why I no longer stand with Israel, and never will againScott Ritter ExtraEternal War, GazaArticle, Video2023-10-22
2023-01-2203, 06, 12, 13IIIEpisode 1996 Scott Adams PART2: Why Do The Most Educated People Keep Getting All The Wrong Answers?Scott AdamsGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Scott AdamsArticle2023-01-24
2023-04-28IIIKing Charles coronation: 14 pictures as the Stone of Destiny heads to London for coronation after leaving Edinburgh CastleScotsmanCharle's CoronationArticle, Video2023-05-03
2023-07-04III‘Dozens of Hong Kong residents’ on police national security ‘wanted’ list, including for crowdfunding drivesSCMPWar on Freedom, Hong Kong Residents Flee Police PersecutionArticle2023-07-11
2023-04-22IIIChinese city of Changshu plans to pay employees using digital yuanSCMPGoing Direct Reset, China, Digital YuanArticle2023-04-25
2018-08-0103, 09, 12IIIInsects as food in the Netherlands: Production networks and the geographies of edibilityScience DirectGeopolitics, Food & HealthFranken Food, Insect ProtienArticle2023-03-01
2023-04-28IVMushrooms and their post-rain, electrical conversationsScience DailyMushroom Electrical Impulse, CommunicationArticle2023-05-03
2023-03-2403, 04, 16IIIRadical NASA Propulsion Concept Could Reach Interstellar Space in Under 5 YearsScience AlertEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyStarshot, Laser, PlasmaArticle2023-03-26
2023-01-13IIIAssessing ExxonMobil’s global warming projectionsScienceClimate Change OP, ExxonMobil, Internal DocumentsArticle2023-08-29
2023-06-14IIINot so smart? “Smart” drugs increase the level but decrease the quality of cognitive effortScience AdvancesSmart Drugs, Ain't SmartArticle2023-08-24
2023-10-03This Is Not Freedom, America: The Profit Incentives Driving the American Police StateRutherfordTotal Control, Data BeastArticle2023-10-12
2023-07-22IIIUS creates permanent pandemic agencyRTPandemic Big Brother, Federal AgencyArticle2023-07-26
2023-07-06IIIIndian central bank frames roadmap to take rupee globalRTMulti Polar World, Russia, India, Global RupeeArticle2023-07-12
2023-01-0907, 11VSwiss central bank reports massive lossRTEconomy & Financial MarketsSwiss Central Bank, LossesArticle2023-01-10
2023-12-03Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year AgoRSNJericho Wall, Hamas, IDF, IsraelArticle2023-12-03
2023-10-19America’s Biggest Charities Bankrolled RFK Jr.’s Anti-Vax OutfitWalker Bragman, Alex KotchCovid-19Article2023-10-26
2023-05-23IIIThe Rockefeller Foundation and World Health Organization Announce Partnership To Expand Global Pandemic Preparedness in Era of Climate ChangeRockefeller FoundationGoing Direct Reset, Rockefeller Foundation, WHO, Total ControlArticle2023-05-31
2023-08-19IIIGeorgetown University Launches Platform to Navigate Laws Governing the Prevention of Infectious Disease Emergence WorldwideRockefeller FoundationRockefeller, Health Emergency Powers, NWOArticle2023-08-14
2023-10-12'Raining bullets' in Ecuador city in throes of narcosrfiDrug Cartel InfluenceArticle2023-10-14
2023-08-11IIIIn blow to ''run'' movement, Shanghai police arrest head of immigration consultancyRadio Free AsiaCCP, Shutting Travel Door, ShanghaiArticle2023-08-18
2023-05-28IIIChina is bulldozing parks and “green belt” around Chengdu to create more farmlandRadio Free AisaChina, Food Cultivation Expansion, Green Park ConversionArticle2023-06-03
2023-10-06Biden to build more US border wall using Trump-era fundsReutersTexas Border WallArticle2023-10-12
2023-10-26Maine mass shootings: Police scour Lewiston for suspectReutersHearing Voices, Sudden DeathsArticle2023-10-26
2023-07-07IIINearly half of US drinking water may contain toxic 'forever chemicals'ReutersUS Infrastructure Meltdown, Water QualityArticle2023-07-12
2023-10-04Kevin McCarthy ousted as House Speaker in historic voteReutersSpeaker McCarthy, Congress, Speaker ElectionArticle2023-10-05
2023-09-12California Senate passes climate bill, governor must decide by Oct 14ReutersReport Emissions, Climate OpArticle2023-11-03
2023-11-17Biden, Trump unpopularity buoys third party hopes for 2024 US electionReutersKennedy, Biden, Trump, 2024 ElectionArticle2023-11-17
2023-11-20US defence chief Austin visits Kyiv, announces more military aidReutersDod, Ukraine, Austin,Article2023-11-24
2023-11-14UK's Sunak brings back Cameron, sacks BravermanReutersUK, CameronArticle2023-11-14
2023-09-21IIITurkey's Erdogan says he doesn't agree with others' negative approach toward PutinReutersMoscow, Kyiv, UN, War on FoodArticle2023-09-27
2023-05-24IIIRussia, China seal economic pacts amid Western criticismReutersSino Russion Economic AgreementArticle2023-05-25
2023-05-03IIITurkish inflation slows to 44% ahead of landmark electionReutersInflation Rate 44%, TurkeyArticle2023-05-10
2023-10-08Iran's UN mission says Tehran not involved in Hamas attacksReutersNATO, Eternal WarArticle2023-10-13
2023-08-07IIIFactbox: Key facts about the BRICS 2023 summitReutersMulti Polar World, BRICS, 2023 MeetingArticle2023-08-11
2023-11-05Russian nuclear submarine test launches Bulava intercontinental missileReutersBori, Range, Bulava MissilesArticle2023-11-05
2023-05-11IIIKremlin: U.S. transfer of forfeited funds to Ukraine will backfireReutersRussian Funds SeizureArticle2023-05-15
2023-08-08IIIItaly shocks banks with 40% windfall tax for 2023ReutersItaly Taxes Banks 40%Article2023-08-12
2023-10-11Belgium expects to use $2.4 billion in tax on frozen Russian assets to fund UkraineReutersG7, Eu, UkraineArticle2023-10-14
2023-12-07Belt and Road: What is Italy's agreement with China? (Quiting)ReutersSilk Road, Belt and Road Initiative, ItalyArticle2023-12-07
2023-11-10China's biggest lender ICBC hit by ransomware attackReutersUS Treasuries, China, Cyber Attacks, Increasing BrazennessArticle2023-11-17
2023-08-24IIIBRICS welcomes new members in push to reshuffle world orderReutersBRICS + 11, Oil, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina, United ArabArticle2023-09-21
2023-11-13Australia ports operator back online after cyber incidentReutersCyber Attacks, Cyber ThreatsArticle2023-11-13
2023-07-15BizarroShe's 47, anorexic and wants help dying. Canada will soon allow it.ReutersAssisted Suicide, CAArticle2023-07-26
2023-04-21IIISmart gun operating on facial recognition goes on sale in USReutersElectronic Gun ControlArticle, Video2023-04-24
2023-02-107VNorth American companies notch another record year for robot ordersReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyRobotics OrdersArticle, Video2023-02-14
2023-11-28Cryptoverse: 'Layer two' tokens enjoy new life as bitcoin soarsReutersCrypto, Bitcoin, SEC, Layer Two TokensArticle2023-11-29
2023-11-22AI poster child Altman back at OpenAI, may have fewer checks on powerReutersAI, Microsoft, Commercialization, Government, Wall StreetArticle2023-11-25
2023-02-27BizarroElon Musk's Neuralink wins FDA approval for human study of brain implantsReutersBrain Implants, Transhumanism, Creepy Tech, MuskArticle2023-06-18
2023-06-07VIFrance's iconic Mont-Saint-Michel abbey turns 1,000ReutersWestern CultureArticle2023-06-14
2023-11-02US regional banks shares surge after Bill Gross says they have hit bottomReutersGross, Yield Curve, Regional BanksArticle2023-11-05
2023-10-05Soaring Treasury yields ignite turbulence throughout marketsReutersUS Treasuries, BondsArticle2023-10-12
2023-03-1003, 07, 12VMoody's downgrades credit ratings on Silicon Valley Bank, SVB FinancialReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part II, DowngradeArticle2023-03-17
2023-11-07Fed's Waller calls Q3 US GDP growth a 'blowout,' but newer data suggest slowdownReutersThe Fed, Unemployment, Rates, State of the Economy,Article2023-11-19
2023-01-1407, 11, 12VAIG subsidiary files for Chapter 11 bankruptcyReutersEconomy & Financial MarketsTBTF/TBTJ, AIG, BankruptcyArticle2023-01-09
2023-01-2203, 07, 11VECB set to raise rates by 50 basis points in February and March, Knot saysReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsInflation, Interest Rates, ECBArticle2023-01-23
2023-03-1703, 07, 12VDysfunction in 'wildly illiquid' bond markets unnerves investors, officialsBloombergEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics2008 Part II, Bond Market MeltdownArticle2023-03-27
2023-06-19IIIIMF working on global central bank digital currency platformReutersGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, IMFArticle2023-07-01
2023-02-0603, 07VSwiss to vote on preventing cashless society, pressure group saysReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, Pushback, SwedenArticle2023-02-13
2023-11-03Exclusive: Swiss authorities, banks mull new rules to prevent bank runs -sourcesReutersTBTF/TBTJ, SwitzerlandArticle2023-11-05
2023-03-1303, 07, 11, 12VHSBC rescues British arm of stricken Silicon Valley BankReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, HSBC, 2008 Part IIArticle, Video2023-03-17
2023-08-08IIIExclusive: Amazon in talks to become anchor investor in Arm ahead of IPOReutersAmazon, ARM, IPOArticle2023-08-29
2023-06-06VUS interest rate swap market embraces new rate as LIBOR deadline nearsReutersLIBOR vs SOFRArticle2023-06-14
2023-05-04IIIExclusive: India, Russia suspend negotiations to settle trade in rupeesReutersGoing Direct Reset, Multipolar World, Russia-IndiaArticle2023-05-09
2023-03-0103, 07, 11, 12VBritons face 20,000 digital pound cap under Bank of England planReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, BOE, Limits FundsArticle2023-03-31
2023-07-30IIINiger is among the world's biggest uranium producersReutersNiger, Uranium Production, Suspended ConstitutionArticle2023-08-02
2023-11-16Investment funds stocking up on US farmland in safe-haven betReutersLand Investment, Inflation, Land Grab, War on FoodArticle2023-11-25
2022-12-14Inflation, uncertainty fuel new gold rush at ancient Austrian MintReutersGold, Precious Metals, InflationArticle2023-12-09
2023-05-30IIIPurdue Pharma can protect Sackler owners in opioid bankruptcy, court rulesReutersGreat Poisoning, Opioid Bankruptcy, Purdue Pharma, SacklersArticle2023-06-05
2023-02-0603, 05VABA presses U.S. Supreme Court to adopt ethics rulesReutersGeopoliticsABA Ethics Change RequestArticle2023-02-08
2023-11-14Lawsuit claims UnitedHealth AI wrongfully denies elderly extended careReutersAlgorithm, Culling the EderlyArticle2023-11-19
2023-01-1103, 04, 05, 08, 12IIISEC sues Covington law firm for names of 300 clients caught up in hackReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyChinese Hack, Covington, SECArticle2023-01-14
2023-11-07No bar exam required to practice law in Oregon starting next yearReutersBar Exam, AttorneyArticle2023-11-12
2023-06-02IIICash-strapped Treasury Department sells one-day bills for the first time since 2007Market InsiderUST, One Day TreasuriesArticle2023-06-07
2023-11-10At SpaceX, worker injuries soar in Elon Musk’s rush to MarsReutersMars Rush, Safety, Space, EarthArticle2023-11-15
2023-05-03DeSantis signs sweeping anti-ESG legislation in FloridaReutersESG, Climate OpArticle2023-12-07
2023-11-03Maersk cutting at least 10,000 jobs as shipping boom unravelsReutersShippingArticle2023-11-09
2023-07-24IIIUK government to haul in banks over account closuresReutersCensorship via Bank Account Seizures, UKArticle2023-07-29
2022-11-0203, 07VSaudi's SNB to hold Credit Suisse stake for at least two years, chairman saysReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSaudi, SNNB DealArticle2023-03-22
2023-04-09IIIRussia calls for integrating BRICS payment systemsReutersMulti Polar World, BRICS, Payment IntegrationsArticle2023-08-26
2023-03-1103, 07, 12VSVB is largest bank failure since 2008 financial crisisReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part IIArticle, Video2023-03-14
2023-04-05IIIFDIC retains BlackRock unit for Signature Bank, SVB securities portfolio saleReutersSVB, 2008 Part II, Going Direct TakedownArticle2023-04-06
2022-07-2103, 05VCredit Suisse banned from disposing of assets in Russia by Moscow courtReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsCS, Liquidation Ban, RussiaArticle2023-03-22
2023-03-1307, 11, 12VCharles Schwab's drop in margin balances fans SVB contagion jittersReutersEconomy & Financial MarketsSVB, Schwabb Takes a Hit,Article2023-03-16
2023-11-02BlackRock plans for ethereum trust fuel speculation about ETF filingReutersDigital Currencies, Digital Token, EthereumArticle2023-11-09
2023-06-06IIIQatar seals 27-year LNG deal with China as competition heats upReutersQatar China, LNG DealArticle2023-06-14
2023-11-13Orsted pulls out of Norway offshore wind consortiumReutersClimate Change OP, State of the EconomyArticle2023-11-19
2023-10-30Israel awards gas exploration licences to Eni, BP and four othersReutersIsrael, Oil, LeviathanArticle2023-12-08
2023-07-03IIIExclusive: India refiners start yuan payments for Russian oil importsReutersMulti Polar World, Russia, India, Yuan for OilArticle2023-07-11
2023-08-01Plugging into the Human Genome: The Potential of Electrogenetics for Wearable Medical DevicesResearchGateProof ofConcept, Gene Expression, ElectrogeneticsResearch2023-11-09
2023-07-23IIICOVID19 vaccine batches with apparent low toxicity are not placebos, but have delayed publication of adverse reports in VAERSResearchGateVaxxed Casualties, No Placebos, High vs Low ToxicityArticle2023-07-31
2023-03-016IIIS551 Loss of Bifidobacteria in Lyme Disease: Cause or EffectResearchGateFood & HealthImperative Gut Flora Damage, Disease VectorsResearch2023-03-28
2023-04-19IIIHannover Re the latest to leave Net-Zero Insurance AllianceReinsurance NewsHannover Ins, Climate Change?, Leaving Net ZeroArticle2023-04-25
2023-10-13Dennis Kucinich Leaves Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Presidential CampaignNY TimesAmaryllis Fox Kennedy, CIA, ElectionArticle2023-10-19
2023-04-05IIIDr. Anthony Chaffee - 'Plants are trying to kill you!'RedditPlant Based DietVideo2023-06-20
2023-10-09Best Theory about the Origin of Bitcoin I have heard yetr/bestconspiracymemesBitcoinVideo2023-10-08
2023-07-19IVCampaign for Real MilkReal MilkReal MilkArticle2023-07-30
2023-01-05IIITrump’s Indictment and the Collapse of Confidence in Our InstitutionsReal Clear WireTrump IndictmentArticle2023-06-20
2023-10-08Jim Jordan: First Thing I'll Do As House Speaker Is "Help Israel"RealClear PoliticsIsrael, Government FundingArticle, Video2023-10-13
2023-05-03IIIClimate Envoy John Kerry's Jet-Set Spending Is Getting Plenty of Cloud CoverReal Clear InvestigationsClimate Change, Kerry, Secret MeetingsArticle2023-05-05
2023-02-1703, 07VRBNZ and cash industry supporting cash services in regions affected by Cyclone GabrielleFed of New ZealandEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesNew Zealand, ATM Malfunctions, War on CashArticle2023-03-04
2023-03-1503, 07, 12, 20VReserve Bank of New Zealand committed to action as it responds to data breachReserve Bank of NZEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyDataBeast, Data Breach, NZ FedArticle2023-03-18
2023-03-31IIICOVID-19: Virus Deaths vs. Vaccine DeathsRasmussen ReportVaxxed Deaths vs Covid DeathsArticle, Research2023-04-02
2023-06-28III‘81 Million Votes’? Nearly Half Say ‘No Way’Rasmussen ReportBiden Election FraudArticle2023-06-30
2023-09-15IIIThe Supreme Court Will Rule on CensorshipMatt TaibbiWar on Free Speech, CensorshipArticle2023-09-30
2023-03-1203, 05, 12, 13IIIThe Democrats' Disastrous Miscalculation on Civil LibertiesRacket NewsGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyTwitter, Censorship AdmissionsArticle, Video2023-03-16
2023-11-10Pundits: "Ignorance" Makes Americans Give "Wrong" Answers To Economic Confidence PollMatt TaibbiEconomy, Inflation, Biden, KrugmanArticle2023-11-10
2023-04-12IIIMeet the Censored: Me?Matt TaibbiGoing Direct Reset, Data Beast, CensorshipArticle2023-04-13
2023-09-22Forget Bellingcat. Meet a Real "Open Source" WatchdogMatt TaibbiKill Chain, Tech Inquiry, Intelligence Fusion, Poulson,, DARPA, AI, DODArticle, Video2023-10-04
2023-12-11FOIA Exclusive: Did Pharma Companies Help Plan "Virality Project" Censorship Program?Matt TaibbiCovid -19 Cover Up, Censorship, Big Pharma PropagandaArticle2023-12-11
2023-04-25IIIEleven Minutes of Media Falsehoods, Just On One Subject, Just On One StationRacket NewsMis-Dis-Info WarArticle, Video2023-04-27
2023-05-16IIIEight Takeaways From the Durham ReportRacket NewsRussia Gate, Nothing Burger, FBI FailArticle2023-05-24
2023-10-28A House Investigation Reveals Disturbing IRS Home Visit PracticesMatt TaibbiWar on Freedom, Freedom of SpeechArticle2023-11-03
2023-01-1403, 11VPension reformQueChosirEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFrench Pensions Controversy ContinuesArticle2023-01-17
2021-04-2103, 07, 08, 12, 20VFive Banks To Test FedNow Real-Time Payments SystemPYMNTSEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Full Speed Ahead, Total ControlArticle2023-03-27
2023-03-23IIIJPMorgan to Test Biometric Payments at Some US RetailersPYMNTSBiometric Payments, JPMArticle2023-04-14
2023-01-1603, 07, 12, 19, 20IIIEvolve or die, say 4,410 chief executives in our 2023 CEO Survey. But are they spending enough time on business reinvention? Many tell us no.PWCEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Tapeworm Collapse, Climate Change OpArticle2023-01-31
2023-09-14IIIBitGo and Swan Announce Plans for USA's First Bitcoin-Only Trust CompanyBitGoCustodian, Security Infrastructure, Cold Storage, AdoptionArticle2023-09-26
2023-02-0103, 06, 08, 12, 20IIIElectronic health care records: tracking you from birth to deathTwila Brace RNGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Data Beast, War on Privacy, Medical RecordsArticle2023-02-09
2023-02-1703, 07, 12IIIWe Found Over 700 Doctors Who Were Paid More Than a Million Dollars by Drug and Medical Device CompaniesProPublicaGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Big Pharma Payoffs, CorruptionArticle2023-02-21
2023-07-31IIIClarence Thomas Luxury Gifts from Harlan CrowProPublicaUndue Influence, SCOTUSArticle2023-08-02
2021-04-26IIINational Equity Fund and Silicon Valley Bank Launch $110 Million Opportunity Zone Investment Fund to Create Affordable Housing in High-Rent California DistrictsPR NewswireGoing Direct Reset, SVB, Opportunity Zones, CAArticle2023-05-12
2023-11-22Pfizer is suing Poland over vaccines. This is how we got herePoliticoEU, Ursula von der Leyen,Force Majeure ClauseArticle2023-12-06
2023-03-2203, 07, 12V10 days that shook the financial worldPoltico EuropeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, Credit Suisse, 2008 Part II, TakedownArticle2023-03-27
2023-11-16Kennedy’s super PAC aims to woo voters with 30-minute “infomercial”PoliticoKennedy, Biden, Trump, 2024 Election, Super PACArticle2023-11-18
2023-11-01RFK Jr.’s donor data reveals his 2024 threatPoliticoKennedy, Biden, Trump, 2024 ElectionArticle2023-11-08
2023-09-26The government’s new attack on Amazon could completely restructure the giantPoliticoKhan, FTC, Amazon,Article2023-12-13
2023-09-20IIIThe anti-vaccine movement is on the rise. The White House is at a loss over what to do about it.PoliticoMind Control, Biden, White House, Anti, Kennedy, Supreme Court, Rogan, Kennedy, HotezArticle2023-09-20
2023-07-14IIIAppeals court temporarily blocks order that restricted feds’ contact with social media firmsPoliticoCensorship, Legal Pushback, US GovernmentArticle2023-07-26
2023-07-13IIIInflation eases but Fed can’t conquer housing pricesPoliticoReal Estate Prices Continue to Rise, Inflation EasesArticle2023-07-25
2023-02-2203, 06, 12VIFlorida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo investigated for allegedly falsifying Covid reportPoliticoGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Pushback, Ladapo ReportArticle2023-02-27
2023-09-26Amazon's Anticompetitive Tactics Work Together To Amplify Their 2 Overall Exclusionaiy EffectPoliticoCourt Filing, FTC VS AmazonLegal Document2023-12-13
2023-06-28IIIThe Bunker: Pentagon Bookkeeping Bloopers!POGOMissing Money, DOD, UkraineArticle2023-07-12
2023-01-13IIISLAPP Lawsuits, Robert W Malone, Peter Breggin & NattokinaseDr. Jane RubySLAPP, Malone, Ruby, BregginArticle2023-06-19
2023-01-1903, 05, 12, 20IIIDr. Malone and Mr. Hyde with Peter BregginPodBeanGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Vaxxed Casualites, Dr. BregginArticle2023-01-23
2023-11-29KKR, Apollo to pay rainmakers less from fees and more from gainsP&ICarried Interest Plunged, Bonus, Deal DraughtArticle2023-12-06
2023-05-09VVanguard's trillion-dollar man leads a fixed-income revolutionPensions & InvestmentsTBTF/TBTJ, Vanguard, Fixed IncomeArticle2023-05-15
2023-06-06IIIBlackRock now paying for guards, home security for CEO Larry FinkPersons and InvestmentsFink, BlackRock, Private Security DetailArticle2023-06-14
2023-06-06IIIhttps://www.pionline.com/money-management/blackrock-now-paying-guards-home-security-ceo-larry-finkPensions and InvestmentsBlackrock, Finks Feeling the Heat, Private SecurityArticle2023-06-16
2023-05-12IIIPension funds hold major stake in U.S. TreasuriesPensions & InvestmentsUS Treasury, Pension Fund HoldingsArticle2023-05-24
2023-07-12IIISpot bitcoin ETP approvals veering off the golden roadPiolineGold Backed Crypto, Not YetArticle2023-07-26
2023-12-04GFANZ 2024 priorities include aligning index investing, integrating naturePensions & InvestmentsClimate Change OP, Bloomberg, CarneyArticle2023-12-07
2023-11-07House lawmakers spar over ESGPensions & InvestmentsClimate Change OP, PushbackArticle2023-12-07
2023-09-18IIIThe National Debt Is Now More than $33 Trillion. What Does That Mean?Peter G Peterson FoundationDebt Projections, US Interest on the Debt, US DeficitArticle2023-09-28
2022-05-1103, 04, 07, 12IVU.S. Defense Spending Compared to Other CountriesPeter G. Peterson FoundationGeopoliticsDOD Spending ComparisonArticle2023-01-11
2023-10-01Mind Control Video: Excellent History Channel video: Mind Control: America's Secret War (43 min)Personal Growth CoursesMind Control Weaponization, Mental Health Weaponization, War on FamilyVideo2023-10-23
2023-10-11Ouch: IRS Says Microsoft Owes $29 Billion in Back TaxesPCMagIncreased Enforcement, JurisdictionsVideo2023-11-01
2020-04-17COVID-19 Isn't Stopping Verizon's 5G RolloutPCMag5G, Radiation, Cell Phone, AntennasArticle2023-11-20
2023-01-1003, 08, 12IIIGlobal Spyware Scandal: Exposing PegasusPBSGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyDataBeast, Spyware, PegasusArticle, Video2023-01-11
2023-10-17Summit with Arab leaders in Jordan called off as President Biden heads to IsraelPBSJordan, Hamas, IsraelArticle2023-10-18
2023-07-25IIIWill the Largest Organized Mass Murder in World History Escape Accountability?Dr. Paul Craig RobertsVaxxed Casualties, Mass Murder, RobertsArticle2023-07-31
2023-01-2103, 12IIIHow Troublesome Presidents Are Disposed ofPaul Craig RobertsGeopoliticsJFK Assissination, CIA, Tucker, Pending Biden RemovalArticle2023-01-23
2023-07-05IIIJust touching base and a few minor commentsThe SakerSaker UpdateArticle2023-07-12
2023-08-23IIIEvgenii Prigozhin reportedly died in air crashThe SakerPrigozhin Death?Article2023-08-31
2023-02-11IIIRecord Bank Run Drained a Quarter, or $42Bn, of SVB's Deposits, Leaving it with $1B in Negative CashPatreonSVB, 2008 Part II, Going Direct Takedown Timeline SummaryArticle, Video, Tweet2023-04-04
2023-10-10Email from Tulsi Gabbard's mailing listThe SakerIsrael, Netanyahu's Return, Endless WarArticle2023-10-13
2022-11-0503, 12, 19IIICarbon emissions of richest 1% set to be 30 times the 1.5°C limit in 2030OxfamGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, Billionaire CO2 EmissionsArticle2023-01-17
2022-11-0703, 12, 19IIIA billionaire emits a million times more greenhouse gases than the average personOxfamGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, Billionaire CO2 EmissionsArticle2023-01-17
2023-11-24In Canada, a Petition on the House of Commons website, calling for a vote of no confidence in Justin TrudeauOur Commons CACanada, Trudeau, War on Family, Sovereignty, Confidence VoteArticle2023-12-12
2023-07-13IIIThe Federal Debt Trap: Issues and Possible SolutionsEllen BrownUS Deficit, Proposed SolutionsArticle2023-07-24
2022-01-257IVHow To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and ChildrenOrganic LifestyleFood & HealthHeavy Metal DetoxArticle2023-03-22
2014-10-0706, 12IVHow to Detoxify from Vaccinations & Heavy MetalsMichael EdwardsFood & HealthHeavy Metal DetoxArticle2023-03-22
2023-06-09IIIThe Airline Pilot Shortage Will Get WorseOliver WymanAirline Pilot ShortageArticle, Research2023-06-09
2023-07-31IILessons from the Unraveling of the Roman Empire: Simplification, LocalizationCharles Hugh SmithUS, Roman Empire ParallelsArticle2023-08-06
2023-02-0603, 10, 19IIIEarthquake in Turkey damages natural gas pipelineOffshore TechnologyEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyTurkish Natural Gas Pipleline Earthquake DamageArticle2023-02-13
2023-12-11Pension Markets in Focus 2023OECDAsset Changes, Asset Backed Pensions, Pension Fund HoldingsResearch2023-12-11
2023-03-0103, 07, 20VLargest Swiss Bank Data LeakSuisse SecretsEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, DataBeast, Credit Suisse Leak, Largest LeakArticle2023-03-09
2022-12-01IIIQuarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives ActivitiesOffice of The Comptroller of the CurrencyDerivatives Out of Control, 2022Article2023-06-14
2023-10-02North Dakota State Senator Doug Larsen, Wife And 2 Kids Tragically Killed In Plane CrashOANRepublican outsider, USD, NDArticle2023-10-05
2023-11-14More Than 500 U.S. Officials Sign Letter Protesting Biden’s Israel PolicyNY TimesBiden, Israel, Cease FireArticle2023-11-22
2023-06-05IIIApple is Stepping into the Meta Verse, Does Anyone Care?NYTAI, DataBeast, Meta Verse, AppleArticle2023-06-09
2023-03-1803, 04, 12IIIA Four-Decade Secret: One Man’s Story of Sabotaging Carter’s Re-electionNYTGeopoliticsOctober Surprise RevalationsArticle2023-03-22
2023-03-053IIIUtah Wants to Disable the Law That Led to the Creation of Four of Its Magnificent National ParksNYTGeopoliticsUT vs National Park LawArticle2023-03-08
2023-04-03IIISanna Marin out as Finland prime ministerDaily NewsCovid -19 Cover Up, Pushback, FinlandArticle, Video2023-04-05
2023-11-20House Oversight Committee Launches Probe of FDIC Sexual Harassment Claims as Pressure MountsNTDBank Failure, FDIC, Sexual HarassmentArticle2023-11-24
2023-08-26Armed with traffic cones, protesters are immobilizing driverless carsNPRSelf Driving Cars, CA War on Private Property, PushbackArticle2023-10-01
2022-10-16Eclipse the dog, known for riding the bus alone to the dog park, has diedNPRBus, Park, Best FriendArticle, Video2023-11-26
2023-03-2103, 04, 08, 12, 20VThe Website That Saved The World (Literally)Upper EchelonGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyWindows, Government Cyber Warfare Tools, AuctionVideo2023-04-04
2023-03-13IIThe Race to Regulate Digital AssetsNorthern TrustGoing Direct Reset, FTX Crypto Scams, CBDCArticle2023-04-04
2021-04-0203, 07, 08, 20VNorthern California banks, credit unions to test Federal Reserve’s new system for faster money transfersNorth Bay Business JournalPrecious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, FedNow PilotArticle2023-03-28
2023-11-01Where did Americans Move in 2022?N American MoversState Net Change, State of the EconomyResearch2023-11-28
2023-10-07Stephanie Grace: Jan. 6 vote notwithstanding, Steve Scalise is the best hope for a functional U.S. HouseNOLASpeaker McCarthy, Congress, Speaker ElectionArticle2023-10-13
2023-09-22IIIFederal CIO touts ''10-year-plan'' to build a truly digital federal governmentNEXTGOV21st Century IDEA Act, Dynamic Online FormsArticle2023-09-25
2023-04-12IIIFCC Officially Launches Its Space BureauNextGovFCC, Space DomainArticle2023-06-07
2023-01-2003, 08IIIThe Future of Quantum Security Will Be Encoded in Light, Researchers HopeNextGovGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyLight Based Cryptography, Quantum ComputionArticle2023-01-23
2023-12-14IIIDHS creates new chief of AI and unveils safety policiesNEXTGOVAI, DHS, Digital Concentration Camps, Eric Hysen, Data Beast, Artificial intelligenceArticle2023-09-15
2023-03-0103, 08, 12, 20VProject Cedar: Improving Cross-Border Payments With Blockchain TechnologyProject CedarEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Fed Direct, Cross Border PaymentsArticle2023-03-16
2023-08-20IIISmiling Zelensky Reveals Ukraine's F-16 Fighter-Jet Deal By Ellie Cook On 8/20/23 at 10:24 AM EDTNewsWeekUkraine, NATO, Eternal War, Escalation F-16 DelieveriesArticle2023-08-26
2023-02-1419VTexas Train Derailment Occurs Just Days After Ohio DisasterNewsweekGeopoliticsInfrastructure Decay, Train Derailment, TX, Union PacificArticle, Video2023-02-15
2023-01-0503, 04UAQRussia Says It Shot Down a UFONewsweekScience & Technology, Unanswered QuestionsUAP, UFO, Russian ShootdownArticle2023-01-10
2023-10-10Full List of Lawmakers Who Voted to Block Funding for IsraelNewsweekMassie, US Debt, Israel, Eternal WarArticle2023-11-21
2023-09-04IIIRussian State TV Threatens Nuclear Strike on USNewsweekRussia, Nuclear Strike, World War III Looms, Multi Polar WorldArticle2023-09-06
2023-08-15IIIKamala Harris' 'Reduce Population' Gaffe Sparks Anger, Conspiracy TheoriesNewsWeekDepopulation, Going Direct Reset, HarrisArticle, Video2023-08-05
2023-08-23IIIHas a Chinese Submarine Crashed in the Taiwan Strait? What We KnowNewsWeekCCP Sub CrashArticle, Video2023-08-31
2023-05-04IIIUkrainian Postal Service Celebrates Kremlin Drone Attack With Commemorative Stampnewswars.comWW-III, War with Russia, Drone Strike, StampArticle2023-05-09
2023-03-29IIItalian Government Backs Ban of Lab-Grown Meat to Protect Nation’s Food Heritagenewswars.comFranken Food, Cultivated Meat, Italy PushbackArticle2023-04-04
2023-04-27IIIBeware of Reverse ATMs that take your cash, demand your identity, then dispense a debit card you can use to shop – these are Spying machinesNews TargetData Beast, War on Cash, Reverse ATMsArticle2023-05-04
2023-01-2003, 05, 08, 12, 20IIIThey’re tracking us: In obedience to WHO, international medical classification system adds new diagnosis coding for the unvaccinatedNews TargetGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Data Beast, Medical SurviellanceArticle2023-02-01
2023-03-0907, 08, 12, 20IIIMastercard, Visa Pausing Work on Tracking CodesNews ReadyEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyCredit Card Purchase TrackingArticle2023-03-24
2023-09-12IIIDr. Zijie Yan, prolific, resilient and generous scientist, killed in UNC shootingThe News ObserverYan MurderArticle, Video2023-09-13
2016-05-29Average Size of US Homes, Decade by DecadeNewserHousing Costs, Housing, State of the EconomyArticle2023-11-08
2023-08-21IIISpecial session has started. Here is what we know about it. TN News Channel 5Red Flag Laws, TN, Gun GrabArticle2023-08-26
2023-03-1103, 07, 08, 12, 20VThe Fed Is Rewiring The U.S. Payments System—Here’s What That Means For YouNews BreakEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, The Fed, Private AccountsArticle2023-03-15
2023-05-28IIINSW Health ‘erased’ data used in weekly Covid surveillance reportsNews.com.auCovid -19 Cover Up, Data Destruction, NSWArticle2023-05-31
2023-01-112UAQ Cardinal George Pell dead at 81 after hip surgery complicationsNew.com.auCultureCardinal Pell, DeathArticle2023-01-14
2023-05-29IIIAustralia responds to Mark McGowan’s resignationNews.com.auLockdown Resignations, AustraliaArticle, Video2023-06-03
2023-01-28III‘Living in fear’: Residents flee Alice Springs as violent crime spirals out of controlNews AUCrime Out of Control, AustraliaArticle2023-04-25
2023-02-0103, 05VPushback StrategyNew ChartistsGeopolitics, Take ActionGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, UKVideo2023-02-07
2023-04-25IIIThe “Internet of Things” Is a Privacy and Security NightmareNestmannGoing Direct Reset, DataBeast, IOT PerilsArticle2023-05-01
2023-09-10IIIRishi Sunak-Akshata Murty Set Couple Goals With Candid Pics On India TripND TV WorldCouple Goals, Rishi Sunak, Akshata Murty, Infosys, G20 SummitArticle2023-09-16
2019-06-14Economist Martin Armstrong Jailed For Hiding Rare Coins Says They're His NowNDTV WorldRare Coins, SwindleArticle2023-10-02
2023-05-01IIIGeneral Assembly of North Carolina Session 2023 House Bill 690NC.govGoing Direct Reset, CDBC, Pushback, NCLegal Document2023-05-31
2018-12-0103, 06IIIThe Seveso accident: A look at 40 years of health research and beyondNIHGeopolitics, Food & HealthSeveso, Italy Chemical Disaster StudyResearch2023-02-15
2023-11-03U.S., European officials broach topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine, sources sayNBC NewsUkraine Defense Contact Group, Ukraine, Nato, RussiaArticle2023-11-05
2023-01-1107, 15IVFAA system restored after outage that halted all domestic flight departures in the U.S.NBCEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyData Beast, FAA, System OutageArticle, Video2023-01-11
2023-03-2802, 03, 12IIIKroger to pay $180K after firing workers who refused to wear logo allegedly resembling Pride flagNBCGeopolitics, CultureWoke Fail, Firing Employees, KrogerArticle2023-03-28
2023-01-3009, 12IIIApproximately 100,000 Hens Killed in Fire at Hillandale Farms in Bozrah: DoAgNBC CTFood & HealthGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Unexplained FiresArticle, Video2023-02-01
2023-07-31IIILook up: NASA's ‘largest flying science laboratory in the world' to fly over Chicago areaABC Chicago 5NASA's Flying Lab, Air QualityArticle2023-08-07
2023-09-14IIIThe Navy suffered four Class A aviation mishaps last monthNavy TimesHawkeye, FIre Scout, GrowlerArticle2023-09-25
2023-08-26IIIInequality can double the energy required to secure universal decent livingNatureClimate Change, Energy Supply Predictions, Energy CrisisResearch2023-09-02
2023-09-17IIIUN Sanctions Objected To by Delegation of 11 Developing CountiresNational ReviewUN, Developing Countries, Unilateral Coercive Measures, Silence Procedure, Political Declaration, RoguskiLegal Document2023-09-20
2022-08-19IIIJust In: Lockheed Martin Delivers High-Powered Laser Tech to PentagonNational DefenseLASER Research, DODArticle2023-08-26
2023-06-01IIIThe National Nanotechnology Initiave Supplement to the President's 2023 BudgetNano.govGoing Direct Reset, Nano Tech, Total Control, Government FundingArticle2023-06-17
2023-10-10Central bank to regulate all payment service providersNamibianCBDC, Going Direct Reset, BIS, Total ControlArticle2023-10-14
2023-02-1703, 08VIs Switzerland About to Become First Country to Outlaw a Cashless Society?Naked CapitalistEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, Switzerland, Pushback, Cash RulesArticle2023-02-21
2023-04-07IIIFrance’s Macron ends trip to China with pact to bolster business, military tiesMSNGoing Direct Reset, Multipolar World, China, FranceArticle2023-04-12
2023-10-13European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Makes Landmark Visit to IsraelBNNCovid, EU, Israel,Article2023-10-15
2023-11-01Snow cover in the Lower 48 is at record levels as November startsWashington PostWx ManipulationArticle2023-11-03
2023-08-15IIIHawaiian couple sues power companies over Lahaina destruction amid historic Maui wildfiresMSNHI Fires, Law SuitsArticle, Video2023-08-17
2023-06-22IIIExplosion Destroys Paris American Academy Design School In French Capital Injuring 37 People Ohio’s Kent State Says Students Unharmed – UpdatedMSNFrench ExplosionVideo2023-06-26
2023-10-21'I've never seen anything like this': Death Valley gleams with water, wildflowers and colorLA TimesRain, Beauty, NatureArticle2023-10-22
2023-10-19State Department issues worldwide travel warning for US citizens overseasWashington ExaminerUS Citizens Overseas, CautionArticle2023-10-29
2023-10-08Hawaii council members unanimously vote to support resolution postponing West Maui’s reopening to touristsMSNHI, Land GrabArticle2023-10-13
2023-07-07VIBrazilian photographer's shot of Christ the Redeemer 'holding' the Moon goes viralMSNInspirationArticle2023-07-12
2023-11-17Acapulco races to restart its tourism engine after Hurricane Otis devastates its hotels, restaurantsSan Diego Union TribuneLife Saving Supplies, Weather Modification, Cartels, MexicoArticle2023-12-11
2023-08-22IIIUpdate-At Camp David, US, South Korea and Japan condemn China, agree to deepen military tiesMSNUS, Japan, Korea, Anti-China PactArticle2023-08-29
2023-10-14Russia mounts largest assault in months in eastern UkraineABC NewsUkrain, Russia, WarArticle2023-10-15
2023-05-31IIINew anti-terror law should convince Turkey to back NATO bid, Swedish minister saysMSNWW-III, War with Russia, NATO Expansion, SwedenArticle2023-06-05
2023-03-17IIINATO summit will not formally invite Ukraine to join alliance -StoltenbergReutersNATO Ukraine Membership, NOTArticle2023-06-21
2023-01-1103, 12VGov. Ron DeSantis wants ban on Chinese investors buying land in FloridaMSNGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Chinese US Investments, FL, PushbackArticle2023-01-11
2023-10-24Twelve Mexican police officers killed in brazen ambush near AcapulcoWashington PostAcapulco, Mexico, Police, Criminal GangsArticle2023-10-29
2023-03-0403, 05IIIAG Merrick Garland makes unannounced trip to Ukraine, reaffirms US vow to pursue war criminalsMSNGeopoliticsUkraine War, US War Criminal InvestigationArticle, Video2023-03-08
2023-10-23Tennessee GOP is willing to reject millions in funding, if it avoids complying with federal stringsAPDept of Education, Abortion, Federal FundingArticle2023-10-24
2023-04-07IIISouthern California ports reopen. Shutdown highlights high-stakes contract talksMSNPorts of S. CA, Labor ShortageArticle2023-04-12
2023-05-08IINo, California wouldn’t pay reparations to every Black resident. Here’s how compensation would be limitedMSNReparations, CAArticle2023-05-12
2023-08-09IIITens of thousands still without power after deadly storms as a new wave of severe weather and flooding hitsMSNWX Disasters, Power Outages, Eastern USArticle, Video2023-08-11
2023-05-05IIIBiden expected to name Air Force chief as next top US generalMSNDOD, BIden Appointment, USAFArticle2023-05-09
2023-02-0416IVHow to see the green comet this week before it leaves us for goodMSNScience & TechnologyComet C/2022 E3 ZTFArticle, Video2023-02-07
2023-02-2303, 08, 12, 20IIIDOJ Seeks Google Sanctions Over Deleted Texts in Antitrust SuitMSNScience & TechnologyFANG Antitrust InvestigationsArticle2023-03-31
2023-03-033VIRobert F. Kennedy Jr 'thinking about' launching Democratic challenge to Biden for 2024 White House nominationMSNGeopolitics, Take ActionKennedy Pushback, 2024Article2023-03-08
2023-11-21Presidential debates set for Texas, Virginia and Utah as RFK Jr. looks to be first independent on stage in 3 decadesNY Post2024 Election Cycle, KennedyArticle2023-11-24
2023-03-1003, 05, 07VNoem vetoes state bill that would exclude Bitcoin from being considered moneyMSNPrecious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsSD Crypto Prohibition, Noem VetoArticle2023-03-14
2023-11-17MAGA Republican's Fight With Pro-Israel Group Heats UpNewsweekMassey, AIPAC, Israel Military Aid, US DeficitArticle2023-11-21
2023-11-27Disney's Wish bombs at box office over Thanksgiving weekendWashington ExaminerMarket Gross, War on FamilyArticle2023-12-05
2023-04-19IIIMicrosoft Removes Twitter From Ad Program Musk Threatens Suit MSNMS vs TwitterArticle2023-04-24
2023-02-0605, 06IIIJohnson and Johnson loses $17 billion in market value after appeals court denies company bankruptcy escape in baby powder lawsuitsMSNGeopoliticsJohnson & Johnson, Baby Powder Case, More LossesArticle2023-02-01
2023-03-11IIIWhy Wall Street is still divided on 2023 stock-market outlook as S&P 500 enters new bull marketWSJNew Bull MarketArticle2023-06-18
2023-08-24IIIUS Budget Deficits Are Exploding Like Never BeforeMSNBudget, CBO, Tax Cut, Industrial Subsidy, Fiscal Spending, Interest Rate, Treasury, Inflation, National DebtArticle2023-09-09
2023-05-28IIIPwC Australia puts nine partners on leave, overhauls board amid tax leak scandalMSNPrice Water House, Tax Scandal, AustraliaArticle2023-06-03
2023-06-01IIIChina and Russia's Growing BRICS Bloc Speeds Decline of U.S. InfluenceMSNGoing Direct Reset, Multipolar World, BRICSArticle, Video2023-06-05
2023-08-12IIIA close look at all the countries that want to join BRICSMSNMulti Polar World, BRICS, Waiting ListArticle2023-08-26
2023-11-21OpenAI future in chaos as most workers threaten to leave for MicrosoftWashington PostAltman, AI, OpenAIArticle2023-11-24
2023-10-26Elon Musk gives X employees one year to replace your bankThe VergeMusk, X, Unbanked, Financial ServicesArticle2023-10-31
2023-10-20China signs yuan-denominated loans for Belt and Road Initiative, accelerating de-dollarizationMarkets InsiderYuan, Dollar, BRI LoansArticle2023-10-20
2023-04-20IIIArgentine central bank hikes interest rate to 81% after inflation overshootMSNArgentine, Inflation Out of ControlArticle2023-04-25
2023-05-05IIICDC director Rochelle Walensky leaving the agencyMSNGoing Direct Reset, CDC, ResignationArticle2023-05-09
2023-12-03Police arrest man in connection with alleged Te Whatu Ora mass privacy breach of Covid vaccination dataNZ HeraldCovid-19 Cover Up, Propaganda, New ZelandArticle2023-12-03
2023-01-0203, 11, 12IIINationwide strike in France against Macron's pension reformWSJEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, WUFrench Pension Reform, General StrikeArticle2023-01-20
2023-02-0103, 16, 19IIIClimate change activist goes rogue releasing ‘mini volcanoes’ to cool atmosphereTelegraph UKScience & TechnologyClimate Change, Pumping Sulphur into the AirArticle2023-02-13
2023-10-16'We can certainly afford two wars', US Treasury secretary saysSky NewsUS DebtArticle2023-10-18
2023-03-2003, 07, 12VFDIC to break up SVB, seeks separate sale of private unitReutersEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part II, Two Part Sell Off of Assets, FDICArticle2023-03-22
2023-06-02IIICommercial, multifamily mortgage delinquency rates spike in Q1MPACommercial Real Estate, MeltdownArticle2023-06-09
2023-04-06IIIBlackRock to the rescue, hired to sell $114 billion worth of failed bank securitiesMPA MagTBTF/TBTJ, Bank Consolidation, Blackrock, Total ControlArticle2023-06-27
2023-04-06IIIBlackRock to the rescue, hired to sell $114 billion worth of failed bank securitiesMPA MagTBTF/TBTJ, Bank Consolidation, Blackrock, Total ControlArticle2023-06-27
2023-12-11Palestine - Occupation Forces Have Serious LossesMoon of AlabamaIDF, Israel, Gaza, Hamas, Palestine, Occupation ForcesArticle2023-12-13
2023-11-10A Few Notes On The War On PalestineMoon of AlabamaAsk Catherine, Palestine, Gaza, Israel, IDF, Hamas, NetanyahooArticle2023-11-11
2023-09-26IIIHersh Reveals U.S. Motive For Destruction Of Nord Stream PipelinesMoon of AlabamaGermany, Poland, Russia, NATO, Primacy, Western EUArticle2023-09-27
2023-09-02IIIFrance Can Only Be An Independent Power If It Learns To Push BackMoon of AlabamaArm Sales, Australia, France, NATO, AUKUSArticle2023-09-06
2023-02-0903, 05, 07VMissouri Senate Votes to End Income Taxes on Gold and Silver, Hold Monetary Metals in ReserveGATAEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, MO, Repeal Taxes, Gold and Silver ReservesArticle2023-02-13
2023-02-0203, 05, 07VWyoming Senate Votes to Hold, Invest, and Receive Tax Payments in Gold and SilverMoney MetalsEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Pushback, WY, Gold and SilverArticle2023-02-06
2023-10-16GE HealthCare gets $44M to create AI for mass casualty event preparednessMobile Health NewsAI, BARDA, HHSArticle2023-10-17
2023-05-11III'Brits are dying in their tens of thousands - and we don't really have any idea why'Mirror UKVaxxed Casualites, Excess Deaths, UKArticle2023-05-15
2023-05-11III'Brits are dying in their tens of thousands - and we don't really have any idea why'Mirror UKVaxxed Casualites, Excess Deaths, UKArticle2023-05-15
2019-07-12The Untold Story of Christian Zionism’s Rise to Power in the United StatesWhitney WebbJerusalem, Israel, Islam, Christian, Second Coming, End TImes, Third TempleArticle2023-11-10
2023-03-0903, 04, 20IIIOpenly Pro-Israel Tech Group Now Has Control over UK’s Most Sensitive National Security DataMint Presss NewsGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyIsrael Captures UK's National Security DataArticle2023-03-10
2023-03-2803, 05, 08, 12, 20IIIThe NATO to TikTok Pipeline: Why is TikTok Employing So Many National Security Agents?MintpressGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyDirty Tricks, Internet Censorship, Federal Draconian Actions, 686, NATOArticle2023-03-31
2023-03-1703, 07, 12VLME rocked by new nickel scandal after finding bags of stonesmining.comEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Precious MetalsNickel FraudArticle2023-03-22
2023-01-1203, 07, 12VJPMorgan may move into precious metals clearing in Zurichmining.comPrecious Metals & CurrenciesTBTF/TBTF, JP Morgan, Zurich Precious Metals PresenceArticle2023-01-16
2023-02-0903, 05, 07VTrafigura faces $577 million loss on alleged nickel fraudmining.comEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsNickel FraudArticle2023-03-22
2023-08-01IIIPentagon is pulling 1,100 troops from the US-Mexico border missionMiltiary TimesActive Duty Troop 90 Day Rotation, Border OpsArticle2023-08-06
2023-11-22DoDEA America's Chief of Staff Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting Operation in GeorgiaMilitary Daily NewsPandering, Sex Trafficing, DOD SchoolArticle2023-11-28
2023-06-05IIINo Breakthrough in NATO-Turkey Talks About Sweden JoiningMilitary.comWW-III, War with Russia, NATO, Sweden, TurkeyArticle2023-06-14
2023-11-03The Decades of Evidence That SSRI Antidepressants Cause Mass ShootingsA Midwestern DoctorPsychotropic Drugs , Drug Apocalypse, SSRI, School Shootings ConnectionArticle2023-11-21
2023-08-19VIJean-Louis Georgelin is dead: the general who supervised the work of Notre-Dame victim of a hiking fallMidi LibreSudden Death, Notre Dame, ReconstructionArticle2023-08-26
2023-03-1703, 12IIIIsrael's former spy chief warns that country could turn into a 'dictatorship'Middle East EyeGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Dictatorship, IsraelArticle2023-03-27
2023-08-11IIIEgypt rebuffs US requests to arm Ukraine: ReportMiddle East EyeUkraine, Eternal War, Egyptian RefusualArticle2023-08-16
2023-07-26VAmmon Bundy vs. hospital: $52 million in damages awarded over child trafficking smear campaignThe Mercury NewsBundee, Court CaseVideo2023-07-31
2023-09-01IIISequivity is a custom swine vaccine platform that helps you take on existing and evolving disease challenges using RNA particle technologyMerckPlatform, PCV, Rotavirus, Sapovirus, Influenza A, Porcine epidemic diarrhea, Synthetic sequenceArticle2023-09-25
2023-02-22The Complete Guide To Credit Card SurchargingMerchant MaverickWar on Cash, Pushback, US, Debit Card, Charge Card RegulationArticle, Research2023-11-30
2023-06-20IIIMost Parents Support Mental Health Screening for Their Kids, Study ShowsMedPage TodayWar on the Family, Weaponized Mental Health ScreeingsArticle2023-06-23
2023-09-16IIIMedical Debt Is Killing Our Patients — Here's my legislative solution to put an end to thisMedpage TodayAffordable Care Act , ACA, Patient, Medical Debt, Healthcare, InsuranceArticle2023-09-19
2023-09-29IIIExclusive: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Planning to Announce Independent RunMediaiteDNC, Libertarian Party, Exclude, CampaignArticle2023-09-29
2023-11-20AXE THE TAX: Alberta Farmers Protest Outside Liberal MP George Chahal’s OfficeMediabezerginCarbon Tax, Trudeau, Canada, Alberta, War on Family, War on FoodArticle, Video2023-11-26
2023-03-016IIIDegradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2Dr McCulloughScience & Technology, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualties, Spike ProtiensResearch2023-03-03
2023-02-1003, 09IIIFor love of meat: Five trends in China that meat executives must graspMcKinsey & CoGeopolitics, Food & HealthChina, Meat Production RealitiesArticle2023-02-15
2023-08-28IIIWhat is space junk?McKinsey and CompanySpace JunkArticle2023-08-02
2023-07-28IIIWar in Ukraine: Twelve disruptions changing the world—updateMcKinsey and CompanyUkraine, NATO, Russia, Impacts of Eternal War,Article2023-08-12
2022-02-06IIIRegarding the pay raise for Chief of Police John PelletierMaui County'Maui Fires, Sheriff''s Salary'Article2023-08-18
2023-11-08Singtel-Owned Optus Cuts Off Millions of Australians in Network Outage -- 3rd UpdateMarket WatchAustralia, Mobile, LandlineArticle2023-11-08
2023-11-09Ransomware attack against ICBC disrupts U.S. Treasury market: reportsMarket WatchUS Treasuries, China, Cyber AttacksArticle2023-11-10
2023-09-27IIICostco’s 1-ounce gold bars selling out ‘within a few hours’ — againMarketWatchGold Back Currency, Gold on the Rise, Renewed Interest in Precious MetalsArticle2023-09-28
2023-01-1603, 06IIIBlood Plasma Fractionation Market Size, Share 2023 : Industry Growing Rapidly with Recent Trends, Development, Revenue by 2028Market WatchGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Blood PlasmaArticle2023-01-23
2023-04-21IIISpace Force boss acknowledges the U.S. will begin facing threats outside of EarthMarcaSpace Threat, DOD, Blue Beam?Article, Video2023-05-03
2023-04-01IIIOnly $80 billion of $1.2 trillion in deposits protectedPaul Hanson's One NationDeposit Insurance, AustraliaArticle, Video2023-04-10
2023-05-01IIIU.S. Immigration Statistics 1960-2023MacroTrendsUS Immigration Timeline 1960-2023Legal Document2023-05-12
2023-11-20November 2023 Newsletter: The Monetary Gates Are OpenLyn AldenCrypto vs Legacy Disruption, Negative Real Interest, InflationArticle, Research2023-11-22
2023-03-1307, 11, 12VMarch 2023 Newsletter: A Look at Bank SolvencyLyn AldenEconomy & Financial MarketsThe Fed, Going BrokeArticle2023-03-16
2023-10-27Reimagining social networks Plus: ChatGPT-powered robots and AI persuasionLuizas NewsletterMeta, Compulsive Use, War on the Family, Data BeastArticle2023-11-04
2023-05-24IIIFrance has banned some short flights - what does this mean for travelers?Lonely PlanetClimate Change, France Bans Short FlightsArticle2023-06-05
2023-06-23IVEarth's thermosphere reaches highest temperature in 20 years after being bombarded by solar stormsLive ScienceUpper Layers of the Atmosphere, Record TempsArticle2023-06-27
2023-08-10UAQMars is spinning faster, and scientists aren't sure whyLive ScienceMars Rotational Change??Article2023-08-26
2023-01-2303, 05, 12III‘COVID-19 Vaccination Cannot Be Insisted Upon By Employer’: Delhi High Court Grants Relief To LecturerLive Law IndiaGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Legal Pushback, Employer Mandated VaxArticle2023-01-23
2023-10-03Computershare announces the sale of its U.S. Mortgage Servicesbusiness andInvestor Conference CallList CorpResidence, Mortgage Rates, Realtor, Loan, Home Builder SlowdownArticle2023-10-04
2023-10-24World War III: Is This What We Want?John DzwonczykEternal War, Israel, Hamas, Ukraine, Failure of WestArticle2023-10-31
2023-10-18US gov’t must ban the use of clandestine directed energy weapons against citizensLife Site NewsDEW, Weapons, Total ControlArticle2023-10-22
2023-07-25IIINew Zealand’s former COVID tyrant Jacinda Ardern appointed to censorship role at HarvardLife-SiteCovid Tyrant, Rewarded by HavardArticle2023-07-30
2023-01-1908, 11, 20IIIWorld Economic Forum speaker touts technology that allows your boss to monitor your brain activityLife SiteScience & TechnologyBrain Implants, Transhumanism, Creepy TechArticle2023-01-23
2023-02-2103, 06IIITrudeau gov’t wants MPs to take oath of secrecy before viewing COVID vaccine contractsLife SiteGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Trudeau Secret PledgeArticle2023-02-27
2023-05-26IVQuebec students tear down, trample school ‘pride’ flag in protest of LGBT agendaLife SiteWoke Fail, QeuebecArticle2023-06-02
2023-10-02Pope Francis to clergy: Decide for yourselves whether to ‘bless’ homosexual unionsLife SiteWeaponized Social JusticeArticle2023-10-05
2023-12-04EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Müller says mass migration is being used to destroy national identitiesLife SiteGenocide, Cioran, Climate Change Op, SexualityArticle2023-12-05
2023-03-1803, 05IIIFormer President Donald Trump says he will be arrested TuesdayLife SiteGeopoliticsTrump Arrest, DistractionsArticle2023-03-21
2023-02-1303, 05, 08, 20VIAlberta becomes second Canadian province to reject national healthcare digital IDLife SiteGeopolitics, Take ActionGoing Direct Reset, Digital ID , Alberta PushbackArticle2023-02-15
2023-01-1802, 12, 13III84 Catholic dioceses partner with student evaluation firm pushing drag queen books, LGBT ideologyLife SiteCultureWar on the Family, Transhumanism, LGBTArticle2023-01-22
2023-02-1402, 03VI50,000 jam the streets in Denmark to protest possible elimination of 300-year-old Christian holidayLife SiteGeopolitics, Culture, Take ActionGoing Direct Reset, War on Culture, NL, PushbackArticle2023-02-22
2023-08-17IIIYou MUST all listen to this woman!Life-SiteGoing Direct Reset, Covid-19 First trail, Christine Anderson, PushbackArticle, Video2023-08-29
2022-11-292IDid you know there’s a missing Bible verse in the Gospel of Matthew?Life SiteCultureInspirationArticle, Video2023-03-15
2023-05-13IIICanadian academics write paper arguing in favor of euthanasia for poor peopleLife SiteAssisted Suicide, Canada, The PoorArticle2023-05-19
2023-06-01IVMedical Conditions from A-ZLife ExtensionNatural Cures by AilmentsArticle2023-06-27
2023-10-24Biden Election Strategy: ‘Let’s Fight Three Wars at Once!’LewRockwellBiden, Israel, Syria, Ukrain, Eternal War, ElectionArticle2023-10-29
2023-09-22IIIThis Long Plotted World Takeover Scheme Is More Advanced Than Any Normal Human Can FathomLew RockwellBlackRock, Political Influence, Larry Fink, Tim Buckley, Vanguard, Corbett, False Flag,Article2023-09-23
2023-08-02IIILet Them Eat Bugs: Challenging the WEF’s Corporate-Driven Food ResetLew RockwellInsect Protien, War on Food, WEFArticle2023-08-07
2023-08-21IIIWhat Caused the Deadly Maui Fires?Lew RockwellMaui Fire, Major Multiple Malfunctions, Independent Investigations NeededVideo2023-08-29
2023-08-11IIIIt’s D-Day in the State of TennesseeLew RockwellRed Flag Laws, TN, Gun GrabArticle2023-08-16
2023-05-30IIIHomeschooling Is Key To Preserving LibertyLew RockwellHome Schooling, Preserving the Republic, Ron PaulArticle2023-06-04
2023-05-24IIICan You Name >5 Unvaxxed Amish Who Died from Covid?Lew RockwellAmish Lead the Way, No Vaccinations, 30X less deathsArticle, Video2023-05-25
2023-04-07IIINothing To Bragg AboutLew RockwellGoing Direct Reset, Trump Trial DiversionArticle2023-04-10
2023-03-1603, 04, 05, 12IIISilicon Valley Bank - Trump & The Cartel Drug Money BankAlexandra BruceGeopolitics, Unanswered QuestionsGoing Direct Reset, National Organized Crime Network, Mr. GlobalArticle2023-03-20
2023-03-1102, 03, 08, 12IIIThe Bulk of This Population Has Been Rendered Mentally Harmless by the Elimination of IndividualityLew RockwellGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyLoss of Individuality,Article2023-03-15
2023-02-0707, 09IIIFake Meat Fail: Sales Collapse At Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods As 20% Of Staff Laid OffLew RockwellFood & Health, Take ActionGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Pushback, Consumer RejectionArticle2023-02-08
2023-02-1703, 06, 08, 12, 20IIIInvasion of the Body SnatchersLew RockwellGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Havesting Humanity, Intel Chip Plants, OH Op, Medical DataBeastArticle, Video2023-02-17
2023-02-1703, 12IIIHundreds of global organizations operate outside the law!Lew RockwellGeopolitics, Unanswered QuestionsGoing Direct Reset, Transhumanism, OH OP, Intel Chip PlantArticle, Video2023-02-17
2022-12-2603, 04, 12IIIAfter The Zelensky Spectacle—Let The Partition Begin!Lew RockwellGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Ukraine, Multi Polar World, US CorruptionArticle2022-12-27
2023-03-10IIIWorkers Are Funding Private Equity’s Child Labor ExploitationThe LeverPublic Pension Funds, Child Labor ExploitationArticle2023-05-22
2023-01-1603, 11, 12IIIPensions: Energy CGT threatens to “take it” of elected reformistsLe ParisienGeopoliticsFrench Pensions Controversy Continues, Power OutagesArticle2023-01-17
2023-08-31IIIParis fumigates for tiger mosquitoes due to European invasionLe MondeMosquito, Insecticide, Tiger, Dengue FeverArticle2023-09-02
2023-12-07Inside the Pro-Israel Information WarLee Fang and Jack PoulsonMis-Dis-Info War, Censorship, War on Free SpeechArticle2023-12-13
2023-05-25IIIBillionaire Funding ‘Abolish the Police’ Activists Invests in Private Security Start-UpLee FangGoing Direct Reset, Defund the Police, Corporate Privatization EffortsArticle2023-06-02
2023-01-3003, 05, 11VExec Says Sullivan & Cromwell Sold Him Out For Allianz DealLaw 360GeopoliticsTBTF/TBTJ, Legal Scandals, Sullivan Cromwell, AllianzArticle2023-02-01
2023-03-1403, 04, 05IIIJudge Says DOD Agency Must Buy From Mandatory SourceLaw 360Economy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsDOD, Mandatory Sourcing, UnlawfulArticle2023-03-17
2023-02-2403, 05, 12VIHow Baton Rouge Activists Won A Rare Civil Rights SettlementLaw 360GeopoliticsFIrst Amendment Pushback, BR LAArticle2023-02-28
2023-04-05IIIConstitutional Challenge Is Mounted to NY Health Dept. Procedures on Isolation and QuarantineLaw.comCovid -19 Cover Up, Pushback, Quarentines, NYArticle2023-04-14
2023-07-12IIIDollarization Only Way Out For Argentina From Its Debt Trap, Says Top EconomistLatin TimesUSD, Dirty Tricks, ArgentinaArticle2023-07-16
2022-08-02IIIWant Geico insurance in California? You have to get it online or on an app nowLA TimesWar on Culture, CA Fail, Businesses BailingArticle2023-08-29
2023-04-20IIIAustin based company wants to control the rain over Lake AustinKXANWeather Warfare, Rainfall Tech, AustinArticle, Video2023-04-24
2023-11-13Cox Communications investigating vandalism in Vail13NewsInternetArticle2023-11-24
2023-10-31Kiva Loan: Rasela Samoa LETUI, SamoaKivaMicro LoansArticle2023-11-22
2023-02-2104, 08, 13, 20VNigeria looks to take control of CBDC technology as eNaira rollout stallsKitcoEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, NigeriaArticle2023-02-22
2023-10-13The original gold bug - remembering Jim SinclairKitcoHelping Another, Hindu, GoldArticle, Video2023-10-30
2023-01-25V19 IRS Red Flags: What Are Your Chances of Being Audited?KiplingerIRS Audit Red FlagsArticle2023-08-29
2023-10-30The 'Food Tax': Grocery Tax by StateKiplingerWar on Family, War on Food, State Sales TaxArticle2023-12-03
2023-11-29Social Security Asked You For Money Back — Now What?KiplingerSocial Security, Records RetentionArticle2023-12-01
2023-09-13VFour Reasons You Don’t Need a (Revocable) TrustKiplingerTrust, transfer-on-death, Probate, RevocableTtrustArticle2023-09-15
2023-08-25IVHow to Help Your Children Buy a HomeKiplingerFirst Time Home Buyer, Residence, Mortgage Rates, Realtor, LoanArticle2023-09-06
2023-06-29VWhy You Need Medical, Financial Powers of Attorney for Your High School GradKiplingerMedical Power of Attorney, Adult ChildrenArticle2023-08-29
2023-12-01Walt Disney's Dividend Is Back. Will DIS Stock Follow?KiplingerNetflix, Long Form Streaming, Dividend, Bob IgerArticle2023-12-06
2023-11-10Pivot: The bed that transforms into a home gym.KickstarterExcersize, Space UtilizationArticle2023-11-21
2023-08-03IIIRunning on Truth | Episode 2 | “Midnight At The Border"Kennedy24Weaponized Immigration, US, RFK Jr.Article, Video2023-08-14
2023-11-16RFK Details Importance of Bitcoin for U.S. Freedoms, ‘It’s a Guarantee of Democracy’Kennedy24Bitcoin, Digital Currency, First Amendment RightsArticle2023-11-21
2023-05-10IIIThe Courage of RFK Jr.American ConservativeRFK Jr., Presidential Run, Upsetting the Apple CartArticle2023-05-23
2023-06-16IIIDeep Reform: RFK, Jr. to Host Health Policy Roundtable Online Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 7:00 pmKennedy24Kennedy, Deep Health ReformsArticle, Video2023-06-26
2023-09-08IIIBiden Orders Political Silencing of RFK, Jr.Kennedy24Vote, Primary, Delegates, Super Delegates, DNCArticle, Video2023-09-10
2023-07-28IIIBiden Administration Denies RFK, Jr. Secret Service ProtectionKennedy24Biden Denies RJF Jr. Secret Service ProtectionArticle2023-07-31
2023-09-11IIIIn win for Missouri A.G., appeals court rules Biden administration 'ran afoul' of First AmendmentKCURMO, Sues Biden, Free Speech, Censorship, Legal Pushback, Federal CourtsArticle2023-09-30
2023-02-17IIIRussia, Africa forge stronger ties ahead of July summitKBC KenyaMulti Polar World, Russia Africa AgreementsArticle2023-06-21
2023-04-17IVThe Carnivore Diet with Dr. Anthony ChaffeeKayla BarnesIn Praise of MeatArticle2023-06-19
2023-08-30III Comments on: Resilience Redux in the U.S. Treasury Market by Darrell DuffieJeremy C SteinDealer, Treasury, Economics, Constraint, Liquidity, Volatility, CapacityArticle2023-09-27
2023-08-24IIJackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium: Structural Shifts in the Global EconomyKC FedJackson Hole MeetingArticle2023-09-13
2023-05-03IIIFormer Harvard University Professor Sentenced for Lying About His Affiliation with Wuhan University of Technology China’s Thousand Talents Program and Filing False Tax Returns USAGCovid -19 Cover Up, Wuhan, Conviction?Article2023-05-05
2023-10-12Justice Department and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issue Joint Statement Cautioning that Financial Institutions May Not Use Immigration Status to Illegally Discriminate Against Credit ApplicantsJustice DeptCFPB, Civil Rights DivisionArticle2023-10-17
2023-07-19IIIAmazon Agrees to Injunctive Relief and $25 Million Civil Penalty for Alleged Violations of Children’s Privacy Law Relating to AlexaDOJDOJ, Amazon Fine, Children's DataArticle2023-07-31
2023-08-06IIIUS federal court affirms Connecticut law ending religious immunization exemptionsThe JuristWar on Freedom, End Religious Vaxx Exemptions, CTArticle2023-08-14
2023-01-0107, 10, 11IIIJungfrau Railway: Rocky road to the project of the centuryJungfrau.chEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyInfrastructure Projects, SwitzerlandArticle2023-01-09
2022-12-136IIIJudicial Watch: FDA Records Show Significant Number of mRNA Test Rats Born with Skeletal DeformationsJudicial WatchFood & HealthVaxxed CasualitesArticle2022-12-16
2023-10-12Israelis blame gov’t for Hamas massacre, say Netanyahu must resign - pollThe Jerusalem PostHamas Attacks, Israeli Reprisalas, GazaArticle2023-10-17
2023-02-0403, 04IIIRussia still working on 'historic' meeting with Turkey, Iran and Syria - analysisJPGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Multipolar World, Syria, Turkey, RussiaArticle2023-02-13
2023-08-30Israel sees sharp rise in natural-gas revenueJNSNatural GasArticle2023-10-13
2022-11-14Israel green lights gas field off Gaza, but concerned Hamas will use revenue for terrorJNSPalestinean Authority, WarArticle2023-10-13
2023-01-1303, 05, 12, 20IIISEC Files Subpoena Enforcement Action Against Covington & Burling, Seeking Names of Clients Impacted by Chinese State-Sponsored CyberattackJDSupraGeopolitics, Science & TechnologySEC, Covington Hack, LawsuitArticle2023-01-16
2023-01-0108, 12IVA Solution to Student Smartphone AddictionThe James G. Martin CenterScience & Technology, Food & HealthCell Phone Addinction, Counter MeasuresArticle2023-01-18
2023-11-16Vatican confirms ban on Catholics becoming FreemasonsIrish timesSecret Ops, Spiritual WarfareArticle2023-11-18
2023-11-16UK’s David Cameron make first trip abroad in recently appointed role to meet Zelenskiy in Kyiv and to visit key port city of OdessaIrish TimesKuleba, Ukraine, Nato, UKArticle2023-11-17
2023-12-14Creating Natural Asset CompaniesIntrinsic Exchange GroupNatural Asset Company (NAC), Land GrabArticle2023-12-15
2023-11-1817 Million Deaths caused by the Covid mRNA Injections. Dr. Denis RancourtICS4 - Day 1 - 20. Denis RancourtVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Excess Deaths, Denis RancourtVideo2023-11-24
2023-03-3003, 05, 12IIIKremlin releases a new foreign policy concept outlining its plans for a “multipolar” worldBNE Intell NewsPrecious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, Multipolar World, G20Article2023-04-04
2023-08-14IIIHawaii's Maui wildfires insured losses to top $1 billion – Moody'sInsurance Business MagMaui Fire, $1B Price TagArticle2023-08-19
2023-11-01California's Sustainable Insurance StrategyInsurance Gov CAInsurance Rates, CAArticle2023-11-09
2023-11-20OMG This is Very Bad We are Being Led by a Makeup SystemmosestabiAgency, Stunt Double, Masks, Langley, Oval OfficeArticle2023-11-24
2023-05-07IVFed up with ringing cell phones, Yannick Nézet-Séguin stops Philadelphia Orchestra music mid-concert — twiceInquirerCell Phone Addiction, Concert InteruptionsArticle2023-05-10
2021-03-01Fall 2020 Cognitive Warfare, An attach on Truth and ThoughtInnovation Hub ActNATO, Hybrid Warfare, Cyber Warfare, PsyOps, Brain ImplantsArticle, Research2023-11-15
2023-10-09Monday War Room Live: U.S. Positions Warships Along Israel Coast As Netanyahu Warns Counterattack ‘Will Be Remembered For Generations’ — Tune In!InfowarsNATO, Eternal WarArticle2023-10-13
2023-01-2403, 05, 12, 13IIIMust See Interview: We Have Been Lied To About Every Part of the COVID Pandemic, Warns Dr. Michael YeadonInfoWarsGeopolitics, Food & HealthCovid -19 Cover Up, Dr. YeadonArticle, Video2023-01-26
2023-08-16IIIGov’t Will Move In To ‘Acquire’ Maui Land Destroyed in Fires, Says Dem Hawaii GovernorInforWarsMaui Fire, Government Land GrabArticle, Video2023-08-19
2023-03-0903, 04, 05, 12, 13, 20IIIProud Boys J6 Sedition Trial Halted After Leaked Chat Logs Show FBI Agent Said Her Boss Ordered Her to 'Destroy Evidence'Information LiberationGeopoliticsJ6 Debacle, Pusback FBI Leaked Chat logsArticle, Legal Document2023-03-15
2023-04-01BizarroChildren from Gamete-like Cells: Dishing up a Eugenic FutureIndependent Science NewsTranshumanism, Lab Grown Humans, War on the FamilyArticle2023-06-21
2023-08-11IIIStudy finds toxic ‘forever chemicals’ may be ‘intentionally added’ to some period productsIndependent UKThe Great Posioning, War on the FamilyArticle2023-08-16
2023-08-16IIICentral Bank of Ireland seeks ‘full account of what happened’ after glitchIndependent UKBOI, Systems Malfunction QuestionsArticle2023-08-18
2023-01-0403, 08, 12, 19, 20IIIOxford, England Controlling "Traffic"James RoguskiEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Lockdown , Bizarro World, Human ControlArticle, Video2023-01-11
2023-01-017IIIFurneral Home JobsIndeedEconomy & Financial MarketsFuneral Home Labor ShortageArticle2023-01-11
2021-05-01IIIA New Era of Digital MoneyIMFGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, IMF PropagandaArticle2023-04-17
2023-01-16IIIConfronting Fragmentation Where It Matters Most: Trade, Debt, and Climate ActionIMFIMF, Debt, Climate OpArticle2023-09-13
2023-03-1603, 07, 12VAs SVB goes down, Israeli startups suffer tooIJMEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, Credit Suisse, 2008 Part II, TakedownArticle2023-03-20
2023-12-02I analyzed the "Leaked NZ Whistleblower Data" and Suggest to Be Wary of ItIgor ChudovCovid-19 Cover Up, Propaganda, New ZelandArticle2023-12-03
2023-10-22Assisted Suicide for Babies Demanded by Quebec College of Physicians" Igor ChudovMAID, EuthanizedArticle2023-10-23
2020-12-24The Insane Capella-2 Satellite That Can See Through WallsIFL ScienceHourly Earth Coverage, Clouds, WallsArticle2023-11-27
2023-03-0303, 07, 08, 12, 20VRE: Request for Information – “Digital Assets Research and Development” (88 FR 504)ICBAEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, ICBA PushbackArticle2023-03-27
2023-03-0107, 11VCredit Union DerivativesiBanknetEconomy & Financial MarketsCU Derivatives ExposureArticle2023-03-22
2023-01-1703, 05, 09IIITexas Republican Wants Food Made Of Aborted Fetuses LabeledHuffington PostGeopolitics, Food & HealthFetal tissue, Food Production, Not Legal, TX Labeling LawArticle2023-01-26
2023-05-06IIIMage Crosses Finish 1st In Kentucky Derby Amid 7th DeathHuffington PostExcess Horse Deaths, KY DerbyArticle2023-05-10
2023-01-2403, 04, 12III'Germany at war with Russia': Explosive admission after NATO plays defensiveHindustan TimesGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, German EscalationArticle, Video2023-01-26
2023-03-10IIIHHS Announces the Availability of $25 Million to Expand Primary Care – Including Mental Health – Services in SchoolsHHS.govMental Health Weaponization, HHSArticle2023-05-18
2023-11-06Vaccines In The Courts: A COVID-19-Induced Litigation InfluxHealth AffairsState Pushback, Judicial Pushback, Legal Pushback, MandatesArticle2023-11-07
2023-12-05The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Remote ControlHart GroupAndrew Bridgen, Yeadon, Kirsch, Record Level Data, Covid Parliament HearingArticle, Video2023-12-08
2023-10-20The IDF Took Away Weapons From Gaza Border Communities in Recent Years, and Armed West Bank Settlers in the ThousandsHaaretzIsrael,Gaza, Palestine, WeaponsArticle2023-11-21
2023-10-12IDF: No Northern Infiltration to Israel Detected Despite Alarm Netanyahu, Gantz Form Emergency Government HaaretzHamas Attacks, Israeli Reprisalas, GazaArticle2023-10-22
2023-09-01IIITell Congress to Defund and Repeal the ATF’s new UBC ruleGun Owners AmericaATF, Registry, ProfitArticle2023-09-29
2023-07-01IIIFlorida Becomes 26th State To Enact Permitless-Carry!GOAConcealed Carry No Permit, FLArticle2023-07-12
2023-11-29FR-USDA-2023-26059-Bioengineered-FoodsFederal RegisterFoods that may be Bio Engineered, BE, United States Federal RegisterLegal Document2023-12-03
2017-10-16IIIThe Fourth Industrial RevolutionGov.ukGoing Direct Reset, Symbiosis of Government and TechArticle2023-04-12
2023-08-17IIIMaking Science Fiction a Reality: Future Directed Energy WeaponsUK.govDEW, Reseach, UKArticle2023-08-24
2017-03-28IIIAgenda 2030: Delivering the Global GoalsGov.ukGoing Direct Reset, Symbiosis of Government and TechArticle2023-04-12
2019-01-23IIIUK and World Economic Forum to lead regulation revolution to foster industries of the futureGov.ukGoing Direct Reset, Symbiosis of Government and TechArticle2023-04-12
2023-11-01California Reaches Major Milestone in Development of Nation-Leading Cradle-to-Career Data System to Improve Education Effectiveness, Equity, and AccessGovernor CACradle to career, Data BeastArticle2023-11-09
2021-04-2007, 12VThe Panic of 1907: How J.P. Morgan Took Over Wall StreetGotham CenterEconomy & Financial MarketsJPM PlaybookArticle2023-03-24
2023-01-1503, 06, 12IIIThe New Zealand Government Reaches for Total Medical ControlGlobalResearchGeopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Control of Health Supplements, New ZealandArticle2023-01-23
2023-01-1203, 05, 07, 12IIIWhy Is the Associated Press Lying About Gene Therapy Shots?Global ResearchGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, RFK JrArticle2023-03-27
2023-01-2203, 05, 11, 12IIIThe World Economic Forum (WEF) Calls for Destruction of America’s Middle ClassGlobalResearchEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Composting the Middle Class, WEFArticle, Video2023-01-23
2023-08-16UAQThe US Is Caught in a Dilemma with Niger. Scott RitterGlobal ResearchNiger CoupArticle2023-08-23
2023-05-10IIIVideo: The Vaccine Industry crimes and killing started long before covid. Ted KuntzGlobalResearchInformed Consent, Vaxx Injury, Canada, PushbackArticle, Video2023-05-14
2022-08-3003, 04, 08, 12, 20III”One Health” – Where Biosecurity Meets Agenda 2030Elze van HamlinEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Agenda 2030, Total ControlArticle2023-01-09
2023-09-14IIIMorocco – Earthquake Preceded by Mysterious Blue LightsGlobal ResearchMorocco, Earthquake , ightening, BlueArticle2023-09-16
2023-01-2103, 07, 11, 12, 13, 19IIIHow Blackrock Investment Fund Triggered the Global Energy CrisisF William EngdahlGeopoliticsESG, Energy Crisis, BlackRockArticle2023-01-24
2023-07-22III Global Planned Financial Tsunami Has Just BegunF. William EngdahlGlobal Planned TakedownArticle2023-07-31
2023-02-1803, 05, 06VIGerman Media Discusses Pfizer Vaccine Trial Fraud. Will “COVID Reckoning” Follow?GlobalResearchGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Disclosures, Pfizer, German PushbackArticle2023-02-22
2023-02-2803, 12, 20IIIEnvironmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake: An Expert Investigation is RequiredGlobalResearchScience & TechnologyTurkish Earthquake, Scifi WeaponsArticle2023-03-03
2004-08-30BizarroElectromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human BrainGlobal ResearchRemote Mind ControlArticle2023-08-01
2020-10-0503, 06, 12IIICOVID-19 Masks Are a Crime Against Humanity and Child AbuseGlobalResearchGeopolitics, Food & HealthCovid -19 Cover Up, Pushback, Mask RequirementsArticle2023-01-31
2023-09-26BRICS: A Window to the Light? Or the Latest Make-Believe Deception? "Multipolar Nonsense". Is De-dollarization a Pipe Dream?Global ResearchCentral Banks, The Fed, Total ControlArticle2023-10-05
2023-07-03IIIBombshell: US House Bill to Cut Funding for WHO Entirely, Terminate Involvement in WEF, Considers Exiting WHO. Threatens Implementation of WHO “Pandemic Treaty”?Global ResearchWHO Treaty, Pusback, US CongressArticle2023-07-12
2023-11-25Global Awareness 101 (WHO)- Let your Voice be heard and get involved. Our future depends on it!Global Awareness 101IHR Amendments, WHO, Pandemic TreatyArticle2023-11-28
2023-11-21Dental Health Recovery for Alvin SchlangenGive Send GoWar on Food, War on Family, Latest DonationArticle2023-11-22
2023-06-01IIIList of Geo-Engineering PatentsGeo Engineering WatchClimate Change, Geo-engineering, List of PatentsArticle2023-06-04
2023-02-11Ulez Blade Runner vigilantes destroy a Thousand cameras in just monthsGBNewsUltra-low Emission Zones, Carbon TaxesArticle2023-11-09
2023-08-01IIIDon't Kill CashGB NewsCashless Pushback, UKArticle2023-08-23
2023-01-11IIIBill and Melinda Gates Foundation FinancialsGates FoundationGoing Direct Reset, Gates FoundationArticle2023-06-19
2023-04-18IIIGAO High Risk ListGAOGoing Direct Reset, Missing Money, GAOArticle2023-04-26
2021-03-25IIIFY 2020 and FY 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements of the U.S. GovernmentGAOGoing Direct Reset, Missing Money, GAOArticle2023-04-26
2023-04-20IIIGAO Sees Progress in Sixteen Areas but Lingering Serious Issues in Others as it Releases 2023 "High Risk List"GAOGoing Direct Reset, Missing Money, GAOArticle2023-04-26
2021-07-0103, 06, 07, 12IIICovid-19 Contracting Actions Needed to Enhance Transparency and Oversight of Selected AwardsGAOEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Federal Covid ContractsArticle2023-01-20
2021-03-25IIIFinancial Audit: FY 2020 and FY 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements of the U.S. GovernmentGAOGoing Direct Reset, Missing Money, GAOArticle2023-04-26
2023-11-17Dutch Central Bank Admits It Has Prepared for a New Gold StandardGainesville CoinDutch, Equalized Gold to GDP, Gold Back Currency, Gold on the Rise, Renewed Interest in Precious MetalsArticle2023-11-19
2023-05-01IIIG7 HiroshimaG7G7, Hiroshima JapanArticle, Video2023-05-22
2023-11-30Pension funds to push on with ESG after 2022's "temporary setback"Funds EuropeESG, Fund Closures, Climate OpArticle2023-12-07
2023-10-04Covid-19 vaccine winners suffer reversal of fortuneFTCovid-19 Cover Up, PropagandaArticle2023-10-05
2023-05-01IIIBlackstone in talks with US regional banks over lending partnershipsFinancial TimesBlackstone, Regional Bank LendingArticle2023-05-22
2023-03-2003, 05, 07, 12VJPMorgan and Deutsche Bank must face Jeffrey Epstein claims, judge rulesFinancial TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsTBTF/TBTJ, Epstien Charges, JPM, DB, RulingArticle2023-03-22
2023-08-10IIIItaly backtracks with cap on windfall tax after bank shares slideFTItaly Taxes Banks 40%, ReversalArticle2023-08-14
2023-03-2703, 04IIITracking Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in mapsFinancial TimesGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Mapping the DestructionArticle, Video2023-03-28
2023-01-1002, 03IIICollege of Cardinals to be admonished in public for not calling a ConclaveFrom RomeGeopolitics, CultureCatholic Church, PapacyArticle2023-01-11
2023-11-06CDC adding flu, SRV surveillance at major US airportsFreedom Travel AllianceKennedy International Airport, San Francisco Airport, Logan International Airport, Dulles AirportArticle2023-11-08
2023-03-1303, 12, 20VFedNowFRB ServicesEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, FedNow ImplementationArticle2023-03-20
2023-10-06Aurelien Rousseau is the subject of a complaint to the CJR for attempted fraud against consent to COVID-19 vaccinationFrance-SoirCovid-19, Scam IIArticle2023-10-11
2023-02-0103, 07, 08, 12, 20VAs the financial system has become more digital, we see more and more controls: Catherine Austin FittsTucker CarlsonPrecious Metals & Currencies, Take ActionFox Covers CBDC's, CAF, PushbackVideo2023-02-02
2023-11-08Shelter-in-place-order reduced to 1 mile radius after Texas chemical explosionFox NewsFire, The Great Poisoning, Chemical Disaster , TXArticle2023-11-09
2023-01-1302, 06, 12VIDamar Hamlin's positive updates gave Josh Allen 'spiritual awakening,' Bills QB saysHamln Recovery, Josh AllenCultureInspirationArticle, Video2023-01-16
2023-01-26IIISen. Kennedy stumps Biden nominee with basic questions about the ConstitutionFox NewsKennedy Pushback, Clueless NomineesArticle2023-04-04
2023-07-30IIIMichigan House passes bill that could make using wrong pronouns a felony, fineable up to $10,000FoxWar on the Family, Woke Tyranny, MIArticle2023-07-09
2023-07-08IIIJanet Yellen awkwardly bows to CCP official during Beijing trip: 'Optics the Chinese love'FoxYellen, Bows to CCPVideo2023-07-15
2023-05-26IIIGOP-led states step up with troops, law enforcement to help Texas tackle border woesFoxGoing Direct Reset, Illegal Immigration, Invasion, TX, FL, National Guard Troops SentArticle2023-05-31
2023-10-10Biden's depletion of emergency oil stocks comes back into focus amid Israel-Hamas war, price surgeFox NewsOil Dollar, Multi Polar WorldArticle2023-10-13
2023-03-0503, 04, 05, 06, 20IIIThis is the biggest scandal in American historyNewt GingrichGeopolitics, Food & HealthWuhan, Lab LeakArticle, Video2023-03-09
2022-06-13Parents sound off on homeschooling misconceptions: 'People think we just sit in our houses all day'Fox NewsHomeschoolVideo2023-11-29
2023-02-0503, 06, 20IIIBrain-dead women should be kept alive and used as surrogates, professor suggestsFoxGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCreepy Tech , Bizarro World, Brain Dead, Gestation UnitsArticle, Video2023-02-13
2023-11-10IBM Shocking New Type Of Pension Is The Old Defined Benefit PlanForbesDB vs DC, Risk, Hybrid, RetirementArticle2023-11-15
2023-05-02IIIDeSantis Signs New Death Penalty Bill—Setting Up Possible Supreme Court ClashForbesChild Rape, Death Penalty, FLArticle2023-05-05
2022-12-2920IIINostr Is The Decentralized Protocol That Might Replace Elon Musk’s TwitterForbesScience & TechnologyTwitter, Competition, NostrArticle2023-03-08
2023-05-09IIIWells Fargo Agrees To $1 Billion Payout To Settle Shareholder Lawsuit Over Fake Account Scandal CleanupForbesTBTF/TBTJ, Law Suit Settlment, Wells FargoArticle2023-05-24
2023-05-12IIIWhat To Know About Linda Yaccarino: Musk’s Pick For Twitter CEOForbesTwitter CEO Change, WEFArticle2023-05-15
2023-01-1003, 04, 07, 16, 20IIISpaceX To Raise $750 Million In Its Latest Round Of FundingForbesEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, SpaceSpacex, Latest FundingArticle2023-01-14
2023-08-11IIIForbes Billionaires Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sánchez Announce $100 Million Fund For Maui Wildfire ReliefForbesBezos, Others, Maui FundArticle2023-08-16
2022-09-2003, 07VITexas Pushes Back With Municipal BondsForbesEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Constitutional, Pushback, TXArticle2023-02-07
2023-04-13IIIForbes Business Aerospace & Defense What’s Perfectly Round, Made Of Metal, And Keeping Russia From Replacing the 2,000 Tanks It’s Lost In Ukraine?ForbesGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Russian Ball Bearing ShortageArticle2023-04-24
2023-03-20IIIHere’s What To Know About France’s Controversial Pension Reforms As Macron Survives No-Confidence VoteForbesFrench Pensions Controversy ContinuesArticle2023-04-25
2023-08-14Some Constructive Feedback To 23 Red States On Their Anti-ESGForbes23 States ESG Review, Climate OpResearch2023-12-07
2023-09-11III6 Student Loan Forgiveness And Repayment Updates As Interest Starts AccruingForbesStudent Loans, Repayment StartsArticle2023-09-30
2023-10-23Whole Foods outlines 2024 food trendsFood DivePlant Based Diet, Water ConservationArticle2023-10-23
2023-02-2003, 04, 12IIIUS Hegemony and Its PerilsPRCGeopoliticsChina's POV, US Bad BehaviorArticle2023-03-04
2023-02-1503, 06VIHealth Alert on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine SafetyFL Dept of HealthGeopolitics, Food & Health, Take ActionVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, FL, DeSantisArticle2023-02-20
2023-09-05IIIShrimp vaccine business raises $8.25mFish Farmer MagazineShrimp, Vaccine, Bio Weapon Release, mRNA DangersArticle2023-09-14
2023-02-21IIIBIS and Bank of England complete CBDC projectFinextraGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, BIS, BOEArticle2023-06-21
2023-01-2403, 07, 08, 12, 20VUniversal Digital Payments Network launched at DavosFinextraPrecious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, CBDCs, UDPN NetworkArticle2023-01-26
2023-11-27Counter Terrorist Financing Taskforce – Israel (CTFTI) FIU Task Force Public StatementTreasury.govIsrael, Hamas, AI, DataBeast, Intelligence FusionLegal Document2023-12-10
2023-11-02Citizens Bank becomes the fifth US bank to fail in 2023Financial ExpressBank Failure, FDICArticle2023-11-05
2023-04-27IIIThe changing dynamics of the G7, G20 and BRICS: Informal multilateral cooperation is increasingly important in an era of strategic competitionFIIAWW-III, War with Russia, G7 ExclusionArticle2023-05-22
2023-11-28After Cyfendus' full approval, Emergent clinches $75M anthrax vaccine supply pact in USFierce PharmaAnthrax Vaccine, BARDA, Emergent BioSolutions, Cyfendus, NarcanArticle2023-12-04
2023-01-0703, 06, 08, 12, 13, 20IIICDC awards Palantir consolidated disease surveillance contract worth $443MFedScoopGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthData Beast, Palantir, CDC, Medical SurveillanceArticle2023-01-24
2023-05-11IIIClimate Change and Financial StabilityThe Fed, Strattles Climate LineThe Fed, Climate Change OpArticle2023-05-15
2023-04-28IIIFederal Reserve Board announces the results from the review of the supervision and regulation of Silicon Valley Bank, led by Vice Chair for Supervision BarrThe FedSVB, 2008 Part II, War on Crypto, The FedArticle2023-05-03
2023-10-11Report to Congress Pursuant to Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act: Bank Term Funding Program (PDF) (October 11, 2023)FEDLiquid Funding, Times of Stress, Commercial Real Estate LoansArticle2023-10-30
2023-03-1303, 06, 09, 12IVVoluntary Labeling of FSIS-Regulated Products With U.S.-Origin ClaimsFederal RegisterGeopolitics, Food & HealthLabelling Laws, Meat Production, Country of OriginArticle2023-03-20
2023-04-24IIIDoor to Door Vaccinations FacebookCovid -19 Cover Up, Propaganda, Pushback NetherlandsVideo2023-04-28
2023-03-0103, 12, 13, 20IIITwitter FilesTwitterGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyTwitter, Censorship PushbackTweet2023-03-10
2023-03-1403, 07, 08, 20VRon DeSantis Introduces Legislation to Ban CBDCs in FLTwitterEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsCBDC, Counter Measures, FLTweet2023-03-22
2023-11-20Alarm as Putin 'plots to test new apocalypse Satan-2 nuclear missile over South Pole'Express UKPushback, Excess Deaths, Mortality Rates, Covid-19 , Lock DownsArticle2023-11-22
2023-01-04III ‘To hell with it!’ Musk vows to continue helping Ukraine following Starlink speculationExpress UKWar in Ukraine, Musk, Star LinkArticle2023-06-19
2023-10-10The Experian Smart Money™ Debit Card is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank (CFSB)ExperianDigital CurrenciesArticle2023-10-13
2023-11-07Demand For Unvaccinated Sperm Skyrockets As Women Search For Unvaxxed Sperm Donors On FacebookEVIEUnvaxxed, Pregnancy, Side Effects, Vaxx LiesArticle2023-11-09
2015-04-05Madness in Civilization: A Cultural History of Insanity, from the Bible to Freud, fromEverandWar on the Family, Weaponized Mental Health Screeings, Right MindArticle2023-11-20
2023-05-27IIIThe Amish Rejected Covid Vaccines, Lockdowns and Masks, The Result? 30X Less DeathsEU TimesVaxxed Injuries, Amish Show the Way, Reject Vaccines, 30X Less DeathsArticle2023-06-17
2023-03-1103, 12, 20IIIItalygate, Part 2: Obama and Renzi Accused of Being Masterminds of US Electoral FraudEurope ReloadedGeopolitics, Unanswered QuestionsGoing Direct Reset, Stolen Elections, Obama, RenziVideo2023-03-31
2023-04-28IIINew EU measures against money laundering and terrorist financingEUEU Money Laundering Regulation Expansion, Cryptos, Crowd FundingArticle2023-04-28
2023-03-29IIIOrthodox monks expelled from Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra monastery refuse to leaveEuroNewsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Pushback, Orthodox MonksArticle, Video2023-04-06
2023-07-09IIIEarthquakes shake Liechtenstein parliament during quake insurance debateEuro NewsEarthquake Insurance Netherlands, Very Convenient Earthquake..Article, Video2023-07-15
2023-06-02IIIHappy World UFO Day!Euro NewsUFO Day, 80 Years of Cover UpArticle2023-07-09
2023-11-30Can China's banks rescue the property market?EuroMoneyLiquidity, Banks, Developers, State Backing, ChinaArticle2023-12-03
2023-11-29Pfizergate affair lead EU lawmaker Michèle Rivasi dies aged 70EuractivSVD, Ursula von der Leyen,Albert Bourla, PfizerArticle2023-12-07
2023-07-13IIIGerman far-right works for EU’s ‘controlled dissolution’EuractivGerman Right vs EUArticle2023-07-26
2023-11-23Rome, Berlin plan massive hydrogen pipeline to AfricaEuractivAustria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Africa, TunisiaArticle2023-11-28
2023-01-0703, 05IIISwitzerland slated to destroy millions of mRNA vaccine doses in 2023, as even the olds have stopped caring, and nobody in the developing world wants the surplus eitherEugyppius Plague ChronicleGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Switzerland, Destruction of Miilions of DosesArticle2023-01-10
2023-03-1303, 06, 12IIIKarl Lauterbach, in substantial reversaleugyppius: a plague chronicleGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, Germany, LauterbachArticle2023-03-20
2023-07-11ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope is now half completedEuropean Southern ObservatoryOptical Telescope, Time MachineArticle2023-12-10
2022-08-0720IIIWhy Do Fiber Optic Installations Increase Electrical Sensitivity?EMF AnalysisScience & TechnologyFiber EMFArticle2023-03-27
2022-12-29IIIMany of China’s super-rich plan to leave countryEJinsightChina's Wealthiest Leaving the CountryArticle2023-06-05
2023-09-20III‘Medical Murder’ Outpaces Heart Disease and Cancer, Becoming America’s #1 Cause of DeathOverton & AssociatesIntentional, Incentivized Protocols, Hospitals, Elder Care, Genocide, Elderly, Disabled,Article2023-09-20
2023-05-09Overton & Associates Named Agency of Record For National Campaign Against Hospital MurdersEIN PresswireEuthanasia, Rationing of Care, Eugenics, War on FamilyArticle2023-10-21
2023-06-01CBE Instructs Banks to Suspend Use of Prepaid Cards for Int'l TransactionsEgypt BusinessEgypt, Cash, Prepaid CardArticle2023-11-03
2023-05-02IIIThe Kids Online Safety Act is Still A Huge Danger to Our Rights OnlineEFF Action CenterDataBeast, More Survellance in the Name of Proctecitng 'The Children'Article2023-05-22
2023-04-21IIIThe Stop CSAM Act Would Put Security and Free Speech at RiskEFF Action CenterDataBeast, Outlawing Encryption, PushbackArticle2023-05-22
2023-04-20IIIThe EARN IT Bill Is Back, Seeking To Scan Our Messages and PhotosEFF Action CenterDataBeast, Internet Privacy PreservationArticle2023-05-22
2023-03-13IIIHow does Switzerland’s referendum system work?The EconomistGlobal Warming Measures, SwitzerlandArticle2023-06-21
2022-12-2508, 12, 13, 20IIIWi-Fi signals could prove useful for spiesThe EconomistScience & TechnologyDataBeast, Wi Fi Security ThreatsArticle2023-02-02
2023-07-31IIIHow to reduce American carnageThe EconomistThe Silent War on the USArticle2023-08-02
2023-04-27VThe power and the limits of the American dollarThe EconomistUSD, Still Dominant and DangerousArticle2023-05-10
2023-01-21IIIEmmanuel Macron’s vision of a more muscular Europe is coming trueThe EconomistMulti Polar World, EU to Expand Military RoleArticle2023-06-21
2022-12-2103, 07VFive financial trends that 2022 killedThe EconomistEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Economic DestructionArticle2022-12-27
2023-07-10IIIAs NATO’s leaders gather in Vilnius, Ukraine will dominate everythingThe EconomistUkraine, NATO, SwedenArticle2023-07-22
2023-02-22IIIRollout approach for the digital euroECBGoing Direct Reset, EU Digital CurrencyArticle2023-04-28
2023-03-0103, 08, 12, 20VProgress on the investigation phase of a digital euro – second reportECBPrecious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsCBDC, ECB Efforts, Digital EuroArticle2023-03-22
2023-02-1803, 04, 12IIIThe Netherlands expel Russian diplomats, close trade missionDW.comGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, NL Escalation, Russian Embassy ExpulsionArticle2023-02-21
2023-01-3103, 11IIINorway sovereign wealth fund reports $164 billion lossDW.comEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSoveriegn Wealth Funds, Sweden, Climate Change, LossesArticle2023-02-01
2023-02-1303, 04IIIMunich Security Conference: Ukraine war takes center stageDW.comGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, GermanyArticle2023-02-15
2023-12-04Israel: PM Netanyahu's corruption trial resumesDWCharges of FraudArticle2023-12-11
2023-07-30IIIDon't overstate 1.5 degrees C threat, new IPCC head saysDWClimate Change OP, IPCCArticle2023-08-08
2023-03-1503, 08, 12, 20IIIPro-farmers BBB biggest party in Noord-Holland: exit pollDutch NewsGeopoliticsPro Farmer Party, NL, Vote FraudArticle2023-03-18
2023-01-0103, 06, 07, 10VIssues Facing Alaska in 2023 and BeyondThe Hidden MonksEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Culture, Food & Health, Take ActionAlaska Challenges, Nick BegichArticle2023-01-07
2023-05-25IIIGerman economy entered recession as inflation hurt consumersDisclose.tvInflation, Recession, GermanyArticle2023-05-30
2023-09-01IIIExposure Draft 2022-2023 The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia House of Representatives / The SenateDigital Identity Gov AustraliaDigital ID, AU, Suspension, Revocation, Accreditation, APP EntitiesArticle2023-09-20
2023-10-30News Say what: AI can diagnose type 2 diabetes in 10 seconds from your voiceDiabetes UKAI, Voice technologyArticle2023-11-02
2023-03-22IIIIowa House passes new limits on when carbon pipeline companies could use eminent domainDes Moines RegisterClimate Change , Land SeizuresArticle2023-04-23
2016-05-0803, 12IIICIA set to move unit to DenverDenver PostGeopoliticsCOG, CIA Planned Moved, DenverArticle2023-03-09
2023-10-31Department of Defense Launches Secure Reporting Mechanism on the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office WebsiteDODDEW, Blue Beam, UFO, UAPArticle2023-11-09
2021-11-15IIIDoD Completes Fourth Annual Department-Wide Financial Statement Audit Essential Catalyst for Business Transformation and Modernization DODGoing Direct Reset, Missing Money, DODArticle2023-04-26
2022-11-16IIIDOD Makes Audit Progress, But Much More Needs to Happen, Official SaysDODGoing Direct Reset, Missing Money, DODArticle2023-04-26
2020-04-06BizarroDARPA Program to Build Travel Adapter for Human BodyDARPADARPA, Jet Lag ResearchArticle2023-06-17
2023-03-0103, 20IIICOL Matthew Hepburn Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Biological Technologies OfficeDARPAGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyDARPA, Bio ProjectsArticle2023-03-09
2023-11-09Thousands line up to let Elon Musk's robot insert wires inside their skullsDaily Star UKNeuralink, Brain-computer interface, ALS, TranshumanismArticle2023-11-10
2023-02-1116UAQScientists' alien 'concern' after finding space object sending signals to EarthDaily Star UKScience & TechnologyDisclosure, Signals from SpaceArticle2023-02-13
2022-10-2503, 04UAQFormer Russian space chief says aliens are real and they study us 'as bacteria'Daily Star UKGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Unanswered QuestionsUAP, UFO, Russian AdmissionArticle2023-01-10
2023-09-20IIIElon Musk's Neuralink looking for people to trial its brain-computer chipDaily StarBrain-computer Interface, Trial, Robot, Infections, ImplantArticle2023-09-25
2019-10-29African countries rush to sign nuclear deals with RussiaDaily MaverickAfrica, Russia, Nuclear Energy Source, Economic Stimulus, RosatomArticle2023-12-10
2023-11-29Meet Aitana López, the sultry Spanish influencer, 25, who has taken the modeling industry by storm and rakes in up to $11,000 a month - and who is Entirely AI-generatedDaily MailAI Generated, Model AgencyArticle2023-11-30
2023-01-1108, 12, 20IIIFirst brain implant to treat depression is revealed: Penny-sized 'digital pill' that sits under the skin and releases tiny electrical pulses starts human trialsDaily Mail UKGeopolitics, Food & Health, MHMental Health Weaponization, Transhumanism, Brain ImplantsArticle2023-01-08
2023-12-28CIA's secret office has conducted UFO retrieval missions on at least Nine crash sites around the world, whistleblowers revealDaily MailUFO, UAP, OGA, AlienArticle2023-12-03
2023-11-23Hundreds ordered to evacuate from Kentucky town as 16-car chemical train DERAILS and spills molten sulfur that set fire and released sulfur dioxideDaily MailKY, Livingston, Rockcastle County, Norfolk SouthernArticle2023-11-26
2023-11-18Biden invokes emergency wartime powers to boost heat pump production with $169M in federal funds in administration's latest push to replace gas appliancesDaily MailPower Outages, Energy Crisis, Climate Change OpArticle2023-11-21
2023-11-07DHS officials created a 'disinformation group' at Stanford University to help censor Americans' speech on social media ahead of the 2020 election, bombshell emails revealDaily Mail2020 Election, CensorshipArticle2023-11-08
2023-10-24Farmer is paid £1.5MILLION to stop rearing pigs to meet environmental rules - so that 5,000 homes can be built nearbyDaily MailClimate Change OP, War on FoodArticle2023-10-24
2023-09-30Wells Fargo executive Greg Beckett jumped to his death from bank's Delaware offices - as family say he'd been stressed about work and taking meetings as late as 11pmDaily MailSudden Violent DeathsArticle2023-10-22
2023-09-26IIIJPMorgan will pay $75 Million to settle Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit brought by US Virgin Islands alleging bank facilitated pedophile's sex traffickingDaily MailUSVI Settlement, Sex Trafficing, JPM, ChaseArticle2023-09-27
2023-09-26IIIMystery as nearly Fifty schoolchildren go missing in Cleveland in September alone while over One Thousand have vanished so far this year in 'alarming' trend that's left Ohio cops baffledDaily MailTrafficked, GangArticle2023-09-26
2023-09-17IIINHS creates hundreds of ''woke'' diversity and inclusion roles despite crackdown on wasteDaily MailInclusion, Diversity, Culture, Community, Woke, Socail CreditArticle2023-09-23
2023-09-14IIITrain car carrying toxic perchloric acid explodes in Nebraska rail yard: Evacuation orders issued for four mile radius as huge plume of smoke fills sky above North PlatteDaily MailThe Great Poisoning, Chemical Disaster, NEArticle2023-09-14
2023-09-11IIINYPD to cut overtime as Big Apple feels budget pinch of migrant crisis with city departments being told to slash budgets to fund sheltersDaily MailMigration, New York, New York City, MunicipalityArticle2023-09-11
2023-08-05IIIBanks have closed a MILLION accounts in just four years, with rate of closures acceleratingDaily Mail UKCensorship via Bank Account Seizures, UKArticle2023-08-08
2023-07-15IIIThe cronies who saved Tony Blair's skin after the suspicious death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly are back as Keir Starmer's Mr Fixits, writes Glen OwenDaily Mail UKUK, Dirty Tricks, BlairArticle2023-07-25
2023-07-03III'They're a financial house - they're not there to do social engineering': Vicar accuses Yorkshire Building Society of 'bullying' for closing his account over his trans protestDaily Mail UKWar on the Family, Anti-Woke Censorship via BankingArticle2023-07-06
2023-06-18BizarroTwelve-year-olds are being taught about anal sex in school while nine-year-olds are told to 'masturbate' for homework: The shocking lesson plans used by teachers in UK classroomsDaily Mail UKWar on the Family, Woke Sex Ed, Middle and Elementary Grades, Bizarro World UKArticle2023-08-12
2023-05-28IIIHow Your 401k savings are being used to turn our biggest brands woke - as revealed by ex-Anheuser-Busch exec who shows how you can fight back at the cash registersDaily Mail UKVote with Your Money, Woke FailArticle2023-06-05
2023-05-12IIIMajority of Americans say Joe and Hunter's business deals and links to alleged bribery scheme ARE serious: BidenGate gets real as new poll shows half of DEMOCRATS believe 'influence-peddling' scheme is a scandalMirror UKJoe Biden, Needs InvestigationArticle, Video2023-06-09
2023-04-11III'People will be surprised when the facts come out': San Francisco Mayor London Breed tells residents not to 'jump to conclusions' about murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee and attack on ex fire commissionerDaily Mail UKHigh Profile, Sudden Violent Deaths, SF, CAArticle2023-04-14
2023-03-0202, 03, 05VIBreaking News: Tennessee Gov. Lee signs law banning all transgender treatment for children and public drag showsDaily Mail UKGeopolitics, CultureWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Drag Shows, TN ProhibitionArticle2023-03-09
2023-03-2203, 08, 12IIITony Blair sparks anger with 'creepy' plan for every Briton to be issued with a 'digital ID' to hold their passport, driving licence, tax records, qualifications and right to work status - but poll shows Half of Britons support system of national ID cardsDaily Mail UKGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, DataBeast, Digital Concentration Camps, UKArticle2023-03-01
2023-02-0903, 04IIIIs it safe to visit Mexico for Spring Break? State Department issues strongest possible 'do not travel' warning due to threats of 'crime and kidnapping' as former US Marshall claims cartels are infiltrating once-safe resortsDaily Mail UKGeopoliticsMexico, Spring Break Travel Warning, CartelsArticle2023-02-10
2023-01-1912, 16IIISecond Qantas flight in less than an hour is forced to turn back to Melbourne after taking off with mechanical issues - making it FOUR mid-air incidents for the airline in three daysDaily Mail UKEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & TechnologyQantas, Air Travel ComplicationsArticle2023-01-22
2023-01-1903, 09, 12IIIEdinburgh becomes first European capital to commit to taking meat off the menu in schools in bid to reduce city's carbon footprintDaily Mail UKGeopolitics, Food & HealthWar on Meat, Climate Change, ScotlandArticle2023-02-08
2023-01-1703, 12, 16, 19, 20 UAQBiden's climate envoy John Kerry says an 'extra terrestrial' force brought people to Davos to 'save the planet' in bizarre World Economic Forum speechDaily Mail UKGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Climate Change, Davos, Kerry, Extra-terrestrial InfluenceArticle, Video2023-02-01
2023-01-1603, 06, 10IV'Our water tanks will be dry within days': Arizona city cuts off water to neighbors amid drought - as desperate residents demand 'water now' and count down until dwindling supply runs outDaily Mail UKGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyAZ, Water, DroughtArticle2023-01-17
2023-11-30Now Massachusetts says it's being hit by mystery wave of pneumonia in children: 'White lung' outbreak also in Ohio - after China and Europe saw surge in cases and hospitalizationsDaily MailPneumonia, Flu, MA, OHArticle2023-11-30
2023-11-29WHO demands fresh data from China amid outbreak of 'white lung syndrome' as Chinese are told to wear masks and social distance again - in chilling echo of CovidDaily MailPneumonia, White Lung Syndrome, Mask, Social Distance, ChinaArticle2023-11-30
2023-11-20Vets release guidance for dog owners to keep their pets safe as mysterious disease races through canines across USDaily MailCanine influenza, Bordetella, Parainfluenza, DogsArticle2023-11-24
2023-10-31REVEALED: Anthony Fauci-run lab in MONTANA experimented with coronavirus strain shipped in from Wuhan a year BEFORE Covid pandemic beganDaily MailCovid-19 Cover Up, Propaganda, Bio Weapon Release, Vaxxed Casualties, mRNA Dangers, SARSArticle2023-11-03
2023-09-13IIIAt 16 I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in under an Hour and given sex change surgery after just two appointments... I'm suing the doctors who permanently mutilated meDaily MailWar on the Family, Transgender, Pushback, Sex Changes for MinorsArticle2023-09-15
2023-03-05BizarroWorld's first baby is born from a transplanted uterus implanted by a robot - and it brings hope to tens of thousands of American women who lack a wombDaily Mirror UKTranshumanism, External Gestated Live Birth, Robot Implanted UterusArticle2023-06-18
2023-04-27IIICharlotte has been left destitute and relying on food banks while Kam's still in shock at losing her husband: The heartbroken families of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine victims who say they've been abandoned by the governmentDaily Mail UKVaxxed Casualites, Aftermath, Food Stamps, Death of a SpouseArticle2023-05-10
2023-11-20Woman, 41, who had to move into a VAN after her business collapsed opens up about the 'shame' she felt at going 'broke': 'I always thought I'd be a millionaire by 40'Daily MailDo it Yourself , War on Family, LockdownsArticle2023-11-22
2023-09-22IIIThe next pandemic is already coming and it could kill millions more than Covid. We need to prepare for it now... writes experts Kate Bingham and Time HamesDaily MailDrivel, Foreknowledge, Pandemic, Propaganda, CEPI, OneworldArticle2023-09-23
2023-06-17IIIFeds Quietly Drop Charges against Democrat Donor SBF in Multi-Billion Dollar FTX ScamDaily FetchedSFB, TBTF/TBTJ, Defacto SoveriegntyArticle2023-06-23
2021-01-2203, 07, 12VGovernment Regulators Should Not Expand Derivatives Trading at Credit UnionsCU TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsProposed CU Derivatives ExposureArticle2023-03-22
2023-03-1403, 07VS&P Outlines Banks by Percentage of Uninsured DepositsCrowd Fund InsiderEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsBanks by Uninsured DepositsArticle2023-03-24
2023-09-26IIIDaniel Andrews resigns as premier of VictoriaCrickeyPandemic Restrictions, QuarantineArticle2023-09-26
2023-04-05IIICPSC's Groundbreaking Proposed Rule for Portable Generators will Save Thousands of Lives and will Save $1B a Year in CostsCSPCRestrictions on Portable GensetsArticle2023-08-31
2022-12-0103, 04, 05VISoldiers' trial lost in Leipzig: Federal Administrative Court rejects applications, obligation to tolerate is lawfulCovidimpfung-soldaten.deGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Pushback, German MilitaryArticle2022-12-27
2023-11-27Breaking Off Diplomatic Relations with Israel will be Counterproductive Claims South Africa’s (Unreliable) Foreign MinisterCounterPunchAfrican National Congress, ICC, GenocideArticle2023-11-27
2023-05-12IIIShould the Left Give RFK, Jr. a Chance?Counter PunchRFK Jr., Presidential Run, Upsetting the Apple CartArticle2023-05-23
2023-03-1303, 07, 12VWhy the Banking System is Breaking UpCounter PunchEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part II, The Fed, Higher Interest RatesArticle2023-03-17
2019-07-01IIIFreedom of Information Release on Subject: Nikola Tesla File #: 100-2237Corey DigsFBI, Teleforce, Wireless, Transmission, Electricity, Masonic Temple, Fire Balls, pg 81: ShieldLegal Document2023-09-25
2023-11-07Smart Cities Plan: Collapse & Convert Commercial Properties into HousingCoreysDigsAgenda 2030, Smart Cities, Climate ChangeArticle2023-11-08
2023-08-22IIISky’s the Limit for Globalists’ Boiling Earth NarrativeCorey DigsClimate Change OP, Control from Space, War on FoodArticle2023-08-31
2022-11-10IIICamouflage in Your Backyard with Over 400,000 Cell Sites in The USCorey DigsWiFi from Hell, Cell Towers EverywhereArticle2023-06-21
2023-05-19IIIIs Your State Protecting Financial Freedom? Get The Full Breakdown HereCorey DigsGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, State EffortsArticle2023-05-24
2023-05-24IIIA Look at 10 Red States Leading the Charge Against Financial TyrannyCorey DigsGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, State PushbackArticle2023-05-25
2023-01-2703, 06, 12, 13, 20IIIFunding the Control Grid Part 2: The Psychological FrameworkCorey DigsGeopolitics, Food & Health, MHMental Health Weaponization, Control Grid MatrixArticle2023-01-30
2023-03-2002, 13IVDocumentary Film Premiere: CUT – Daughters of The WestCorey DigsCulturePlastic Surgery Craze, Girls Under 18Article, Video2023-03-22
2023-02-0206, 12, 13, 20III30 More Ways to Die From a Heart Attack According to “Experts” and “Media”Corey DigsScience & Technology, Food & HealthVaxxed Casualites, Propaganda, Pushback, Heart Attack EpedemicArticle2023-02-10
2023-01-1003, 08, 12, 13, 20IIISecret WHO Negotiations for Pandemic Treaty Taking Place This WeekCorey DiggsGeopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Vax Mandates, WHO TreatyArticle2023-01-11
2023-03-1202, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 12, 20IVA Library for Redpilling: Volume 9Corey DigsEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Space, Culture, Food & HealthCorey Digs LibraryArticle2023-03-12
2023-10-11A Library for Redpilling: Volume 10CoreysDigsCorey Digs Library, Solution SeriesArticle, Research2023-10-14
2023-12-11Make Meat Great Again! Don’t Let The Globalists Pull This OffCoreys DigsZilpaterol, Beef, MassieArticle2023-12-11
2023-08-01IIILatest Victims of Debanking Trend: Dr. Mercola & AssociatesCorey DigsDebanking Dissenters, Mercola, JPMArticle2023-08-02
2023-07-17IIIBIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & PeopleCorey DigsGoing Direct Reset, CBDC, BIS, Total ControlArticle2023-07-26
2023-06-07III10 Things You Need to Know About DNA & RNA Vaccines for LivestockCorey DigsGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, DNA, RNA Vax for LivestockArticle2023-06-14
2023-03-0203, 09, 12IIIFunding the Control Grid Part 3: The Food FrameworkCorey DigsGeopolitics, Food & HealthGreat Poisoning, Food SafetyArticle2023-03-04
2023-03-2903, 06, 07, 12IIIMajor Acquisitions & Changes in Booming Dietary Supplement Industry: Do You Know Who is Behind Your Vitamins?Corey DigsGeopolitics, Food & HealthmRNA Intrusion into Supplement IndustryArticle2023-03-31
2023-01-1303, 08, 12IIIFunding the Control Grid Part 1: The Biomedical FrameworkCorey DigsGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Control GridArticle2023-01-15
2023-10-10January 6th Exposed in New Series: The Rest of the Story with Lara LoganCoreysDigsJan 6th, ProsecutionsArticle, Tweet2023-10-13
2023-01-16What is the Future of Food?Corbett ReportWar on Food, War on FamilyArticle2023-10-02
2023-10-17Episode 452 - The Great Travel ResetCorbett ReportTravel RestrictionsVideo2023-10-18
2023-03-0803, 05VINullification - #SolutionsWatchCorbett ReportGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, 10th Amendent PusbackArticle, Video2023-03-10
2023-05-16IIIThwarting Facial Recognition - #SolutionsWatchCorbett ReportGoing Direct Reset, DataBeast, Facial Reconition, PushbackArticle, Video2023-05-22
2023-03-0303, 09IIImRNA Vaccines for Livestock? - Questions For Corbett #097Corbett ReportGeopolitics, Food & HealthWar on Food, mRNA Livestock InnoculationArticle, Video2023-03-06
2023-02-0303, 07, 12, 20VEpisode 436 - Opting Out of CBDCsCorbett ReportPrecious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsCBDC, Counter MeasuresVideo2023-02-06
2023-03-1703, 07, 08VInterview 1791 - Crypto Contagion Banks Get the Runs - #NewWorldNextWeekCorbett ReportPrecious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsSVB, 2008 Part II, CBDC, Bank RunsArticle, Video2023-03-22
2021-11-24IIIInterview 1676 - Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the PlanetCorbett ReportGoing Direct Reset, Climate ScamArticle, Video2023-07-17
2023-03-1303, 05, 06, 12IIIDissent Into Madness: The Weaponization of PsychologyCorbett ReportGeopolitics, Food & Health, MHGoing Direct Reset, Mental Health Weaponization, Total ControlArticle2023-03-18
2023-10-27Episode 453 - Don't Worry! The Border Problem is About to be Solved! CorbettCorbett ReportTotal Control, Control GridVideo2023-11-02
2023-04-01IIIOperation Choke Point 2.0: The Federal Bank Regulators Come For CryptoCooper & Kirk LLCCBDC, Counter Measures, Operation Choke PointArticle2023-04-10
2023-03-20IIISamsung’s Texas chip plant price tag reportedly surges to $25BConstruction DriveSamsung Chip Plants, TXArticle2023-04-23
2023-06-01IIITop 15 Unbelievable Reasons That Prove Global Warming Might be a HoaxConservative Energy FutureGoing Direct Reset, Climate Change, PropagandaArticle2023-06-04
2023-06-24IIILegal challenges that could open the Covid vaccine floodgatesConservative WomanVaxxed Casualties, Legal Pushback , SwitzerlandArticle2023-06-27
2023-05-29IIIFight this sinister power grab by the unelected, unaccountable WHOThe Conservative WomanGoing Direct Reset, WHO Treaty, Pushback, UKArticle2023-06-04
2023-07-07IIIThe Office of Refugee Resettlement Quadrupled What It Doled to Contractors As It Lost Migrant KidsWashington Free BeaconWeaponized Immigration, Missing Children, Human Trafficking QuestionsArticle2023-07-12
2023-07-06IIIHorowitz: Now that government COVID malfeasance is exposed, what will the GOP do about it?Conservative ReviewCovid-19 Cover Up, Government Oversight RequiredArticle2023-07-12
2023-08-29IIIS.884 - Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023CongressDigital ID, Kyrsten Sinema, AZ, Credentials, Hold Info, Issue, Data Beast, Senate, S.884Article2023-09-24
2023-01-0903, 05, 06IIIH.R.79 - WHO Withdrawal ActCongress.govEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Take ActionGoing Direct Reset, WHO Treaty, Pushback, HR79Legal Document2023-03-31
2023-03-2903, 05, 06IIIH.R.343 - No Taxpayer Funding for the World Health Organization ActCongress.govGeopolitics, Food & Health, Take ActionGoing Direct Reset, WHO Treaty, Pushback, Rep Chip Roy, TXLegal Document2023-03-31
2023-10-03Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill: No WHO Funding HR 4665Meryl NassWHO Defunding Push, Pushback, One Health AgendaLegal Document2023-10-04
2023-01-013IIIA Letter to the Duke of Norfolk re. the CoronationCommon Law Constitution.orgSpace, CultureUK Constitutional IssuesArticle2023-03-01
2023-10-03EU Plans for Wholesale CBDC Out Within Weeks, French Central Banker SaysCoin DeskCBDCArticle2023-10-13
2023-02-2101, 03, 07VCaitlin Long Sees 'Coordinated Effort' Among Regulators for Custodia RejectionCoinDeskEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Crypto, Custodia Prohibition, The FedArticle2023-03-08
2023-01-2403, 08, 12, 13, 20VUK Treasury Is Looking for CBDC Head as It Explores Digital PoundCoinDeskEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesGoing Direct Reset, proto CBDC, UKArticle2023-02-10
2023-11-17Fidelity Wants to Create an Ether ETF, Joining BlackRock in Doubling Down on CryptoCoin DeskCrypto, Bitcoin, SEC, Digital ETF, SECArticle2023-11-26
2023-11-08BTC Price Pushes Towards $36K Ahead of 2023's Last Approval Period for Bitcoin ETFsCoin DeskCrypto, Bitcoin, SEC, Digital ETF, SECArticle2023-11-24
2023-10-28Little Victories Saturday, October 28, 2023 C&C NEWSCoffee & Covid 2023Biden, Syria, Fed Vaxx Mandate, Rennick, Gene TherapyArticle, Legal Document2023-10-29
2023-10-21Border Wars Thursday September 21, 2023 C&C NewsJeff ChildersWeaponized ImmigrationArticle2023-10-29
2023-09-09IIIBack Pay Saturday, September 9, 2023 C&C NewsJeff ChildersCensorship, MO, Guns, NM, Gene Therapy, FBI, Pelosi, UN, ClimateArticle2023-09-09
2022-12-1303, 04, 16IIIUS officials announce nuclear fusion breakthroughCNNEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyFusionArticle2023-03-21
2023-11-21US home sales on pace for the worst year since 1993CNNHousing Costs, Housing, State of the Economy, Mortgage RatesArticle2023-11-24
2023-10-18US unveils new sanctions on Iran’s missile and drone programs as UN restrictions expireCNNPRC, UAV, Eternal War, US Iran, Multipolar WorldArticle2023-10-23
2023-10-10GM settles strike at Canadian plantsCNNUnion Breaking, InflationArticle2023-10-13
2023-08-23IIIChina’s Xi unexpectedly skipped a key BRICS event. No one is saying whyCNNMulti Polar World, BRICS, Xi No Shows?Article2023-08-31
2023-08-23IIIDick’s Sporting Goods blames ‘increasingly serious’ theft problem for profit plungeCNNRetail Fail, Increasing Shop Lifting Takes TollArticle2023-08-31
2023-08-13IIIDamar Hamlin plays in first NFL game since cardiac arrestCNNHamlin Returns to NFLArticle2023-09-13
2023-03-06IIIInvestor Mark Mobius says he cannot get his money out of ChinaCNNChina Freezes Western AssettsArticle2023-06-03
2023-01-0309, 12, 20IIIThe first-ever vaccine for honeybees has been approved by the USDACNNGeopolitics, Food & HealthVaxxed Honey Bees, War on FoodArticle2023-01-10
2023-09-28Billionaire investor Bill Ackman: Kennedy made me think about risk vs. reward with vaccinesCNBCKennedy, Kennedy, Vaxx, Booster, X, TwitterArticle, Video2023-11-05
2023-11-10Moody’s cuts U.S. outlook to negative, citing deficits and political polarizationCNBCMoody Downgrades, Economic Woes, Spending Bill, Funding, Appropriations BillArticle2023-11-10
2023-11-02Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty on all seven criminal fraud countsCNBCFTX Crypto ScamsArticle2023-11-05
2023-10-25Sam Bankman-Fried to testify in FTX fraud trial, attorney saysCNBCADHD, Going Direct Reset, FTX, Fried Restrictions, Witness Tampering AllegationsArticle2023-10-31
2023-10-24Tucker Carlson media company signs its first ad dealCNBCCarlson, RevenueArticle2023-10-27
2023-10-19Big banks are quietly cutting thousands of employees, and more layoffs are comingCNBCChase, JPMorgan, Citi, BOA, Morgan STanley, Wells Fargo, Goldman SachsArticle2023-10-22
2023-10-18Amazon begins delivering medications by drone in TexasCNBCDrone, PharmaArticle2023-10-27
2023-07-12IIIChina’s exports record biggest decline in more than 3 yearsCNBCChina Export DeclinesArticle2023-08-14
2023-03-16IIICryptocurrencies climb to end the week as investors digest BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF plansCNBCBlack Rock ETF Boosts CryptoArticle2023-06-20
2023-06-14IIIHouse committee votes to raise pilot retirement age to 67 amid aviator shortageCNBCPilot Shortage, Age LimitsArticle2023-06-27
2023-06-27IIIState Farm to stop accepting homeowners insurance applications in California due to wildfires, construction costsCNBCGoing Direct Reset, Insurance Pushback, CA, Mega Disasters,Article2023-06-02
2023-07-31VISocial Security trust funds depletion date moves one year earlier to 2034, Treasury saysCNBCSocial Security Depletion DateArticle2023-08-02
2023-03-2703, 07VPrivate equity deals in Asia plunged 44% in 2022. More uncertainty may be aheadCNBCEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsPrivate Equity, AsiaArticle2023-03-28
2023-03-0203, 12, 20IIIU.S. regulators rejected Elon Musk’s bid to test brain chips in humans, citing safety risksCNBCGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyBrain Implants, Transhumanism, Creepy Tech, MuskArticle2023-03-04
2023-01-1703, 09, 12, 13, 20IIINest smart thermostat co-founder is back with a new device for the home, focused on foodCNBCScience & Technology, Food & HealthBig Brother, Food Waste Recycle, Chicken FeedstockArticle2023-01-18
2023-01-0403, 06, 07, 08IIIHeated on-air CNBC exchange between Sorkin and Santelli mirrors national debate over Covid lockdownsCNBCGeopolitics, Food & HealthCovid -19 Cover Up, Lock Down Pushback, SantelliArticle, Video2023-01-09
2023-10-27Catherine Austin Fitts, TN legislators host Nov. 6 discussion on financial concernsCleburne Times ReviewCBDC, Going Direct Reset, CBDC, Fed Now, Total ControlArticle2023-10-28
2023-08-01IIINIAC Water Security Study: Preparing United States Critical Infrastructure for Today's Evolving Water CrisesCISAUS Infrastructure Meltdown, Water QualityArticle2023-09-30
2023-06-26IIICounter-espionage Law of the P.R.C. (2023 ed.)China Law TranslateChina Cracks DownArticle2023-06-28
2023-04-06IIIGene-edited crops and animals get the green light in EnglandChemistry WorldmRNA Contamination, Food Supply, UKArticle2023-04-14
2023-06-23IIICFTC Whistleblower Office Issues Alert Seeking Tips Relating to Carbon Markets MisconductCFTCCarbon Trading IrregularitiesArticle2023-06-27
2023-06-07IIINASA Warns of ‘Internet Apocalypse’ That Leaves People Offline for MonthsCF.orgSolar Storm, Electrical Chaos, Carrington Style EventArticle2023-06-14
2022-10-023VIsrael, Norway and Sweden to link CBDCs in BIS projectCentralBankingEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, BIS, Norway, Sweden, Israel, CBDC Trial RunArticle2023-01-31
2023-10-27Swedish parliament urged to reinforce legal status of cashCentral BankingSweden, RiksbankArticle2023-10-30
2023-01-0103, 06IIIPlanned Parenthood Medical Director: “Dismemberment” Abortion “Checkbox” Skirts Federal Partial-Birth LawCenter for Medical Progress.orgGeopolitics, Food & HealthWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Fetal ExperimentsArticle, Video2023-01-09
2023-01-013, 2IIICenter for Medical ProgressCenter for Medical Progress.orgFood & HealthWar on the Family, Transhumanism, Fetal ExperimentsArticle2023-01-09
2023-03-0103, 12IIIPossible toxicity of chronic carbon dioxide exposure associated with face mask use, particularly in pregnant women, children and adolescents – A scoping reviewHeliyonScience & Technology, Food & HealthCO Damage, MasksArticle2023-03-10
2023-04-03IVSounds emitted by plants under stress are airborne and informativeCell.comPlants Have Feelings TooArticle2023-04-04
2023-11-06CDC expands testing of international air traveler samples to include flu RSV, and other respiratory virusesCDCTraveler-based Genomic Surveillance, Ginkgo Bioworks, Flu, RSV, SARSArticle2023-11-10
2023-05-21IIIWeapons contractors hitting Department of Defense with inflated prices for planes, submarines, missilesCBSGoing Direct Reset, Missing Money, DOD TrillionsArticle, Video2023-05-24
2023-11-01MoneyWatch Realtors must pay home sellers $1.8 billion for inflating commissions, jury findsCBS NewsDisclosure, Buyer's Agent, RealtorArticle2023-11-25
2023-06-02IIIAnother major insurer is halting new policy sales in CaliforniaCBSCA, Insurance Co Stop Takign New ApplicantsArticle2023-06-09
2007-01-25U.S. unveils non-lethal heat-ray weaponCBCMillimetre Wavesm Heat RayArticle2023-12-08
2021-09-21IIIOntario's vaccine passport: What you need to knowCBCGoing Direct Reset, War on Freedom, Vaccine Passport, CNArticle2023-07-01
2023-02-0903, 07VNorway Strengthens the Right to Pay CashCash MattersEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, War on Cash, Pushback, NorwayArticle2023-02-27
2023-03-0103, 08, 12, 13, 20IIIStandard personal information banksCanada.caScience & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, DataBeast, CanadaArticle2023-03-10
2023-03-0103, 08, 12, 13, 20IIIAccess to information and privacy at the Canada Revenue AgencyCanada.caGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, DataBeast, CanadaArticle2023-03-10
2023-08-08IIIMaui Wildfire AssistanceCalvary Chapel S. MauiMaui AssistanceArticle2023-08-24
2023-01-1305, 12, 20VSEC Suit Against Covington & Burling Threatens More Than Attorney-Client Privileged InformationCorporate LawPrecious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, FTX Crypto Scams, SBF Court CaseArticle2023-01-16
2023-10-31Caffeine in Drinks Mountain DewCaffeine InformerCola, Caffeine, LabelArticle2023-11-09
2023-06-12IIIAppeal from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas USDC No. 6:22-CV-3Eastern District of TexasFoced Vaccinations, TXNG, Court AppealLegal Document2023-07-15
2023-11-27KKR Acquires Potter Global TechnologiesBusiness WireEducation, Multi-family, Industrial, and Healthcare, SafetyArticle2023-11-28
2023-01-1703, 12, 16, 20IIIRainwater Tech Announces Nomination of Former World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim to its Expected Post-Combination Board of DirectorsBuisiness WireGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyWx ManipulationArticle2023-02-07
2022-12-2203, 12, 16, 20IIIRainwater Tech – Innovator in Rainfall Generation Technology – to Become Publicly Traded through a Business Combination with dMY VIBusiness WireGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyWx ManipulationArticle, Video2023-02-07
2023-04-05IIIReserve Bank’s deposit insurance fund to cap cover at R100,000Business DayDeposit Insurance, SAArticle2023-04-10
2023-05-27People are fleeing these 7 big US cities and flocking to these 7 smaller spots so far this yearBusiness InsiderWar on Family, War on CultureResearch2023-11-28
2023-05-04IIIThe US Virgin Islands can't find Google co-founder Larry Page to serve him a subpoena in a lawsuit over JP Morgan's links to Jeffrey EpsteinBrighteonEpstein, Google, Virgin Islands, InvestigationArticle2023-05-19
2016-01-20VPubs replaced banks in Ireland in 1970 and the economy was fineBusiness InsiderSmall Bank, Create, Money Supply, Borrow,Article2023-10-02
2023-10-19Exclusive: Tech billionaire Peter Thiel was an FBI informantBusiness InsiderPolitical Corruption, Influence, InformantArticle2023-10-23
2023-06-25IIIChina is looking all over the world for help building and flying its fighter jetsBusiness InsiderChina, Buying NATO Expertise, Art of WarArticle2023-06-29
2023-06-10BizarroHundreds of Protestants attended a sermon in Nuremberg given by ChatGPT, which told them not to fear deathInsiderAI, ChatGPT, War on GodArticle2023-06-17
2023-05-22IIIPublic transport tech firm Chalo raises $45 million, to expand globallyBuisiness StandardGreen Transport, Borrowing, ChaloArticle2023-06-26
2023-01-27IIISouth Africa to host 15th BRICS summit at Durban in late August 2023Business StandardeMulti Polar World, BRICS MeetingArticle2023-06-23
2023-08-02VPoland’s 50/50 gold buying: 50 tonnes bought over 3 months, but another 50 tonnes to goBullionStarPolish Gold PurchasesArticle, Tweet2023-08-07
2023-03-03IIICovid Safe Ticket is ‘no longer justified’ in Wallonia, court rulesBrussels TimesGoing Direct Reset, Vaccine Passports, Pushback BrusselsArticle2023-04-24
2023-01-2303, 12VWarnings over Bristol harbour fee hikes which could ‘make boat dwellers homeless’Bristol Post UKGeopoliticsInflation, Dock Fees, UKArticle2023-01-31
2023-05-10IIIRobert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviewed by Mike Adams: Election integrity, free speech, secure borders and moreMike AdamsRFK Jr., Presidential Run, Upsetting the Apple CartVideo2023-05-19
2023-01-1803, 06, 12, 13IIIPart 2. Dangerous Truth: A Dialogue with Dr. Shimon YanowitzInterdisciplinary ResearchGeopolitics, Food & Health, Unanswered QuestionsCovid -19 Cover Up, Gain of Function, Nano Tech AllegationsVideo2023-02-06
2023-01-1803, 06, 12, 13UAQPart 2. Dangerous Truth: A Dialogue with Dr. Shimon YanowitzInterdisciplinary ResearchGeopolitics, Food & Health, Unanswered QuestionsCovid -19 Cover Up, Gain of Function, Nano Tech AllegationsVideo2023-02-06
2023-03-2803, 05, 08, 12, 20IIISenate Bill 686 is the Capstone to the Technocratic MatrixInfoWarsGeopoliticsDirty Tricks, Internet Censorship, Federal Draconian Actions, 686Video2023-03-31
2023-05-03IIINurse Erin Tells Us What Happened During The Covid Insanity At The Hospital And Patient LevelBrighteonVaxxed Casualites, Hospital, Questionable PracticesVideo2023-05-19
2023-03-0520IIIFord Files Patent for Systems to Repossess Vehicles by Locking Features, Self-Driving CapabilitiesBreitbartScience & TechnologyGoing Direct Reset, Self Driving Cars, Ford, Anti-HumanArticle2023-03-08
2023-08-22IIIReport: FEMA Puts Workers Up in 5-Star Hotels in Maui While Thousands Remain Homeless Due to WildfiresBrietbartFEMA Extravagance, HI Cleanup, Locals AbandonedArticle, Video2023-08-31
2023-07-07IIIIllinois to Require Landlords Rent to Illegal Aliens as Housing Costs SurgeBrietbartWeaponized Immigration, Forced Rentals, ILArticle2023-07-25
2023-01-1203, 12, 18IIISanctuary State California: Gov. Gavin Newsom Authorizes Border Crossers to Police Americans as CopsBreitbartGeopoliticsGoing Direct Reset, Imported Foreign PoliceArticle2023-01-15
2023-10-11Hamas Calls for Global ‘Day of Jihad’ on Friday the 13thBreitbartEternal War, Israel, Hamas, GazaArticle2023-10-22
2023-05-07IIIZelensky Meets with BlackRock Vice Chairman as Globalists Salivate over Lucrative Reconstruction ContractsBreitbartGoing Direct Reset, War in Ukraine, Blackrock SpoilsArticle2023-05-10
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2023-10-09Hundreds of Walgreens Pharmacy Workers Walk Out, Claiming Dangerous ConditionsBreitbartWar on the FamilyArticle2023-10-13
2023-08-24IIIMass Looting Flash Mobs Spread in Southern California, Beyond L.A.BrietbartLA, Flash Mob Mayhem, South L.A.Article2023-08-31
2023-10-29EXCLUSIVE: 100 Syrians, 50 Iranians Cross Biden’s Open Border in October, Says SourceBreitbartOpen Border, Illegal Imigrants, Special Interest MigrantsArticle2023-10-30
2023-02-0503, 04, 07, 12IIIMexican Cartel-Style Violence Spreading in California over Marijuana Grow FieldsBreitbartEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset, Weaponized Migration, CA, Drug CartelsArticle2023-02-21
2023-06-29IIIRFK Jr. Says He Would Sign ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban if it Reached His DeskBrietbartGun Control, RFK Jr.Article2023-07-09
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2023-11-23EU and US Delay Key Trade Meeting Amid Deadlock in NegotiationsBNN BloombergTarrifs, Minerals, Trade, EU, USArticle2023-11-28
2023-05-15IIIThe decline of science at the FDA has become unmanageableBMJCovid -19 Cover Up, Misdirected ScienceArticle, Research2023-05-23
2021-08-31IIIFCC Under Fire: The Pressure Is On For Radio-frequency Safety Guideline UpdatesBlue Shield USAFCC Radiation Protocol RegulationArticle2023-04-11
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