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1. 2023 The Year We Pushed Back

A. Cash Gets Great

B. US State Sovereignty

Financial Transaction Freedom

Food and Health Freedom

Uniform Commercial Code

C Constitutional Protections

1st Amendment

2nd Amendment

10th Amendment

D. Information Sovereignty and Infrastructure:




FOIA and Disclosure


5G and Cell Towers


E. The Push to Hold People Accountable

Nass lawsuit

Nass Fights Back

Hopkins Fights Back

Breggins Fights Back

F. Stopping Emergency Powers

G. Culture Wars

Anti woke

Anti transhumanism

TN push federal education subsidy

Anti – common curs

H. Saying No to International Organizations, Treaties and Sovereign Immunity

I. Woke Capital Controls


Climate Change


J. The Push Against Covert Operations and  Mind Control

K. EU Actions

Holzesein against EMA

Phillip Kruze Lawsuits

L. Taking to the Streets

Global protests

2. The Globalist vs The People: Financial Coup and Going Direct Reset

CBDC Rollout

Fast Payments

The Dollar and the Global Debt Trap


Interest Rates
Bitcoin and Crypto

Stablecoins, Ripple

The Breakaway Civilization

3. The People’s vs The Globalist:  The Building Wealth Reset Grows

The shift to regenerative farming

Productivity rebellion

Parrallel systems

4. The Great Poisoning and the Rise of All Cause Mortality

Proof that they are pushing the injections when they know they are killing people.

WHO and Who and what is DOD?

The Centralization of a One World Military driven by WHO health edicts:

A Global Force for Health

Massive shift in rejecting WHO’s power grab (Pushback)

Reproductive problems abound:

Italy’s national birth rate declared a national emergency

Excess Deaths:

Dr. Pierre Kory and Mary Beth Pfeiffer Published Another Op-Ed on Excess Deaths, The Hill

US Disability:

FRED: US Disability at All Time High

5. Globalizing DOD

Will the US break up

6. AI – The __________Express

[liability coverage, extraction invasion, environmental damage]

7. The Neocon Democides

Issues – NATO, getting oil and gas for Europe without Russia

A. Ukraine


B. Israel and Gaza

C. The Defamation Divide & Conquer Furball

8. The WHO Coup

9. Pharma Food and the War on Farmers and Fisherman

10. Climate Change Loses Credibility But Rolls On

[Include ESG]

Control grid most damaging to the environment

11. The Conversation about Mind Control Technology Has Begun

12. Weaponized Migration Accelerates

Will the US come apart?

13. 2024 – the Years of Elections

~ 75 Elections Globally ~

14. Taxation – with or without representation?

15. Media – The Competition for the Narrative is Fierce

Extra legal remedies, quantum grammar and other “Q” fake actions

16. The Space Based Economy Just Keeps Growing

17. Birth and Death – Genetic Engineering and Infertility

18. New Technology Dazzles

Is breakthrough energy on the way

19. Planet Equity: The Control Grid and Plunder Team Smash Records

Value Stocks

The Chinese Property Markets

The Bifurcation of Markets – east West

Crypto ETFS

20. The G-20 Tells the BRICS Story

It is one team under the BIS

Growth on the Silk Road

21. Weather Warfare and the Economics of Plunder

Top Videos Holding area

When the chips are down, these uh, these civilized people, they’ll eat each other.
Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice (by Margaret Anna Alice; Read by Dr. Tess Lawrie)
Tucker: This video tells a very different story about Jan. 6




Below is the original outline Below is the original outline. Below is the original outline. Below is the original outline. Below is the original outline

Pushback: Sovereignty

Push for Information Sovereignty

Local privacy and encryption

Allow municipalities to reject towers and private cell companies

add stories that inspire pushback

Types of Action:


Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Special Session To Address Tax Cuts & FOIA Laws

Private and AG/Government Official Litigation

Regulatory and Enforcement Actions

Jim Jordan Demands Docs After IRS “Attempt To Intimidate” Journalist Matt Taibbi During Govt Weaponization Hearing

CDC Removes COVID Vaccine from US Market | Facts Matter Clips

Government Regulators Should Not Expand Derivatives Trading at Credit Unions

US government and 17 states sue Amazon in landmark monopoly case

Legislation and Appropriations

Aaron Siri Gives Testimony On The Floor Of Arizona State Senate

Executive Orders and Action
President Widodo Calls for Scrapping Visa, MasterCard to Help Indonesia ‘Be Independent’
Executive Branch Action

DeSantis pushes bill to strip Disney World of self-governance status

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants ban on Chinese investors buying land in Florida

UK government to haul in banks over account closures

Community Organization Takes North Plains’ Expansion to the Voters
Agency Decisions

Education Department Takes Steps to Hold Leaders of Risky Colleges Personally Liable

Medical Boards and Health Officers

The Push for Financial Freedom

State Bullion Depositories
General Assembly of North Carolina Session 2023 House Bill DRH30268-MCa-21A
State Sovereign Banks

Actions to Protect Cash
Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor Suspended And Arrested After Waging All-Out War On Cash
Lowering Taxes

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Special Session To Address Tax Cuts & FOIA Laws

Protecting against UCC sabotage

Legislation to stop CBDCs
Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Legislation to Protect Floridians from a Federally Controlled Central Bank Digital Currency and Surveillance State

Gov. Kristi Noem: This is a threat to our freedom
Legislation to stop ESGs


State Treasurers Firing /Blackball of Asset Managers

Cancel approval to do business in the state

Michigan town votes out local government after China-affiliated plant approved | Morning in America

Cancel contracts with the state

Sheriffs Actions
New Mexico Governor’s attempt to deny 2nd Amendment rights pushed back by her own people
Judges Action

Supreme Court Overrules Local Governments for Seizing Homes

Tennessee court allows lawsuit to proceed against Governor Lee to challenge the state’s prohibition on carrying firearms in public parks and recreational areas as unconstitutional

Reject Federal money


The Push for Food & Health Freedom

Deep Reform: RFK, Jr. to Host Health Policy Roundtable Online Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 7:00 pm

Prime Act: ‘Where’s The Beef?’: Thomas Massie Leads House Judiciary Committee Hearing On Meat Industry

Go through Pete’s interview notes:

local meat processing needs capacity, make regulation scale appropriate,

The Push for Constitutional and Protections

Protect the 1st Amendment

Protect the 2nd Amendment

Stop the Invasion on the US Southern Border

Nullification of WHO and International Treaties

The Push for Information Sovereignty

Local privacy and encryption

Allow municipalities to reject towers and private cell companies

The Push for Transparency
The Push to Hold People Accountable